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Encouragment along!(crochet and other)


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OMG for me This is needed, and I'm sure for others too,


Have you ever had so much to do but yet You just can't motivate to do any of it.??? :worried:shrug


I sat down today and started to think.. of a list of stuff I realy want or need to do!! and I came up with this


1. Clean out laundry room *Cause i got a new washer commin tomarrow*

2. clean off back porch leading to laundry room half striked cause i only did half lol.

3. clean kids playroom

4. re- clean and organize craft clost

5. power clean kitchen

6 power clean livingroom/dine

7. clean off desk (no longer using) and get rid of stupid desk were not using

8. clean my room of the clutter

9. finish digging my turtle pond hole

10. clean trash and other stuff out from under front porch and around house

11. crochet hex afghan for me

12. crochet more bear aghans

13 finish afghan a friend requested

14. crochet a sleeveless shirt from a book I won from here

15. clean off an trash my desk i use fro my printer, and get something else

16. re-paint and fix up my master bath

17. and im sure i will look and find more stuff Needing or wanting to do

18, Make a pillow ghan for my 17 yr old niece back home in ny

19. crochet a pillow ghan for my sister in law(why when she dislikes us. idont know but..) but I still want to.

20. clean out and re organize shelfs in pantry

21. re- organize my dish's cupbards


how about you.. are you willing to list your "honey do- or self do" list!. lets help encourage eachother to get this list done! and check off as you go. or add as you go., everyone can use encouragment once in a while to get stuff done or the motivation to do it.. I know in this hot weather. it's just simpler to curl up in a comfortable chair and watch tv or crochet.

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Right now my "To Do" list is more of a "To Hook" list. lol I have so many projects I need to get done in a short period of time!


1. Finish Toot's dress

2. Finish Toot's hat

3. Finish Toot's skirt

4. Finish flip flops

5. Finish stash bag

6. Finish afghan for swap

7. Finish Summer item for swap

8. Finish other item for swap

9. Finish cross stitch baby sampler for friend

10. Finish cross stitch baby sampler for my new baby


I think that's all for the moment. As you can see, I start a lot of projects at once. LOL

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awsome! yes looks like you have lots of "W.H.I.P.S" I have 4. 3 are doll size bear ghans.. 1 needs a boarder, half granny's and face.. the other needs a boarder and the 3rd needs to be made compleatly, Then I have a afghan I been working on a few months that I just can't seem to motivate to do any more, but it needs to be finish. and then mabey make a few more hex's for the doll blanket.. I was just testing how easy the african flower pattern was. so I didnt intend on realy making a afgan. but while i have 6 hex's made i may as well make something of it.


now I have to add 1 more thing to be done tonight!.


adding to #15. i need to now clean off and actualy TRASH the desk. and make room for a recliner my friend is giving us tomarrow LOL!!!

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1. Finish editing book and upload

2. Finish Emily's comfortghan and get it shipped to her

3. Replace bad board in living room floor

4. Finish taking old underlayment out of other living room floor to prepare for new tile

5. Clean out all storage boxes and get rid of everything in them that doesn't fit or doesn't work


Now, how much of that I actually get done is another question, but I'm pretty determined on #2 and #5 :)

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