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Baby cradle purse pattern

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Hi Trina...Your second site wouldn't go through, but the first one was adorable...Looks like one could almost turn it into a floppy brim hat if the circumference was made big/small enough to fit one's head...

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I was looking for this pattern as well. I made it several years ago for my nieces and wanted to make it for my twin granddaughters. I found it here and then added a pin to make it easy for everyone to locate.


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The link was not clickable, so I changed that and thought I would add a photo taken of my own finished project using this pattern
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Hi Tresa, this thread conversation was started about 10 years ago, so I'm not surprised the links didn't work from back then; thanks for adding an update.

If you got stuck trying to attach a photo, start a post or amend your one above, look at the box at the bottom of the post box and look where it says 'drag files here to attach'.  Then need to be in one of the formats listed.   And welcome to the 'ville!

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