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Closed: Testers Needed--Soft Beaded Rosary Have testers, THANK YOU!

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Soft Beaded Rosary is what it sounds like--a crocheted rosary with more bead definition than the traditional all-crocheted ones, but still soft for those who want or need a quiet and padded rosary. It'll be a written pattern, very easy if you can chain and single crochet. I'll include a slightly easier way of making a ladder rosary and a variation on it.

I need testers who can use, or know someone who can use, the rosary and tell me how it works for them and whether there are any improvements you can suggest for maximum, er, prayability.

You will need (and probably have lying around):

less than ten yards of sock, sport, baby or worsted yarn of your choice

Either: 53 pony or mini-pony beads of one color and six of another color


a piece of 1/4" soft plastic aquarium or medical tubing you can cut into quarter-inch slices; I've had people suggest drinking straws, but they're not sturdy enough for me and have too many rough edges

a hook that will fit through the beads

You may choose to use a purchased centerpiece and crucifix instead of the crocheted ones. Pattern will include directions for attaching those if you like.


I'd like at least two or three testers and would be happy if you could make one of these over the next week or so. I can make one in about half an hour, but figure an hour for the first one until you see how easy it is. No compensation, except you get to keep and use the pattern as much as you like. :)

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I've tweaked the pattern a few times trying to get a nicer back on it. There are a couple of pretty thread ones, and there's a worsted weight one that I can't get to come out small enough (it's about three feet tall when I get done!) Here's the link to the instructions for the knotted ones I make:



and OLRM's videos:



I make knotted crosses unless someone wants a plastic crucifix. Those take ten of the bigger knots, and it takes a little thought to figure out what to tie or sew where, but once you get the hang of them they're easy.

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