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3D Duck with Pink Ribbon

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I recently realized that I haven't documented any projects in about a year (pretty much since I started my new job). :blush It's high time I did, so here's the first of these undocumented projects: a 3D duck for my goddaughter. I finished this thing last summer. The pattern comes from Just Ducky Baby Afghans (a Leisure Arts leaflet). I had started one of these some time ago but never finished it, so when I was trying to figure out what to make for her, I thought 'why not a duck'. I made an entirely new one because my original half-finished one wasn't tight enough (IMO).


I don't remember what yarn or hook I used for this, but in any case, I like the way it came out (though I hated to sew those wings on!). My goddaughter loved it and when I went to visit her recently, I found it among her toys so she obviously used it. :)





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