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Chain Link Greensboro Class Schedule Is Up

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The class schedule for the CGOA Chain Link conference in Greensboro this September is up. Check it out here. Registration goes live on Monday morning, June 27, so you've got about two week to make up your minds. :lol


There are so many classes that interest me this time around. Here's my tentative schedule for now, subject to change:



8-5: Professional Development Day


6-9 PM: Lace Pottery Jewelry Part I, with Maggie Weldon



All Day: Polymer Clay Button Boutique, with Suzann Thompson



2-5 PM: Lace Pottery Jewelry Part II, with Maggie Weldon



All Day: Freeform Crochet Floral Brooches and Neckpieces, with Prudence Mapstone



It'll be exhausting taking 6 classes, but oh, so worth it!


Anybody who wants to take the polymer clay class, Michael's has the required type of polymer clay on sale this week for $1.25 a pack, instead of the normal $2.49. I bought 5 packs and a fondant rolling pin yesterday, and just finished making my first batch of experimental buttons, just to see what I could do. They're in the oven now. I'll try to post pictures later.

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Registration opens Monday morning, June 27! Let us know what you plan on taking.

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