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Allergic to wool. Suggestions for dyeing?

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I am allergic to the natural oils in wool. Mostly lanolin. (I found this out very young....like baby young when my mom couldnt figure out why I had a horrible rash for a week... Thanks to lanolin in baby wipes and diapers. As I've gotten older, I've learned lotions, make-up, body washes soap....basically most beauty/ skin products.)

Thanks to my grandmother and my mom, I've learned to love crochet....until recently...I bought some Fisherman's wool....without reading that it has natural oils to dye. After making a Hank....I noticed doom....lol:blush on my hands, I was covered in hives and blisters for a week! Yikes! Now mind you with a soak...in vinegar and a steam with food coloring...with gloves and tongs I dyed up a lovely set of yarn. I hoped being that my trusty guide said it would rid the oils upon soaking....I stitched up an item....only to blister and hive up again. I donated my lovely yarn to a crochet'er in a nursing home who took it happily.


I had a great time dying it. I would love to dye again. Any suggestions ladies...?? Sorry for the long explanation. I would just rather have the history behind it all so we all understand the issue :D


All suggestions welcome! :manyheart




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Cotton can be dyed with RIT brand dye, or with various natural substances. Haven't tried it with koolaid, but have been told the color will wash out. You can check with sellers of dye (help me someone, can't think of the name) to find out what other materials it will dye. I'm thinking silk would be dyable, probably bamboo but what do I know, I've not been dying lately, just hooking.

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See....I've been told that...but I have 3 dogs that follow my every move and I would be scared that it would hurt them if it got in their systems. I kinda wanna stay on the safe side and use natural dyes. I was told finger picks yarns are oil free.... Alpaca is also a safe alternative from what I was told...but I honestly don't know.


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Heehee now to find alpaca lol. I just found a local yarn shop woo! I gotta go explore it. Maybe they will have some :think


Alpaca is as warm as wool - but here's the catch......alpaca is hypoalergenic :cheer

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