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Crochet Afghan for Individual

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I am not sure this is the right spot to post this. I am sure it'll get moved if it is wrong. :)


I am doing an afghan for myself from a Leisure Arts booklet called Zebra Stripes. I love this pattern and have made a couple.

My friend wants me to make her one. It has tons of Popcorns and is time consuming.

Wondered if you guys can put me in a ballpark of what price I should ask. I'm sure I have to cover the yarn expense but any ideas what to charge??


I'm not sure if this pattern is available online. I doubt it though.

The booklet is 48-Hour Afghans by Rita Weiss.


Thanks in advance.

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If the pattern is that time-intensive to make, your friend may not be willing to pay a price that would cover the expense of the yarn plus pay you a fair wage for your time. You might have to do it more as a labor of love.


I would suggest asking your friend if she had any sort of price in mind. You could even mention how much the yarn would cost and approximately how many hours of your time it would take.


Then you can figure out from there if you want to work with her on getting the price to a number you can accept, or if you want to decline the job.

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People never seem to realize how much time goes into making something by hand, and I'll be honest, I undervalued my work as well.


For example, I knitted a rough approximation of the gloves that Bella wore in the first Twilight movie for a woman while I was doing cable in Kansas because she wanted them and I thought they were quite pretty, so just from looking at them, I knitted them. They're not complicated, but knitting does take time, and I think I charged her $30.00 plus the cost of yarn.


I came to find out later that there was a woman who had actually written a pattern for them and was charging upwards of $90.00 for them out of Seattle, and while I'm not sure if it's any sort of infringement given that I hadn't actually used a pattern, I was clearly way underselling my time.


Obviously, this is a friend of yours and so that may influence your decision, but I try to remember that feeling when I'm thinking about prices, or someone asks me to make them something.

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Thanks to you both. My friend first said she wanted to learn to crochet. She hasn't the use of her right arm and leg (stroke at birth). I really thinks she could learn, though maybe a bit tougher. Then she got frustrated and now wants to pay me to make her one. I really think there is a way she could learn and I've been trying different things including tying down my right hand/arm. It's hard though.


Anyway, on the one I am crocheting....she wants one like it and now another neighbor want's THIS one I'm working on as it's all the right colors.


So, I'm thinking on it. DH thinks I should triple the cost of the yarn supplies. I just don't want to over-charge my friends.


Thing is, when I crochet an afghan or scarf or whatever for myself. I wind up giving it away to those who like them. :) This is how my son's ex-girlfriend and all her family got afghans. Bad part is now I've made all them afghan when son and she were dating. NOW, he's been married to his wife for 5 YEARS and I have YET to make her on. Sheesh!!

Sorry if I got derailed for a min.


What you guys have said about keeping in mind they are friends as well as not undervaluing my work.

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