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Permission for Crochet for Charity

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I have been posting this evening without a hitch. However, when I tried to start a new thread in Crochet for Charity, an error message came up. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and found I may not post a new thread.


Is this section closed? Maybe I tried to post incorrectly?


Thank you.



(aka CrazyHomemaker)

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Dorothy is correct: you have to reach Villager status before you can post in the Crochet for Charity section.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest people on the internet. We've had to put this limitation in place so that people can't register for the forum just to get people to send them stuff for "charity" for free. We have found that when someone has taken the time and effort to reach Villager status, there's much less risk that they've joined just to scam people out of something.


So don't worry: you'll be able to post in the Crochet for Charity section soon.:)

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Thank you AmyS and dorothysgirls. After I read a few more questions and answers, I kind of figured that may be the case.


I don't need an answer to my question until Thanksgiving/Christmas.


Thanks, again.

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