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Love stitches Afghan

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Afghan I made for dh's birthday. He wanted something neutral and not frilly for his new lounge chair. It is sc, dc and long dc stitches. Similar to a teardrop afghan, but I did not use a pattern, just did my own thing to get the look of sewing stitches. It is a two row repeat pattern, in a 10 row repeat of color in 3 shades. I used Vanna's choice Taupe (2 Skeins) and Berella 4 in Light taupe (4 skeins) and Heather (6 skeins). They worked well together and since I had stash in those colors I didn't have to buy any yarn.

Was going to put pattern in original free patterns section, but couldn't decide if I could call it original, a variation or what. So here are pics...




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Oh Carol, it's lovely! So this is what has been keeping you busy huh, it's just so comfy and woodsy looking! By the looks of hubby, he really likes it too! You did great, I love the colors, the pattern, the size, it's just as someone else said up there, soooo handsome looking! great job!:manyheart

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That is beautiful! I'll bet your hubby loves it! I would put it under Original Patterns if you write it up.

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