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Our House Part Two


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Morning peeps!


Hi Mary and Joanne! I hope you enjoy your time visiting with your yarn today!


The purple ghan is being donates and at DH's request we're keeping the Homespun ghan I'm working on. Yesterday he even went to Michaels with me to pick up some more yarn to make it bigger :faint

Two more squares to make and then I add a simple border.


A foggy and humid day today. Humidity was up yesterday so it was a great opportunity to put the hair dryer away after I washed my hair and just let the curl and waves take over...lol. A lot less crazy looking than when I try and force curls with the dryer. 


Have a good one my friends!

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Hi all. :)   I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Since the Cowboys lost last week, we're backing the GB Packers.  It's looking like we may be jinxing our teams. :lol


We went out for lunch today and I've been crocheting for a while.  Obviously no real excitement around here! 


Have a good evening. :manyheart

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Hi all,

Well it looks like a Patriots, Falcons Super Bowl. I'll be rooting for the Falcons!!!


I went to visit dd and Jali today. When I got there he got all excited!! Melted my heart! We went over to the print shop and it is looking amazing!!! A friend of dds did a mural on one of the walls and got it done in 4 days.....it is awesome!!!


The wind is kicking up and nor'easter is on the way ....luckily not snow, just rain, but it's the high winds they are forecasting that I'm not too excited about.


Have a good rest of the evening

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Hi, ladies!


Mary, to us no excitement is a good thing...lol!


Joanne, yes, those winds are already doing a good job of pruning our trees - and later on they're supposed to get stronger! Fingers crossed we all escape with no major problems. Visits from grandma are wonderful, I can tell! He sounds so sweet.


LeeAnn, I saw your post with the craft room! Wow! What a wonderful set up!


And we root for anyone who plays NE! Falcons haven't had  a good year in a while - would love to see them win!


Homespun ghan is waiting for its border...


Have good day my friends!

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Good morning. We had lovely sunny 60 degree weather on Saturday. Back to cold and gloom yesterday and today though. :(


I worked on Friday and then we had plans to go out to dinner with our kids and grandkids and then spend some time over at DD and dsil's house. When I got home from work, dh told me he had cleaned the house since he was temporarily out of work, and he thought we could then have a free Saturday. I thought that was a bit odd, but I didn't question it. Dh often helps me with cleaning, but doesn't take the initiative to just do it.). When we got to the restaurant, Dsil informed us that the grandkids were all over at friends houses. I was a bit disappointed, but I could understand that DD and Dsil would want to go to dinner without them if they had the opportunity. DD wasn't with DSil, so I assumed he had come straight from work. Pretty soon DD showed up and a few minutes later my oldest brother and his wife walked in. To make a long story short, they threw a surprise birthday party for me. My sister and my younger brother and their spouses also came. My siblings all live at least four hours away, so I was really surprised! Not only that, but I didn't suspect a thing, even after dh told me he cleaned. On a Saturday all of us women went shopping. My sisters in law wanted to go to thrift stores so that's what we ended up doing. They claim that our thrift stores are much better than Canadian thrift stores.


So today, I'm washing sheets and towels, since my siblings all stayed at our house. Our DDs even provided breakfast for all of us.


Have a great day, ladies.

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'Morning, everyone. :)


Joanne ~  Aww, Jali sounds precious.  They do melt our hearts. :yes   We're so fortunate to be able to see our grand kids pretty often!


Cindy ~ What fun to actually be surprised at a surprise party!  It can be so hard to pull that off. Lol 


Judy ~ Wow!  Already on the border - way to go!  I think most here know that I avoid Homespun like the plague. :lol   Love the way it looks and feels, though!


Hi to the rest of the House, too. ♥


I got almost no sleep last night probably due to too much caffeine. :tired  So slow going for me today.  Have a good Monday! :manyheart

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Hi Ladies,


Joanne, Congratulations to DD on her success! Those babies sure do melt our hearts. We had very strong winds here yesterday (50mph). 


Cindy, How nice your family surprised you with a family birthday party. My mom gave it away when my kids wanted to surprise me for my 50th birthday. She said my son wanted one of my friends addresses. I saved the link to the afghan. Not sure if it will get made but it sure make a nice take along project. 


Mary, Glad DD is still getting better everyday. It takes us a while to bounce back to ourselves. A lot of people down here have been sick too. One said the doctor told her this year is the worse she has seen in 10 years. I'm hoping I don't get it.


Judy, Not sure will end seeing Patriot Day at the movies or not. He hurt himself last week and it took him 3 days to finally go to urgent care. He was putting the skirting up on the trailer and some how lifted his arm and hit it on a steel bar (a piece of the frame ?). The doctor at urgent care couldn't believe it took him 3 days to come in (the Dr. was a male). He could barely lift his arm, but it was bruised really bad.


LeeAnn, Yes we did the trailer moved. We will probably order the carport (it will cover the trailer) this week. It takes 2-4 weeks for them to come and set it up. 


It was a busy week last week. We had prepping to do for a breakfast burritos on friday. It was an all day job. We chopped and cook, onions, and sausage then we them up into bags that will do a pan that will make 12 burritos. Saturday we had the bake/garage sale. We sold almost 700 burritos. We made over 600.00 after expenses. The garage sale did over 600.00. All that money will go to the veterans and local 100 club. It was two long days for me. I slept 10 saturday night. Not taking my water pill for 2 days I was miserable yesterday. Last night I took a water pill after the ice cream social. Surprisingly it didn't keep me up, but I did stay up later than usual. I took off 8 1/2 pounds of fluid since yesterday morning. 

Hubby broke a tooth (a crown) so we are going to the VA early tomorrow morning. Then to Sam's Club to buy a battery for are golf cart. Almost $50.00 cheaper than the golf cart stores. We already replace one since we've been here.

I've been crocheting on 2 different ponchos. I made the neckline of one and wasn't sure if it was big enough for Maya or not so I am making two of the same. One for Maya and Jocelyn I hope. 

My brother had some good news last week when he went to his lung doctor. He was told his lungs are getting better. He hasn't had any news like that ever. 

I hope everyone has a good week!

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Cindy. How fun that you had a surprise birthday party and you were surprised!!! I did see a pic on fb so I assume that was your sibs and spouses !!


Mary. I don't mind homespun. And I do like how soft it is


Marlene. You really shouldn't miss taking your water pill. That's a lot of fluid that you had retained!! I hope you will take it regularly. Ok, lecture over. Lol. I hope you are not overdoing it. Seems like a lot of work with all that cooking At least you slept for 10 hours. Hope it went smoothly woth dh and the dentist. My dh fell at work last week. Nothing broken but he is sore. Had to go today for a cat scan and goes back to dr on wed.


Winds have been strong. Hoping there is not too much damage at the shore. I left work early around 2:30. My nose was getting stuffier by the minute. Came home and took a nap. Will see how I feel tomorrow. May just stay home and rest up


Here's hoping we keep power since the winds will be strong all night.


Judy. Hope you have power and that the trees stay where they are suppose to.


Lee Ann I'm curious. Saw your post on fb that you are a lefty and teaching yourself to crochet left handed. If right handed crochet is working why do you need to learn left handed? Like I said, just curious. Btw. The blanket you are making is looking good!!!!


Marisa. Hope all is well. Sorry about the steeler loss. I'm not a steeler fan, but I was rooting for them to b eat the pats


Have a good night everyone.

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Hi, again!


Joanne, I hope you're feeling OK by now. If not - take a sick day. :hug

I saw a pic of the shore at Cliffwood Beach posted by the Aberdeen PD - they had some buldozers building up some high dunes to protect the beach.


Cindy, what a wonderful surprise for you!! It had to have been one of your most memorable birthday celebrations. :manyheart


Marlene...men! 'nuff said :lol  Glad your hubby was just bruised. And what Cindy and Joanne said..... :yes


So far we've had a handful of power dips -just enough for me to have to reset a clock and the oven - fingers crossed that's all that happens. The dead limbs off the trees have been landing in our yard - one had an end as sharp as a spear! Neither the dogs nor myself waste any time out there - they do their business, I clean up and we run back to the house!


One last go round on the border and then I'll share a pic.


Decluttering is coming along slowly - we had two full white trash bags filled with linens and curtains that we dropped off at Goodwill this morning. It feels good to have some space in the upstairs closets! Still a lot to go through, but it's a process.


Have  a good night, my friends.

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Hi again. :)


Marlene ~ I hope your hubby feels better soon.  Thankfully, you have a VA fairly close and hopefully a good dentist, too.  The fundraisers you all have and contribute to are wonderful!  Luke and Zach's school does that monthly.  Last month I gave Luke a big bag of barely touched puppy toys, collars etc. and he was so excited to take them for the Humane Society.


Joanne ~ Take care - I vote for staying home and resting. ;)   I hope your DH is okay. :hug


We're having grilled chicken, salad and roasted asparagus for dinner and it's about ready.  Have a good evening!

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Hi Ladies,


I won't be missing them water pills again until we go home. I can't take them and travel. Coming down was okay. I did talk to the doctor about that. Thanks for caring!!

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Good morning


I am going to take a sick day. It's just a cold, but I am continually blowing my nose. I feel ok but think it's best to keep my germs to myself. Some of the staff have work laptops and work from home. If I had one its one of those days that I would work from home, but alas, I don't, so sick day it is. I'll make it a pj kind of day, with resting, crocheting, knitting and reading.


Marlene glad you won't miss your water pills.


Worst of the weather is behind us. Kept our power and no trees down. Hope you fared as well, Judy


Dh is home again today. Each day he feels better. Tomorrow it's off to the doctor for him. He will find out if he is clear to return to work and the results of the ct scan


Guess I'll crochet a bit before I call into work. We have to speak to our supervisor and not just leave a message. Although, I'm sure she probably has some idea I might not be in today.


Dd posted pics last night of the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Hahne&Co building and the opening of Newark Express . Newark Express is all the art related Rutgers studios and galleries including the print shop. They had quite a turnout!! DD has scheduled the grand opening of her print shop for the 3rd. I'll be going up and will go to the opening reception with Jali for a while and then take him back to her apt and babysit. She wants Jali there for part of it. After all, he has been part of print shop since before he was born. Lol.


Have a good day everyone.

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Good morning house!


I am BACK!  I apologize for my absence.  I had so much work to catch up on.  Just when I feel like I can breathe I find something else that needs my attention.


Cindy-your tote is stunning!  Happy Late Birthday!  What a wonderful surprise, I bet it was just so much fun spending time with your family.   Your dh was probably so excited to gather everyone together.  


Joanne-I am a leftie but my grandmother taught me how to crochet right handed.  I have developed tendinitis and carpal tunnel in my right hand and forearm.  I have been really trying to take care of it but some days the pain is just awful.  I was missing crocheting as I haven't been able to do as much as I wouid like, I thought maybe using my left hand would still allow me to crochet without too much stress.  So far it hasn't been as difficult but at first the dc was just throwing me off...crocheting in the opposite direction sure takes time.  Thankfully the baby afghan that I am working on is very forgivable.  My left elbow was sore but other than that I felt ok.  Congratulations to your dd!  She is an amazing woman and mother!  I can see how proud of her  you are, she is really living out her dream.  That is just wonderful!


Judy-you are almost finished with another project?  wowza!  You are on a roll my friend!  Thank you for the lovely compliment regarding my Craft Studio, it has been a work in progress.  My goal for the New Year was to re-organize/re-strategize in the hope that I can have  more time off.  The 15-16 hour work days are a bit much.  I feel like my tired is tired.


Marlene-so glad that your dh went into the dr.  He must have been in serious pain for a few days.  Poor guy!  Hopefully his tooth will be repaired soon.


Mary-your grands sure keep you hopping!  My nephew turned 9 over the weekend.  He is such a ham but so very naughty at times.  I have to laugh at all of the things that he does, I do not think my sister finds it as funny.  Do you have lots of appointments this week?


Marisa-how are you?  How's the home reno coming along?


Joyce's husband Dr. Wiley had an emergency surgery on January 1st.  He had to have most of his esophagus removed, long story short.  I have been managing the building and her shop..it has taken quite a toll on me.  Even though I had the weekend off, I was so far behind on my own personal paperwork that it took over 6 hours to catch up.  Some days I am hanging on by a thread and other days I do just fine.  I know that she is going to have to make changes soon as I can't keep doing what I am doing.  My little business seems to be picking up, online orders have started flowing in, no complaints there but some days I wish that I had 2 of me.  


I try to get on here daily to see what you are all up.  Wishing you the very best of weeks.  Hugs and warmest of wishes!

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'Morning, friends. :)


Joanne ~ Get some rest today! :manyheart    I hope the tests show all good for your hubby. :yes


LeeAnn ~ Oh, I'm so sorry about your right hand and arm.  I can't imagine how you're doing it all...hopefully Joyce will hire someone to help with the load!  Take care of yourself. :hug


I'm off to get the car inspected, cleaners, haircut...now that the evil sinus infection is gone, I'm playing catch-up. ;)

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Hello ladies. I worked today and also work tomorrow. Plus I have a meeting after work. It's been another very gloomy drippy sort of day here. Snow is on the way though.....at least according to hubby. I'm too lazy to actually check the forecast. At least snow will brighten things up a bit!


Mary, I'm glad you feel better. Joanne, hope you feel better soon as well.


LeeAnn, I'm sorry to hear about your hand, and how busy you've been. Hopefully Joyce will have a plan soon.


Marlene and Joanne, hope both your husbands are pain free soon.


My sister in law asked me if I would make a messy bun hat for one of her grand daughters. She was planning to buy a six dollar pattern and pay someone $40 to make one. There are plenty of free patterns out there and I work for free! :). She's willing to pay me if I want her to. (I don't).


Have a good evening, ladies.

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Good Morning. :)


Cindy ~ I'll bet your sister is thrilled that you're making the hat!  I finally looked up the messy bun hat...they are so popular right now!

I hope your work day is a good one. :yes


I'm staying home today and hope to have some time to work on my much neglected Etsy shop.  I miss my "little home away from home." ;)   I've started working on our taxes.  Doing a little at a time seems to make it easier and less stressful. Lol


Have a good Wednesday, everyone. :manyheart

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Hi peeps!

I just got caught up on everyone's news. 


Joanne, I hope your feeling better today. LeeAnne, wow, your hand and arm sound like they really need a rest! 


I was out having brunch with my friend this morning (goddaughter's mom) and it was a great break - sitting at a table with the sun streaming in was so nice after all the dreary days we've had. 


Luckily no trees came down with the storm we had - just more small branches. 


Here's the Homespun ghan - folded on my chair, but you can get the idea. 



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Hi Judy!  Your afghan is gorgeous!  Beautiful work as always. :clap  Your brunch sounds wonderful!


We're having leftover stew and cornbread for dinner...DH is happy as long as there is cornbread involved.


See you all tomorrow. :manyheart

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Good morning peeps!!



Mary, good for you getting your check up. And I hope you got to do something fun afterwards!

Thanks for the compliment on the ghan -  it's so squishy. It's going to keep me toasty, that's for sure. I'm glad I kept this one. 


Hair touch up today. The sun disappeared again. More rain this morning. My hairdresser will see my hair in it's natural curly state for a change....air dried with just a little product in it. One benefit of the humidity over the past week!


I'm repairing a very old ghan a friend dropped off. It feels like wool. Most of the damage is where the GSs are joined and one area where some critter might have bitten off part of one row of black. Already did some of it, but am leaving the repair for the row till the end.

A fun challenge to make my brain work!


Then I work on another project as I try and destash my yarn closet!


Marisa, I hope all is well...Marlene, LeeAnn, and everyone....hope you are managing to put a bit of "me" time into your days!


Have a wonderful day my friends.

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Good morning almost afternoon house!


Judy-your afghan is another stunner!  looks so very warm and cuddly.  My dh reallys like the Bernat Blanket Yarn.  I just ordered 7 large skeins to make him an afghan and 2 more to finish the baby ghan that I am making for my sister.  He never really gets into yarn but he really really likes the softness of it.  I am hoping that he can crochet his own afghan.  I taught him a few weeks ago, he can do a sc with ease.  :P


Mary-did you get to work on your Etsy shop?  I find it relaxing to work online but some days I want out! Out of the shop and out of my studio. :lol  We have had tons of snow falling, it is starting to feel a bit much but am hoping that Spring is right around the corner. 


Cindy-Happy Happy Birthday! What are you going to do today?  Perhaps your wonderful family will surprise you again?  


Joanne-How are you doing?  What lovely project are you working on ?


Marisa-missing you!


Someone had mentioned the bun hats, now those are the new rave!  Women are loving them!  I think I would like them more if I had hair long enough to put in a bun :lol  :lol  :lol   The Wiley's have returned, not full force but they are back in the building.  Thank goodness!  This takes a ton of stress off of my shoulders.  I am taking time each day to read, gives me a chance to rest my wrists and it's fun too.  


We are having our annual Ice Fest this weekend. Here is a bit of info if you would all like to have a looksie: 




the video really talks about all of the events, I am super excited to see the Ice Carving.  Last year we won the Fuax Snow Man Building Contest.  I decided to sit it out this year but am looking forward to seeing what others are creating.


Back to the never ending paperwork.  hugs and warmest of wishes!

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