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Akua's christmas tree patterns


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Akua's Christmas Tree Pattern




This crocheted Christmas Tree pattern invites your hook and hands to celebrate the season in this fun design.


Hard to pinpoint a level, but given what I've seen called intermediate, this is intermediate, though an advanced beginner with a clear grasp of the fundamentals could make this.


It's very adaptable-- you could size it up -- or make it smaller. Instructions for how to enlarge it are there.


The pattern tree, six inches, is not stuffed, but is open-- the structure provides its own support. The smaller tree is 4 inches.


This pattern also works as a baby hat.


Included are instructions for a tiny star and as a bonus, instructions for a tiny tree.

The tiny tree can provide more than decor, since it's stuffed, it makes a great toy, too.






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Cute! I need to re-trim my Christmas tree hat for the season since the garland was getting loose and some of the ornaments were leaving. Maybe I should make one of these!


(Yes, I DO go out in public with a Christmas tree on my head during December shopping trips. It's neat to be in a crowd of hurrying grouches and have them start giggling and asking where I got it and where they can get one.)

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