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I Made a Perry, Too :P

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After seeing crochetbug13's Perry the Platypus, I HAD to try and make one myself. I don't have the book she used for the body, so I improvised. I went a lot from her pictures, and guesstimating/making stuff up. Mine is a lot skinnier & not as cute, but... I gave it to our 8 year old yesterday. He's been having a hard time adjusting to a new school/third grade being harder than second grade. Since he has been trying so hard & doing well, I made him a "reward". (I would have made it for him anyway, but..) :P (I made his older brother a Darth Vader, today. He was also having a hard time adjusting to high school.)


He likes it. His Dad said he was going to take it, since he liked it better than him. :P Lol..



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