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Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

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I'm Back :lol


I have created a new bracelet with ... Swarovski Crystals. I'm so excited:yay


Would love to hear what you think... Your comments are greatly appreciated... I am still trying to capture a good picture with the camera. Thanks you for listening and commenting.



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Very cute bracelet. Is it hard to crochet on wire?




Thank you CLLinda. :clap


Hmm... I've been making wire crochet bracelets for about 5 years and in my personal experience... no it's not hard. You want to use a high gage wire, like a 30 or 32 gage. But if you make a boo boo... there is no pulling it out, like you can with yarn. I use a 26 gage, because I pull on the wire a lot making the bracelets.


Thanks again and have a super day. :yay

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Thank you everyone... Here is a couple more... :clap




Made with over 75 Montana AB2x Swarovski Crystals




I also used over 75 Swarovski Crystals in the following colors: Smoked Topaz, Lime and Topaz


I crocheted each crystal individually to artistic wire and attached a sterling silver toggle clasp... I am having to much fun with these crystals :yay

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They are all gorgeous, but I have to say the blue one literally took my breath away!


your stalker :devil





It has some Bling Bling don't you think? :2frog Thanks Stalker :hug



Oh my a FROG lol :2frog

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Beautiful and knowing how Swarovski Crystals, I bet it is even more beautiful in person! It does always look a little difficult to me too. I want to give it a try but..... like you said, there is no pulling it out and trying over with wire like you can do with yarn. I just love the results though! Someday I have to try!

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