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Better Homes and Gardens Granny Sampler


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Hi all:


I am new to this forum and I would love to connect with other people who are working on this sampler. Crochetbug has posted a picture of her completed sampler which is just beautiful @ http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=126470


This pattern is from a 1977 book called Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting. It is widely available in libraries and on Amazon as used.


I love this book and this pattern--it has all the best aspects of 70's crochet--the bright colors and folksy themes.


I am working on this one myself right now--have done 13 out of 34 squares.


I think some of the patterns have errors so if those of you who have completed this afghan would post it would be great--right now I am having difficulty getting the diamond square pattern to come out like the picture!


Thanks all!



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hi Snow and welcome to the Ville:hook


this is a great idea for a crochet-along. I have the book and i have a bunch of miscellaneous yarn i need to do something with so i might join you in doing this. I never seem to follow patterns exactly so i might not be much help with any errors in the pattern. will have to see if my yarn is really in colors that would do justice to the design....

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Hi magic!


Once you start putting some of these squares together it gets addictive!! I had to take a little break cuz my wrist was getting sore.


I have done all the squares from A-C. I did some of the squares several times cuz I was trying to get them to look like the pics. Most of the patterns seem good but a few just dont match tho I am not a master chrochet-ist.

I would call myself intermediate.


I had planned to go straight thru square by square in order as the patterns are written but I read somewhere that someone did all the squares in the center first and stitched them together to get part of it done for inspiration etc. I like that idea plus it will provide more variety.


Michaels has a sale on Impeccable yarn for $2 so I went and got a few more colors to mix it up a bit.


Perhaps I should take pics of the squares I have done and post them?

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it would be great to see photos of your squares!


i reorganized my yarn and got some different ideas about what i might use for this, i don't really have the bright colors like they used in the original or that Crochetbug used for hers.:(


at any rate i have to finish some other things right now. But i will continue to cheer you on :cheer:cheer

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