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We're very proud of our niece, Claire. She entered Jimbo's International Kinder Crochet Contest and ......... drum roll please!



This morning's post on Jimbo's blog lists her as a winner! (Something we've known for 8 years!)

You can check out her entry and all the other terrific winners @




Thank you Jimbo for encouraging kids to learn to crochet! You're the best! (Something else we've known for a while!)


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Aw thanks you guys. It was fun to do and it's really rewarding seeing what the young folk can do! I'm really proud of them and their teachers.

I posted a little story for Claire about her hook in another thread but will copy it here to be sure she has a chance to see it.....



Claire's winning hook was mailed yesterday (Thursday) and is winging it's way to her as I type. Claire's hook came from a Hazlenut bush that grows up on my Ranch in the mountains of NE Washington State, within hearing distance of Deadman Creek. The bush grows lots of Hazlenuts (some folks call them Filberts), but we don't usually get a chance to eat them. The chupmunks, and squirrels are way too fast, and get the nuts way before we can collect any. All we find is cracked shells on the ground and very fat squirrels and chipmunks running around with Hazlenut crumbs in their moustaches. Ah but I was able to rescue this little piece of wood for Claire's hook because the chipmunks and pine squirrels were too busy eating Hazlenuts to notice that I was sneaking a little branch from their bush. I hope Claire's hook makes lots of nifty things.

Please thank her for entering.


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