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Organizer for butterflies projects :)

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My Aunt is a person with a heart of gold :) and she inspired me to crochet, so I finished my Secret Project for her. I am satisfied, but I had to fight the war with the zipper.... :thair I tried to sew it corectly 5 times, can you believe it? If it wasn't for the zipper, this organizer would be finished a month ago!





You may know I love making butterflies - and so my Aunt does. The idea of this organizer was to carry stuff for butterflies. So there is a pocket for small thread balls, hooks, scissors, etc.

You can see my first stitch markers - 2 of them with butterflies :)

I stitched the needle pillow and it can be moved if needed.




I crocheted the outside part, it's filet runner with hearts.




I hope my Aunt won't mind little deficiencies. I thought I could make more organizers, but I don't want to fight with the zipper again... So I need to find some other solution :)





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Your organizer is beautiful -- such a gift of love! I am betting your Aunt will be overwhelmed with gratitude for such a thoughtful and well done gift. The little luxury items like fancy stitch markers, little scissors, cross stitch needle holder area......really make this something special! Your filet crocheted hearts on the outside is really wonderfully done too. This is a project you will always be proud of and I know it will bring years of enjoyment to your Aunt. She must be special herself to warrant such care and consideration! ♥♥♥

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