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Hello from Pennsylvania!

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Hello everyone!


I hail from Pennsylvania and have been crocheting since 1992. I am 31 years old and most of the time do not relate well to many people my own age. I make prayer shawls with my free time, and recently began crocheting silk shawls for my bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding. I am having mixed feelings about giving them to the ladies, simply from reactions of my fiance's family to the idea of it. His niece is in the wedding party.


Has anyone ever had an issue of being unsure about giving away a creation? Did you ever worry that the person would just toss it in a corner and leave it there, not seeing the love put into making it for them?


Thank you and I am so glad I found a group that has the same interest as I do!

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Hi and welcome to crochetville! I'm from near Johnstown.

Where in PA are you?

On the wedding shawls..... it's YOUR wedding. Make and give those beautiful silk shawls.


happy crocheting,

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I am from Carlisle, PA. It is about 25 miles west of Harrisburg and home of the Car Show. Does anyone know of it?


Thank you for the support. I refuse to be one of those mean brides that makes her bridesmaids do things for me and dictate every detail. The shawls are their thank you gifts, not required wear for the wedding. Although I loved theirs so much I am making one for me now in white.

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Hello and welcome to the 'Ville!! :hug

I am from the Lehigh Valley!

Those silk shawls sound like they are beautiful!! And it is your wedding, so try not to fret over what one person says. I have learned in life that you can not please everyone no matter how hard you try. (Believe me I have tried!) You are a very thoughful, beautiful woman to make all of those shawls with love and give them to your bridesmaids.

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Welcome to Crochetville from Delaware. It is your wedding and your day and i think shawls will make a wonderful gift. We all worry when we make things if it will be appreciated but you have to let go and just enjoy making it hope for the best.

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