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How to bump up a post

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It was suggest to me to "keep bumping up" a post that I have in Comfortghans. Can anyone explain how I can do this :think. Thank you, Andi

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"Bumping up" a post just means posting in the thread to bring that thread up to the top of the list in the Comfortghans folder. (Threads appear in order of the time of the most recent post in each thread.)


On some message boards, people just make a post with nothing but the word "bump" in it. But that gets really old and uninteresting if a thread is made up of a whole lot of "bump" posts. It's usually best to add some sort of useful information to the thread. Then it's more like an actual conversation, and not just gratuitous bumping.


If it's for comfortghans, you could add new posts to give a running tally of the total number of squares people have offered to send, or to post information about new squares you've received, or to post updates on your friend's condition.

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