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In March I Will .....


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:eekhave only managed to finish one project which was a washcloth other than that have been swamped with school though I have only one class one day a week but that one day a week is 3 hours of homework plus I have a paper due next month so that still needs to be typed up and possibly need to add more to it shall see. The stress:ohdear



It's OK Faith! You are focusing on school and that is what you need to do right now. :cheer cheering you on in your education goals!:cheer

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I'd say March was a pretty good month for me. I finished the VA scrapghan. I've set a goal of 20 this year. I'm not sure I can make that but I'm going to try. That makes 4 of the 20 done.


I finished the Navajo blanket. Now I just need to get a pic or two up, wash it and mail it to North Dakota. That way they will be able to use it before it gets warm. I have time. I think that happens in August. :lol


I got a couple more squares done for the Friendship Ghan CAL. Not as many as I'd like. I'll have to add that to the April list. I also got my ami's done for the swap. So, all in all I can say I've met most of my goals. The graphghan is going on hold. I've got a couple of things in mind for April.


I would have finished the shrug if Anita had called with that measurement I need. I don't feel too guilty about that one. :devil


In March I will:

1. Finish 1 more scrapghan for the VA. (Done)

2. Finish the ripple shrug for a friend. (It's about 75% done and I'm waiting for her to get me a measurment so I can finish.)

3. Start new graphghan. (I'm still trying to make up my mind what to do).

4. Do another Navajo blanket. (I just finished one and it came out so well I'm going to do another for another friend.)(Done)

5. Finish up some more squares for the Friendship ghan CAL. (5 Done)

6. Finish my ami's for the swap. (Done)

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I hope everyone is pleased with the progress made in March.


Come join the "In April I Will..." CAL!


When there are April Showers outside we will be cozy inside with our crochet!

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