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Biker Comfortghan for MIL and FIL

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Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know that this is on its way to completion.

After I moved house, I had packed away a whole lot of squares, including these ones, and, in the whole moving ordeal and following bad months, I had forgotten about them and where they were. :( But I found them! Yay! And have been working on it!


Here is a picture of all the squares, minus 1, in the layout I am using! Looks lovely! I can't wait to get this finished and mailed to MIL and FIL. Its going to be such a surprise to them!


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Thank you marpan79 for the 2 beautiful squares you sent. I received them today.     Here is the progress so far (not with marpans squares though because I took this a while ago when I previously

wow those are sure purty!! And pineknott, and orange, wow, will wonders never cease!!!!!!! They are lovely squares, linda does such nice work!

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