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Sept. e-pattern giveaway!!! Winners announced, post #55

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Hi everyone! Thanks to all who entered last month, for making our contest was a great success!!:cheer



The September giveaway is now on!


Winner(s) will be drawn September 30th. Winner(s) will be chosen at random either by drawing a name or by my sister picking a number of 1 thru however may entries there are and the name corresponding with that number will be the winner.


If there are less than 25 entries there will be one winner, but if we get more than 25 entries there will be 2 winners! :hook


To enter the giveaway just reply here stating you want your name entered, that it! Winner(s) will have their choice of any pattern in my Etsy shop (link is in my sig)


Good luck to all!!:hug

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