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Huntsville/Madison, AL: Starting a CGOA Chapter


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You know, as president of the national Crochet Guild of America, it's sort of pretty pathetic that I don't have a local chapter to call myself a part of! :lol


I honestly don't have the time to take on being in charge of a local chapter, but I am going to head up an effort to see if I can find enough interested people who can manage the activities of the group. I promise that I will participate and attend meetings on a regular basis.


So, if you live in the Huntsville/Madison/Monrovia area of Huntsville, or are close enough that you would drive to monthly meetings, please post in this thread.


I'm anticipating monthly meetings, where we discuss crochet tips and techniques, show off our finished items, and occasionally plan day trips to local yarn and/or craft stores and fiber events.


The only requirement to start a chapter is that one person also be a member of the national group. And that part is already taken care of!


Let me know if you're interested in joining and being a part of such a group!

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I've had a couple people respond from Ravelry that they're interested in starting a local group, plus I have a couple friends who may be interested, too.


I think we're going to have enough people to get a group off the ground!


Now, the hard part: coming up with a fun name!


Anybody have any ideas? Even if you're not local, feel free to share your ideas for a chapter name.


And if you ARE local, please post and let me know you'd like to come meet with us once a month. :hook

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