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Pink & White Layette


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A co-worker asked me to make a blanket and hat for her niece. Her niece is 40 years old and having her first child in August. I already made a dress, bonnet and booties for her Baptism outfit. My co-worker gave those items to her at the baby shower a week or two ago. Her niece lives in Utah so my co-worker wanted to be able to ship these to her closer to her due date.


I'm really happy with how this layette turned out. The hat is something I threw together in about an hour tonight. I didn't use a pattern, but it's the standard hat done in DC. The flowers on the hat are from a book called Crochet from the Heart by Kristin Spurkland.


The afghan is a free pattern from Lion Brand called "Bright Stripes Baby Afghan". This is the quickest baby afghan I've ever made. It's my new favorite. It took less than 10 hours to make. I spent three evenings working on it while watching TV.


I used Vanna's Choice WW yarn. The colors are actually named Pink and the other White. I used 2 1/2 skeins of each color for the afghan, hat and flowers. I'm considering making booties with the yarn I have left. I'm looking around for patterns that are quick. I want to give the items to my co-worker on Monday as I have new projects I must begin.


Thanks for looking at my pictures! :hook Sorry they aren't great. They are iPhone pictures. My usb cord for my camera disappeared a long time ago.




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Thanks everyone! :D


Lovely! I highly recommend brendaKBrown's Best Ever Baby Booties http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=97475

I recently made them and they were easy and beautiful.


Thank you, I'll consider those. :)


What a lovely set Nicole!!! BTW- How are you feeling?


Not great, but not horrible. If I do much of anything, my foot hurts really bad. As long as I keep my feet up, it's tolerable. I'm already tired of being stuck in the house. :lol

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How pretty they turned out! Your little "thrown together" hat is adorable! I bet your co-worker is making a hit giving these items to her niece!

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