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Hi y'all - this is similar to my first kitchen potholder pattern, only with 3 cable rows - hope you like it! I love it - use it in my kitchen all the time.






Here is another kitchen potholder/cloth I designed that is very easy.

I am using red and white cotton for my kitchen - bought 2 14-oz cones - will buy more as i need them.


my own design - very simple cable



with size H hook, CH33 (or multiples of 3+4)


ROW1 - DC in 3rd CH from hook (counts as DC here and throughout); DC across, CH2, TURN


ROW2 - FP in next 3 DCs (always leave the 1st and last one as a DC, not a cable; BP in next 3 DCs; continue to end; DC in last; CH2, TURN


REPEAT till desired size


TRIM - with ombre or alternate color of your choice, SC 3 rows (in corners, do 2SC, CH, 2SC); at end, if you want a hangin gloop, don’t cut, instead, fasten off, then CH20, SL into beginning of CH20 - makes the hanging loop.


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Thank you for sharing your talent. This pattern could be used for other items as well, eg: baby blanket, animal blanket, etc. Lovely!

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Lovely! I will be using it in my dishcloth stash for stocking stuffers. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

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