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How do I add a picture in my post?

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You can't.

We used to be able to do that but too many people left and/or let their photobucket, blogs, etc. lapse and photos and links went missing.

To keep photos with posts, Amy and Donna changed it so we could do attachments instead. Now photos aren't lost if someone closes their blog or whatever.

I know that's not the answer you want but it's a better solution to the problem we used to have.

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I had wondered why we couldn't but that sure makes sense to me. It IS frustrating to go to other sites and not find stuff because the links are no longer valid

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Thanks!! I'm just going to give in and attach it.


Once you attach it, take the cursor to wherever you want the picture to appear in your post and click the mouse button. (Make sure you've clicked the button so you're in Advanced mode when posting.) Look for the paper clip icon just above the box where you're typing in the message. Click it, then select the photo you want to include.


You can then click the Preview Post button to make sure the picture is where you want it. If not, you can edit the post and move the photo around before hitting the Submit Reply button.


You can't do any fancy formatting, like making a paragraph display on all sides of the photo, but you can at least place it in between paragraphs in the right part of your post.

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