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is there a crochet "bible"?

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As I started crochet (a few weeks ago!) step 1 was to get addicted, step 2 was to raid the local craft store and step 3 was to raid the library. I found some good books there with good information but I was wondering if there is like a "bible" of crochet? Like a full referance book with a history and any and all information must have? I was originally going to create my own by printing information and whatnot and putting it into a binder, but can you guys suggest anything? I am totally planning on subscribing to a magazine to get new ideas, but I am looking for a general all around good read. If I have to get several books that is absolutely ok, but I want to pick your brains first! Thank you!

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Yup - what you're referring to is a reference book or stitch dictionary.


I think the 2 most popular right now are:

The Crochet Stitch Bible

The Encyclopedia of Crochet


I prefer the Crochet Stitch Bible as my go to book. It's more of a stitch reference book with great pics, it's small enough to carry with you and it has a spiral binding so you can flip to any page and it'll stay there. The only patterns in it are for motifs


The Encyclopedia of Crochet is a large book in it's dimensions and as a regular paperback binding. There's some really interesting stuff in it including patterns. It goes into a lot of history and detail and really can be considered an encyclopedia.


They both have excellent pictures, they both show a wide range of stitches. It really depends on how you'll be using the book.

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My first two crochet books were Teach Yourself To Crochet and The Crochet Stitch Bible! I still reference the last one and it can also be fun just to try swatches of new stitches. It is a very good book just as RoseRed described! I don't have the encyclopedia but that one is on my Christmas List that my fiancee may get me :)

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There are many crochet reference books, and new ones coming out all the time.


In addition to those mentioned, there is the Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by M Hubert.


Crochet Answer Book by E Eckman, pocket reference.


Crocheting in Plain English by M Righetti.


Crochet! By M Bayard is brand new and i have only taken a quick look at it but i think it is pretty comprehensive.

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Thanks! I am going to definately look for those!


I personally have a book obsession but try your local library. They have TONS of books you can continually check out, copy, etc and if you love them buy them..but at least you will know whats in it. And a lot of times theyre having sales at the library so you may find these book for super cheap

Or your local Book Exchange...books at half price.

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I myself have so many darned books, but as far as a crochet bible goes, I have a big hardback book called the "Ultimate Crochet Bible" which is excellent. I also have a few DVD's too, and every crochet pattern book purchase I make for myself along with any and all booklets, fliers, freebies from the craft stores, crochet magazines.... I can justify: I need them! :yes

Plus I will argue to the death if anyone tells me different :P


Even though many books feature several of the same stitches (and many of my quilter friends say the same thing about their books) and the same basic instructions, I find that each book I have purchased seems to fill me in even more on abbreviations etc.


I do like to keep my eyes open when in used bookstores, because I have unearthed some awesome scores as far as books with stitches I have never seen, variations on a stitch pattern that may be considered a common stitch pattern, and also to find ideas (especially for clothing) that more contemporary books may not have available. I especially hold dear my old books from the 60's and 70's that many popular women's magazines produced (Better Homes, McCalls, Womens Day)


I have enjoyed looking and hunting for just the right book or whatever it is I feel I need at that moment to further encourage and enhance this mania of crochet that I have had since 1/1/2011.


So, just when you think you might not need another book...please allow me to be that voice that whispers in your ear: "Buy it!" :clap

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