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New Swarovski Braidlet


This is a new creation of mine. Each 4mm Swarovski bead is individually crocheted to non-tarnishing silver wire, with a sterling silver toggle clasp. I would like to know what you think about this new design...


Please leave comments below. Thank you for your help... Cari



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It's beautiful. The Swarovski beads really do make the bracelette more elegant looking.


Yes they do... I use seed beads to make my Braidlets. They can not compare to the Swarovski beads... Why did it take me so long to use the Swarovski beads.... lol


:yes Thanks again to everyone for posting comments... your opinions truly matter! :clap

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Thank you Suellen and Lynn... if you are game to try crocheting with wire.. I have a free pattern in the Free Original Pattern section called Single Crochet Wire Beaded Bracelet

I hope you enjoy the pattern and please let me know if you have any questions... Thanks again and have a fabulous day! :yay

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Thanks for the link Cari. I've save it in my Rav que. Looks like something fun to make.


Your quite welcome Jana... :hug watch out now, you may get hooked! lol :clap



dawnpacz: Thank you, thank you!:clap


Thanks again everyone... waiting to bead shipment to arrive... (sitting on the front porch) lol Have a super day everyone! :yes

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I have trouble hiding the ends of the wire when using toggle ends, so I'm very impressed that you did this successfully. It's beautiful.


Thank you MaryPat... :yay I actually wire wrap the ends to the toggle clasp.

When I started making the Braidlets... for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to put on a crimp bead. :hook So I wire wrapped the ends.

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