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Update on my husbands bone marrow donation


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First of all thanks so much for those helping with the comfortghans.


We learned this morning that the recipient of my husbands bone marrow is a 21 year old girl with acute myelogenous leukemia.


This is a clinical study they are in that will require my husband to have 2- 8 hour apheresis sessions .


That should give me plenty of time to finish the ghans to present on the day of the transplant!


Thnak you all again....:hug Please continue to pray for both of them!

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·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸God Bless you¸.·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸

My husband has AML. So I understand what this all means to this young girl!

Your husband is an angel sent to her! And God Bless you for supporting him!!! :hug

Prayers sent to you .. hubby and this young girl!!!



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I have finished two for you so far. I am wondering how many you are going to need in total? Also I know you are very busy but a update of how many you have received would be great!!

Again thank you and your hubby for all you are doing:cheer

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What a blessing your husband and your family are to this young girl. What a terrible cancer to get at 21years old, but she is fortunate to be physically able to do a BMT and to have a generous donor.


AML is considered a "old man's disease". By that I mean it generally attacks men over the age of 60-65. It is usually fatal in 6-8 weeks. People assume they have the flu and wait too long to get checked out.


I got AML at 48 years old. I have always assumed I was a ornery old bat, but apparently I am really a cranky old man! My Doc got me into remission but told me the likelihood of the cancer returning was 60% the first year and that chance could increase. I was lucky enough to have a match (my youngest brother) and felt I did not want go go through the chemo etc again, and in in much higher doses if it returned, so I had the transplant.


I'm coming up on four years cancer free at the end of this month and I thank the Lord every day for my family, my donor, my Docs, the researchers and technicians that can help cure this deadly disease.


Obviously your family knows the importance of getting in the bone marrow registry, but I would encourange other individuals and families to participate in bone marrow collection events. It's as simple as answering a few questions and getting your cheek swabbed. I would also encourage new mothers to have the hospital/Doctor save the umbiblical cord stem cells when they have a baby. These discussions and arrangements should be made before giving birth. Umbiblical cord stem cells are new, pure, can be used for just about anyone needing a transplant, but are most effective if the child or a sibling needs a stem cell transplant in the future.


Sending good vibes out to your husband, the recipient and all the loved ones involved.


Guess this didn't really qualify as a "quick reply". Sorry.



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Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.. CynCyn I will post updates as the squares start coming in....

Kat, I read your post to my husband and he is encouraged by it.....Thank you for sharing!


Hugs to all of you!:hug

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