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It's a Hoot! Scarf to match hat and headband.


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Now available and a big thank you to my speedy testers!


It’s a Hoot!,, A scarf done in beautiful cables to create an owl pattern at each end of the scarf. The “owls” eyes are buttons which are attached during the actual crochet work and not sewn after. So no sewing on later!!! Standard 5/8 Inch buttons were used, but pony beads may be used as well. You can find glow in the dark pony beads inexpensively at Walmart and those could be used for the eyes,, how fun!!!


Stylish and classy for the adults and yet very cute and fun for the kids too! Pictured in the Childs size. This pattern was made to match the It's a Hoot! Headband and Hat patterns.


Pattern is written in two sizes:

Childs Size 4.25 ” X 44” ~ Adults Size 6” X 66”


Knowledge of front and back post crochet is required and assumed. This is not a beginner pattern due to the cabling design.


Pattern is available to purchase here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/its-a-hoot-owl-scarf


Thank you for looking and Happy Crocheting,

Carlinda :dog



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I love this - and the hat & headband. I added them to my favorites on Ravelry. Can't buy right now because money is too tight. They are gorgeous. I'll scrape the money for one of them as soon as I can - don't know if it will be the hat or the scarf!!! Decisions, decisions.

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Very cute. I just got back from WM, where I got both brown buttons and some glow-in-the-dark pony beads for the hoot owl hat pattern I just got from you. I don't know who I'll make the hats for, but the pattern is so cute, I don't think they'll go to waste.

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