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An interesting stitch pattern!

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I hope this is the right place to post this. :)


Recently, while playing around with slip stitch crochet, I came up with a new stitch and thought I'd share. I also came up with a stitch pattern using that stitch that, to me, looks quite a bit like sideways stockinette stitch. Here's my swatch:




This is how the stitch is made: Yarn over, insert hook, draw through a loop, then (without yarning over again) draw through the remaining two loops on the hook. It makes kind of a bump on the front side and a diagonal line on the other. It's about the same height as a single crochet stitch.


To make the "sideways stockinette" stitch patern: Chain whatever number of stitches you like.

ROW 1 (Wrong Side Row): Half single crochet into each chain. Chain 1, turn.

ROW 2 (Right Side Row): Half single crochet into the diagonal bar underneath the front loop of the first stitch, and every stitch following. Chain 1, turn.

ROW 3: Half single crochet into the back loop only (BLO) of each stitch. Chain 1, turn.


Repeat rows 2 and 3 for the pattern. Remember, on wrong side rows you are crocheting into the bar underneath the front loop, and on right side rows you are crocheting into the back loop only.


Block swatch when completed, if desired. And there you have it! I hope you enjoy. :D


***EDIT BY WILLOWDOVES*** As I suspected, I am not the first person to come up with this stitch. One of our members, Carlinda, has been using it for some time, and has used it to design some very nice patterns that are for sale at Annie's Attic --she calls it "half single crochet," which makes a lot of sense because of its similarity to half double crochet. See her post two below this for the links!


***ADMIN EDIT BY AMYS*** Bendy Carter also used this stitch back in June of 2008 in a pattern in her fiction book, Dying to Crochet. Bendy gave the stitch a different name. The stitch has also been used in many older patterns.


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Hi there,


I have been using this stitch for quite some time. I call it the half single crochet in all of the patterns I have used it in. It creates a stitch that is like the half double but shorter as it also creates that third loop you can work into.


Here are two of my patterns that use it:








Also, I have used it in the fish hat pattern that was just tested here at the Crochetville forum.



Thank you,

Carlinda Lewis,

the Hook Hound.

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I'd never tried that before, but I like the look - thanks for posting, now I have a new stitch to try - always a good thing

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It is very nice to experiment and play around with one's hook. I have done that and the results are always surprising. Keep it, up, don't be discouraged.

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