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Need help with V stitches?


I'm trying to learn how to make a V-stitch but I'm having problems. Each row is somehow getting longer and the gaps in each row get smaller. The work also is curling up a lot and becoming a circle. I don't know what I'm doing wrong :( does anyone have any advice or perhaps know were I can find a better tutorial? The one's i've been using don't seem to be working for me. I'm very new and I'm only just starting to learn how to crochet, so please try to keep it simple for me. thanks

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hi and welcome to the Ville:hook


i like the tutorials at Nexstitch because they are very concise; here is the one for v-sttich.


you may need to mark the first and last v of each row as you make it so you know where to end the next row. if each row is longer you are adding sttiches somewhere.


if you can post a photo or scan of your work so far that would help in "diagnosing" the problem;)

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