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Our House Part Two


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Hi peeps!


One last day of this single digit wind chill before it warms up tomorrow - which for us is getting into the 40's at this time of year. Even higher if the experts are right. We're supposed to get a couple of inches of wet snow overnight.


At the party last night I was surprised by a candle in a cupcake and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday! It made my day!


And now I'm up to 60 squares. Good thing I'm planning a JAYG to put it together. I'll work out a pattern on paper first, then I may just have to lay it out on the floor upstairs since not all the squares are going to be identical. I'm looking forward to finishing it, though I really am enjoying the process, too, especially since it's mindless.


Hi to Marlene, Marisa, LeeAnn, Joanne, Cindy and anyone else lurking! 

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Judy ~ We're in the 60's today and by Sunday a.m. it's supposed to be in low 20's with high winds...it's headed our way!  I've made a whopping 5 hexies. ;)   It's taken me that many to get back in the swing of the color/stitch changes. Lol  So glad you had a wonderful birthday!


The boys got out of school at noon today and won't go back until Jan. 3rd.  Our public schools don't get out until next Wednesday and DD is already wishing for the same. :lol   They came by for a while on their way home and we're headed to DH's appointment. 


Hi to the rest of the House, too! :manyheart

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Good morning my friends!


We had a couple of inches of very wet snow fall in the wee hours, but once daylight hit it began to rain. Ugh. At least the pups enjoyed putting their noses in it! They get silly when the white stuff is on the ground :)


I'm going to start more squares today. The last 10 and the new ones are only two shades of purple. I'll keep going till I finish the light lilac and then see if I want to make some solid colors with the deeper purple I will likely have left over. Or I might just call it done once the light color is used up...lol!


Have a great day, ladies, and stay warm!

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Hi ladies. Nothing much to report here. Except fir another 6 inches of snow and more in the forecast. Maybe we are going to get it all over with in a December. We certainly will be having a white Christmas!


This is my weekend to work. Today was quite busy, but not out of control. Hopefully tomorrow is the same.


Have a great evening.

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Hi House. :)   It seems winter is affecting lots of us!  It was 74* at noon and now it's 22* with 30-40 mph winds!  Wind chills are supposed to be near 0* tomorrow morning.  We raked leaves and washed Pilot wearing t shirts this morning. :lol


I made 5 more hexies this afternoon...and I'm being good and weaving all ends as I go. :) 


Perfect weather for taco soup and cornbread in a few minutes...have a good evening, everyone. :manyheart

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Hi all,

Crazy weather here for sure. Yesterday, snow, then sleet, then rain. Today almost 60 degrees. But temps are going to plunge later on. I'm going to the Panda Express with the boys and family. We have to wear pjs. Lol. Santa will be there. R & R are very excited to rode the train. Hopefully, the temps aren't too cold later and the roads are ok.


I went to dds yesterday around 4. Dd was going to go to an art function, and I was going to babysit, but she decided to go to one where I could go along with Jali. We had a fun time. They had crafts food and I met up with some of DDS friends I haven't seen in a while. When we got back to her house, I went through Jali's clothes. We packed up two bags of clothes that are too small that she will donate. I organized the dresser. She was very grateful. We had a nice visit and I stayed overnight and came home around 10. Jali now has two teeth!! He is really getting quite the personality. Can't wait to see the other grandsons today. Haven't seen them since thanksgiving weekend.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!

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Hello there housemates!


I can't believe I haven't stopped by since just after Thanksgiving!  I've been busy.  My parents finished the main living floor and now mom's baking her Christmas cookies!  We went to Tampa to visit family and join the celebration of my cousin's fiancée's graduation :)  The office has been fairly busy as the end of the year tends to be since people have generally met their deductible's by now, lol.  Next week is fairly light, but it's the week before Christmas so we'll see how it ultimately turns out.


I started to read the posts I've missed, but then I realized there were 4 or 5 pages and I jumped ship :(  Please feel free to catch me up on anything important I may have missed.  I did see pics of LeeAnn's beautiful shawl and Judy with her Goddaughter out for a night of bonding fun :)


I hope you're all having a great weekend and I'll definitely stop in during the week!!!

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Hi Ladies. :)  It's definitely winter here...9* this a.m. with 30 mph winds!  It barely made it to 20* today. :wgrin


Joanne ~ Your time with DD and Jali sounds so fun!  And tonight with the other grandkids ought to be super fun - I hope the weather holds off until they see Santa. :)


Marisa ~ So good to see your post. :yes  You have been so busy!  Your parents must be thrilled to be spending Christmas in their new home and close to family.  Did you get the Christmas stockings finished?  We still love pictures. ;)


Cindy ~ I hope today was a good day at work. :)


I made small loaves of apple-cheddar bread and banana nut bread today.  Just ready to start making Hatch green chili stew...one of our favorite recipes. 


Have a wonderful evening, everyone. :manyheart

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Good morning!!!

The Polar Express was fun. The boys loved the train ride. They had music, hot chocolate, cookies, a juggler, elves, and they told the Polar express story. Of course Santa was there too. We had a good time!! I got home aroumd 10:30. Of course, I'm still not ready for Christmas but not stressing it. It was more fun to spend time with the grands this weekend.


Marisa glad to see your parents settled and your mom busy making cookies. My dd in Boston sent me pics of all the cookies she has been baking. Me? I haven't baked a one !!! Lol


Mary. That is crazy weather for Texas!! Our temps have dropped back down. It it is winter in NJ!


Judy...sorry forgot to wish you Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun time!!!


Cindy. Hope your Sunday at work wasn't too bad! I saw the pic on FB of your beautiful grandkids at the gardens!!


Marlene. Hope all is well and in case I forget, safe travels to TX. Enjoy your Christmas!!!!


LeeAnn. Hope you get a little breather after the holidays. You truly are the energizer bunny or elf!!!


Have a good Monday everyone!!!

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Hi peeps!

Flyby - I did read all the posts since I was last here!


Heading into NYC in a little over an hour, so have to get a move on! Friend from VA is up here with his wife.


Later, gators!


Oh, Mary: 70 squares....

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Hi ladies. I had a busy weekend at work, but that isn't why I wasn't around. On Friday, I was checking out the free Kindle books at Amazon, and found so many that I spent hours finding books and sending links to friends and family members. I picked up at least 40 to 50 books myself, and sent DD links to dozens of kids books.


Nothing much happening here. All my Christmas gifts are purchased and all but one are wrapped.


Have a great day.

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Hi House. :)


Joanne ~ Oh, the Polar Express event sounds perfect!  So glad you all had a great time. :yes  I'm not ready for Christmas either. Lol 


Judy ~ I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends today.  Way to go on completing 70 squares!


Cindy ~ Yay for finding so many free books!  We gave the Nook to DD since DH can't use it at all anymore.  Now that Luke is reading, she downloads books for him and he loves it. 


DH had two appointments today, so that pretty much took care of the day.  Again, I'm so glad to have my crocheting to take with me!  Tomorrow I plan to take care of the few gifts we need to get and get a little more organized around here.  I don't remember ever being this late on having everything done.  Couldn't be age related, could it?  No way. :D


Have a good night, friends. :manyheart

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Good morning House!


I am finally able to breathe!!!  Oh how good it feels! I have put the Heaven's Scent Etsy shop on vacation and am enjooying a bit of hooky time.  Nothing like waiting till the last minute to get X-Mas gifts whipped up.   :lol I have finally wrapped all of the gifts with the exception of one, but it is going to go in a gift bag :manyheart   My ds has finished the semester and my dd has finals this weekend.  What a relief to have things wind down.


Judy-70 squares?  oh my!  How fun!  I have been keeping up with the Temp ghan and am so glad that I am connecting and weaving ends as I go, that is so unlike me but it is keeping me organized.


Mary-yes mam, crocheting saves me all of the time!  I do not mind waiting for anything as long as I have  my hooks and yarn.


Marisa-your mom was is a Master Cookie Baker!  Wow!  What kinds of cookies did she make?


Joanne-your grands are growing up so very fast!  They are all adorable, do you get Friday off from Paradise?


Cindy-Kindle books are fantastic!  I bet your family loved the good deals, that is so nice of you to share.  How is Mr. Bunny?


Yesterday my mom and I went with Joline to her ultra sound, she is having a BOY!   :clap  :cheer   But more importantly he is healthy and growing right on target, what a blessing to be able to see him move around.  My heart was full and so grateful to be included.  


Off to get ready, talk soon.  Hugs and warmest of wishes!

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Hi peeps!


Yesterday was great, being able to meet our friends in person! But DH remembered really quickly why he retired from working in NYC! Traffic was indescribable.


Have to dash again...just wanted to check in!

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Hi Ladies,


Judy, Happy Belated Birthday Wishes! Sorry I missed it! Your day sounds like a great one. Enjoy your time with your friends.


I had great news from the cardiac doctor today. He said I got a new heart for Christmas. I will be wearing a heart monitor for three weeks after I get to Texas. They want to be sure things are going like they are suppose to. Since I didn't know things were going on until I got hit hard with them the monitor will let them know. He said he will get daily reports and the company also. If anything is not right he will call me. If I don't hear from him then I can stop my blood thinner.

DH didn't have as good of news as I did. He was suppose to have an injection in his back and the insurance didn't approve it. I was on the phone with both the insurance company and the pain clinic three different times. I rescheduled for this week, but it won't happen. The insurance company said they needed to talk to the doctor. They finally did but didn't agree according to the pain clinic. The pain clinic said the insurance companies have been denying people. I don't understand why he was denied because he was only there twice all year.

I will be packing for Texas tomorrow for most of the day then we will go take Bob's mom out for dinner.

We had 44 people for our Christmas dinner last sunday. I was whipped when I got home and I had lots of help.

I may not be back until Christmas. Have a good rest of the week everyone and stay warm.

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Happy hump day!

Marlene great news about your heart! Sorry that dh pain injection was denied by the insurance, but you can appeal the decision. Their are usually 3 levels of appeal. Enjoy your Christmas!


Glad you had up fun in NYC, Judy! I can only imagine how crowded it was. I love going to the city, but this time of year is even more crazy busy, with all the Christmas decorations and everything!


Time to get ready for work so I'll just wish everyone a happy Wednesday!!!

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Good morning. Just about time to leave for work.......


Marlene, I'm glad you got good news. As Joanne says, you can appeal hubby's case.


I decided yesterday that I ought to do some baking for Christmas. So after work, I might stop at the grocery store to get ingredients. Of course I might not feel like it, but we will see. I'm busy this week, tomorrow is my only free day so if I want to bake, it has to be tomorrow. Maybe the urge will pass.....


Have a great day ladies.

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Hi, peeps!


A busy day - Vet visit for Lucy this time...in addition to gingivitis, she has a thing on her butt. Same area that had a growth break off in May/June.  She has joined Sparkie in taking antibiotics now, along with using a hydrocortisone spray.  :reyes


10 partial granny squares are finished. Two more rounds on each and then I figure out placement. 10 by 8 squares will be the layout for the 5 round squares.


Have a good night my friends,

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Hi House!


Judy-awww poor Lucy, hopefully the meds and spray will alleviate her discomfort and then you will be back to normal.  Your ganny ghan is working up together quickly!  I am still plugging away on the Temperature Afghan, I am super glad that I started it as it is fun and not too stressful.  


Cindy-did you get your shopping done?  Hopefully work went well.  It has been super busy here in my shop as well as Joyce's. 


Marlene-44 people for dinner?  oh my!  I would have been tuckered out!  Hopefully you can get a few moments of rest in between all of the packing.


Joanne-are you ready for the holiday?


It has been a nice vacation, I am still here at the shop but taking a break from filling orders reminds me of a regular work day...go home and do home stuff no work.  A gal can get used to that but I do miss creating, next week I will be back in the saddle.


Almost quitting time, have a great evening ladies! :ghug  :hug

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Hi peeps!


Not much going on today - laundry and cutting out the kruschiki cookies. I made the dough a couple of days ago - I'm hoping to cook them up today too.


So....Lucy also has bad gingivitis (two years or so ago a cracked tooth convinced her she wanted no part of the toothbrush). So, if this thing needs to be excised, they'll also do her teeth and remove the cracked molar. I can't stop her from chomping down on acorns! 

Sparkie looks like his sore is finally starting to heal.


I like when the vet gives me the spray for the dogs and the instructions are "use your judgment"....we've had GSDs longer than the vet has been alive...lol!


Have great day my friends!

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'Morning everyone!  Santa will be here before we know it. ;)


LeeAnn ~ Yay for taking a mini-vacation from one of your shops!  I know you're still working plenty of hours with your other jobs though!  The kids must be excited about having a break from school, too!


Marlene ~ Will you leave for the coast from your DD's again this year?  Safe travels and have a wonderful Christmas!


Judy ~ I love that your vet said "use your judgement"...ours pretty much says the same thing. Lol  They know what mama bears we are when it comes to our fur babies.  Gracie is doing really well, but is still on leash outside and the gate is at the bottom of the stairs.  Great progress on the afghan!


Cindy ~ What did you decide about baking?  I always have great plans and usually cut way back on those. Lol


Joanne ~ I hope you're having a good week!


We're meeting SIL at his office this a.m. to take the boy's Santa presents.  DD had everything delivered here and her DH will keep them at his office until Sat. night. :lol  Sue is coming Saturday and will stay until Monday...I'm so glad she'll be here!  Her stepson and his girlfriend will also be at Sarah's on Christmas.


Better get ready to leave - Have a good morning! :manyheart

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Good morning House!


How is everyone today?


Mary-so happy to hear that Gracie is doing well, what a ham!  How exciting to have your family near for the holidays.  We are all spread out this season.  I am ok with it as I usually host, this year we are going to the in-laws.  I just have to take a few things, easy peasy!


Judy-ohhh laaa laaa cookies sound great! I have never heard of kruschiki cookies are they a flour based cookie?


Hello to the rest of the house!  


We are in the middle of a snow storm.  I drove in, took about 45 minutes as I was inching.  The roads are icy, the snow is still falling.  In spite of it, it has been busy here at the shop.  I am a bit worried about the drive home, may hop on with dh and leave my car here, it can be pretty scary driving on the highway to my house.  Also started a knit scarf using bulk yarn that I had in my stash, hoping that one skein will make one scarf but am not sure..keeping my fingers crossed as I will have to order it in if it doesn't work out.  Back to knitting, have a great day my friends!

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HI ladies. Busy, busy, busy here. I think I've bitten off more than I can chew. I'm exhausted and my todo list is still quite long......


Judy, one of my co-workers just got a GSD puppy. It's the cutest thing ever! Two of their neighbors got pups from the same litter after seeing their puppy. I told my friend that she should get a commissions!


Mary, glad to hear that Gracie is doing well.


LeeAnn, drive safe. We are in melting mode at the moment, although it's supposed to cool off and snow later. I have a few skeins of bulky yarn that I don't know what to do with. I'm making a hat out of one, but I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn. It's going to be close. Maybe it won't be as slouchy as the pattern or maybe it's going to get a few different colotpred stripes.........or maybe it will be frogged! I'm also knitting "ugly dishcloths out of all those last bits from the skeins. They won't look nice, but they will work. I just knit until one ball is gone, attach another and keep knitting so far they've been "co-ordinated", but eventually they will just be a mishmash of whatever I have laying around.


Marisa, I laughed when you said that the office is busy because people had met their deductibles. However, at the same time I wondered if that's why Marlene's hubby had his injection for back pain denied.


Work was good Tuesday and Wednesday. We went out to dinner last night to some place that has live music for the holidays. Plus....I had a coupon for a free meal. Dinner cost less than $12 for the two of us. Even with a tip for the waitress and some money in the musicians tip jar, it was a cheap evening. We ran into several people we knew in the restaurant, including two families that we haven't seen in a few years. Dh's brother was there too, along with his wife and daughter. After dinner we went to visit mil. The minute she saw us, she started going on and on about how she would love to come over for Christmas. So we now have to add picking up mil, (she lives 35 minutes away), and taking her home to the craziness of Christmas Day. I don't mind having her here at all, but I do mind the extra work.


I got up early this morning, did all my laundry, ironed(!), baked a dessert, (caramel apple cheesecake bars), for my families Christmas party on Monday, made some almond bars, did some cleaning and went to the grocery store. Now I'm collapsed in the recliner. I need to bring some sort of appetizer on Monday as well, but I will probably just bring a cheese, sausage and cracker tray. Thats what I brought last year, and it was the first thing that disappeared. It looked like the men preferred that to the usual array of dips and fancy munchies.


Mary, tomorrow I am spending the day baking cookies with my DDs. I don't really want a lot of baked stuff around, but I'd like a little bit here at home, and some to share at work on Saturday. At first I was going to bring cookies to my family party as well but I decided to bring something a little fancier instead.


Saturday, I have to work. Since DD and family have other plans on Christmas Day, we are having our immediate family for dinner on Saturday. I think I'm going to make some sort of casserole. I won't have the time or energy to make a big dinner after work and I can probably assemble the casserole tomorrow, and just throw it in the oven on Saturday when I get home. If it's got pasta and cheese the grandkids will like it. I found a recipe that has cheese, chicken, pasta and bacon in it. What's not to like!:).


I already told mil that I'm not making a traditional Christmas dinner on Sunday either. I'm thinking of making a roast. Actually, she will probably enjoy that, I don't recall seeing that on the menu at the nursing home.


So...take a deep breath...the busyness will all be over in a few days. Everything will be fine, even if I don't get through my to do list. At least my gifts are bought and wrapped.


Well, I'd best get out of this recliner and get back to my to do list. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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LeeAnn ~ Oh, stay safe on those roads. :hug   A white Christmas is so fun - unless you have to drive on snow and ice. Yikes!  Of course, we seldom have snow or ice but when we do no one can drive in it!  When we first moved to Texas from Iowa, my mom and dad were designated drivers for us and our friends because they knew what to do. Lol  I think you deserve an "easy" Christmas this year.  :yes 


Cindy ~ Wow!  I'm tired just reading about your schedule. ;)  I still have to wrap gifts and make a few things to take to DD's Sunday, but we're keeping it really simple this year. 


Luke called me this morning to tell me he can tie his own shoes now!  He got his first pair of Nikes and his first pair that doesn't have velcro.  He was so excited. :)   Of course, he's upset that some of his friends have lost some baby teeth and he hasn't . :lol


Have a good rest of the day, friends. :manyheart

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