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OPEN: Spiral-Ruffle Scarf (knooking)--Testers Needed


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Pattern Information


Pattern Description: A medium-width garter stitch scarf with two ribbons of ruffle yarn spiraling upward across front and back of scarf.


Pattern Style: written


Pattern Photo (optional): IMG_0213.jpg


Skill Level: Advanced beginner. I would like a few testers with basic knooking or Tunisian experience and a few without.


Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Tester will provide own materials and keep finished project. No specific yarns are required, just general types as described below.


One or two skeins of worsted weight yarn

One skein of ladder yarn

Size H or I interchangeable crochet hook


Suggested Material Sources:

Knitter’s Pride interchangeable hook AND interchangeable cable set OR

Whole set of interchangeable hooks (if you want a whole set of hooks)

Rozetti Tundra yarn

Euro Tinseltown yarn

Katia Rizos yarn

Knitting Fever Ripple yarn

Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash (not sure if you’ll need 1 or 2 skeins)

Caron Simply Soft (one skein)


Sample of Ladder Yarn Needed:



You can buy yarn from wherever you choose, and it doesn't have to be the brands listed. It just needs to be a basic worsted weight and a ladder yarn of this type. I do suggest that you select a worsted weight yarn that is very close to the color used in the ladder part of the yarn.


In my sample scarf photo, the ladder yarn has black thread used to make the boxes of the ladder part. If you look closely at the large photo, you'll see that you can notice that black being carried through the garter-stitch only portion of the scarf. You probably don't want that effect in a scarf you actually complete.


Tester Information


Number of Testers Needed: 4-6


Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: unknown; less than 10 hours, I think?


Deadline: mid-January


Tester Experience: 2-3 with no previous knooking experience; 2-3 with basic knooking experience


Tester Responsibilities:


  • Work pattern exactly as written.
  • As soon as something is unclear, stop work, and contact me with your comment or question.
  • After we work together to resolve your problem, continue on as above.
  • Email me pictures of your finished scarf. If you have really good pictures, I may ask to use them in pattern. (You would be additionally compensated for this.) If you have a really striking finished item (use of yarn and color), I may ask you to send it to me for a photo shoot so I could include pictures of it in the pattern. (I'll pay all shipping costs. Credit would be given in pattern for any photos or finished item used.
  • Add finished item to your projects at Ravelry AFTER the finished pattern has been released.


Any Special Software Requirements: None. All comments can be sent through email or PM.




Free copy of final pattern.

Credit in pattern if your photos or finished item are used.

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Wow! I like the sample peice shown. But I can't really afford to buy more yarn and I don't have the hook or the knook. I have no experience with either. So I will watch and wait and see what the finished scarf looks like. Good luck, looks like it will be gorgeous!

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