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8 inch squares for matching comfortghans/UPDATE POST 52

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Things went really well yesterday! My husband was able to give the required amount of stem cells in less time then they had scheduled. We met so many nice folks... so many folks fighting the battle... I just wanted to give them ALL ghans! They are true heroes... Duke has a special Bone Marrow Transplant Center that has the best staff.. lovely folks.folks come to receive plasma, stem cells, chemo etc.... brave folks!


My camera batteries died and when I went to get the others out of the car they had already taken the blanket to sanitize for the young recipient. She is receiving her stem cells today with her new blanket! If all goes well we can meet her in a little over 100 days and I hope to get a pic of her and her gift form all of us then.


The other I am working on finishing up to give to the Elliott family on Aug 18th when their son will be interred at Arlington National. Chris and I will go up for the ceremony.


I will leave you with a picture of my husband from yesterday...the nurses dubbed him an angel!:lol He didn't know what they had put on his head until after I took the picture.....:P


He is resting well today.. sore and tired... but happy to have helped!



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