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Sewn Teddy Bear gift


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As I don't make many handmade items for family for the holidays, there are a few members that do enjoy handmade things.


My youngest dd has already expressed an interest in sewing and has taken fashion design classes in school. She has basic sewing experience and often enjoys watching me work, especially when I sew dolls and toys. It isn't surprising that she has recently expressed an interest in sewing dolls and toys.


She also laughs at how I like to recycle anything and everything possible so she'll get a good laugh at this 9" bear I made special for her for Christmas. It is from her most favorite fuzzy jacket that she had outgrown. I have been saving it to make something special out of it just for her.



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What a sweet little bear! Back in the 50s my brother had a stuffed dog in about that color. Roy Rogers was his TV idol at the time so he named the dog "Bullet" after Roy's dog. Your bear brings back memories! And it's obvious you're a good seamstress!

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