Herrschner Award winning Afghan Pattern Books _-_ Found!!

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Hi All,


I need the 2007 Pattern book (I have a 1/2 done afghan) It was gifted to me by a dear Ville member but last week my basement flooded and a lot of my books were ruined.


I am interested in all of the "Afghan winner books but most importantly 2007.


PM me if you have and would give up :)



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Aaaack, ruined books, oh no!:eek:eek So sorry to hear that happened!


I thought I knew what book you are talking about, I've checked it out from the library, but it turns out that book is from 1998. Silly me, i didn't realize they did this every year---and looks like they do more than one a year

Is it the Seasonal or Baby shown there, or are there more from 07?

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