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Giggles Flowerumi Bear

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Flowerumi were always extra cute bears, with their "hairdos' composed of little flowers and their lovable little faces, but this one is one of my most special ones. ;) As with Polka Dots, which has been a successful bear, I will grant special permission to sell items made with this pattern to any crochet toymaker as a colleague of mine. Pattern will be delivered as a PDF through email. Please, enclose an email address that will not bounce back delivery of your electronic goods. Be aware of fact that pattern will only be available from Mon. through Thurs. weekdays!


If you are interested, here is where you will find Giggles:




You can also find Giggles Here on a more permanente basis (from Mon. through Thurs. weekly), since at Flowerumiplace, I have a Bear of the Week program going on:




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I would like to thank those of you who have loved and purchased the pattern for this little bear. With its whirligig design, it certainly makes a traffic stopper!

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