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Closed: The Flutterbye Collection (amigurumi doll, gift bag and cellphone case)


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Pattern Description: Amigurumi 4" seated doll (single strand yarn), 6" x6" gift bag in continuous spiral (double strand yarn, fast), cellphone case in continuous spiral (double strand yarn, fast), neck lariat and flower for cellphone case in rounds (single strand yarn)


Pattern Style: written

Pattern Photo (optional):


Skill Level: This is the part I need assistance with. The longer I crochet, the less sure I am about the skill level required for my patterns. I would not recommend the doll pattern for a beginner Amigurumi crocheter, but the gift bag and cell case are straightforward and relatively simple.


Testers should know how to change colors (performed with two loops on hook), have strong wrists (the doll is made with 4-ply and 'E' hook needed for gauge and less visible holes), and yes it is difficult if you aren't used to Amigurumi and very tight stitches. Knowledge of sc, hdc, dc, sc INC, sc DEC, & chain stitch are required. One special stitch is used with detailed instruction included in pattern.


The gift bag and cellphone case are two strands with 'J' hook and crocheted at normal tension, so you can zip through those in no time at all. The pattern includes a 'Secret bonus' pattern, but its not necessary to complete that at all, just let me know if it makes any sense. :D



Yarn/Material/Tools Required: (All supplied by testers)

Doll: five colors, and you can most likely complete her with your 4-ply stash. I did the entire collection with Red Heart. (The only color I would insist on would be one befitting any complexion i.e. brown, peach, buff etc for the head, hands and feet) Testers can use felt, buttons, beads or whatever they like for the eyes. No eyes whatsoever is fine with me too.

E hook. (this part is important for the gauge)


Gift bag and cellphone case: Two strands of 4-ply yarn of any colors you choose. The flower and neck lariat are single strand and have high scrap potential too.

G and J hooks. (or your preference for 4-ply)



Tester Information


Number of Testers Needed: 3


Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: An intermediate crocheter should be able to finish all 4 in five evenings of TV.


Deadline: I need the doll. gift bag, cellcase, and neck lariat finished within 7days of emailing the PDF pattern or the link for downloading.


Tester Experience: Tester should have prior Amigurumi experience. I would class this as an intermediate pattern.


Tester Responsibilities : I basically need an editor. No matter how many times I make the item step by step from my patterns, I always overlook something such as typos, skipped sentences, assuming too much about the crocheter's skills. After staring at the same pattern for a week, its hard to detect any goof ups at all at that point. :P


Are my pictures helpful? too big? too little? not enough? too many?


Are the instructions too wordy? Too abbreviated? Sound like Pig Latin? :P


Will Buyer's be getting value for their $$$?


I require a good photo of your completed Collection, and permission to use the image on my blog and/or forum (with credit of course). I enjoy seeing different color interpretations by others for the same pattern. If you post your images on your blog or FB, I'd appreciate a mention too.


Special Software Requirements Just a PDF reader. The pattern comes with a 'Printer & Paper Friendly' Version too (no images and smaller print) for crocheting on the Go if you have a printer.



Accepted testers get a free copy of the final pattern, and can make the finished products for friends, loved ones or profit.



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