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Our House Part Two

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Good evening, friends. :)   I love reading all of your posts and catching up with your news! 


Marlene ~ It sounds like there's a chance that you'll be able to have the procedure before you come to Texas - keeping fingers crossed!  I'm so glad you're able to see the grandkids often...we're fortunate to be fairly close to ours, too. :yes


LeeAnn ~ Your daughter is adorable!  Her dress and shoes are wonderful...so sorry to read about her boyfriend :(  Yay for another great Etsy class!  My little shop is my "home away from home."  For what I sell and how little time I put into it, I'm pleased that I average a sale or two a week.  I just need to hire a photographer!! Lol


Marisa ~ Your parents are really getting a lot done!  I know you all have winter arriving soon...getting the deck stained is a big help before it's too cold!  Hubby and I (and everyone else we know) are suffering from allergies, too.  Not fun!


Cindy ~ Have a wonderful trip!  I hope you can check in while you're away. :)


Judy ~ Love your (and hubby's) idea for the heart and the ball!  I need clothes, too...and I hate to try on clothes, too! ;) 


Two of DH's doctors have consulted and decided they're going to try one more med before making a decision on surgery.  I like them both and believe they're doing the right thing...time will tell!


Have a good night, everyone. :manyheart

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Morning peeps!


Mary, I like the conservative approach your DH's doctors are taking. Surgery should always be a last option in many cases.


Cooler weather this AM....thanks for sending it our way, Cindy!


Working on adding a coffee brown border alongside the tan....am thinking of adding splash of red for the last round of the ghan. Except for Scooby's tongue and his collar (and the  small heart I'm adding) everything else is neutral.


Have a good day my friends.

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Good morning. It's definitely fall here. It's breezy and the leaves are really falling. There's going to be a lot of raking when we get back from vacation. I'm all packed, but Dh hasn't started. We plan to leave right after lunch, so I guess he's got time.


Lee Ann, so sorry to hear that your dd's boyfriend broke up with her. That's tough.


Judy, I prefer shopping alone too. And I hate trying things on.


Mary, hoping the conservative approach works for Dh.


Marisa, when we remodeled our kitchen we chose to go with granite countertops, mostly because Dh wanted it. When I was shopping, I saw a lot of gorgeous quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are actually manmade, (quartz is incorporated into some sort of base material and counters are formed), and offered a uniform look that granite can't because it is a natural material, and it just comes in whatever nature came up with. I liked the uniform appearance of quartz, but Dh really had his heart set on granite. When you buy quartz, what you see is what you get. Not so with granite. Granite is most often simply named for the mine or region it comes from, not for its color. Thus, when you order granite simply by name, you don't have any guarantee as to what you are getting. You get whatever has come out of the mine at that time. The granite I chose in the store which incorporated neutral browns and grays, turned out to be mostly pink and orange when we went to the stone yard to actually look at the slab. I ended up choosing a totally different granite from the one I planned to order. This actually saved us $600, because granite, at least at this particular stoneyard, is priced simply by popularity, and evidently we chose a less popular one. The granite we got is specially sealed (25 year warranty on the sealer), and requires no maintenance at all. However, my sister in laws needs periodic resealing and has chipped in a few places.


Nothing much really happening here. I got another inch or so done on my shawl. Housework and laundry are as done as they are going to get. Bring on the vacation!


Have a great day, ladies!

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Hi House. :)  Thunderstorms around midnight brought us a wonderful cool front!  90's yesterday, upper 60's today - Yay.


Judy ~ Oh, I think the red would be great as a final border row!  With your eye for color, whatever you use will be gorgeous.  :yes 


Cindy ~ Safe travels!  DH traveled for so many years that he could pack for a week trip in about 10 minutes.  I need about 3 days just to figure out what to take. :lol


Hi to the rest of the house, too. :manyheart  

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Cindy, DH packs in a flash - and ahead of time. I dither....lol!   Safe travels!

Hi House. :)  Thunderstorms around midnight brought us a wonderful cool front!  90's yesterday, upper 60's today - Yay.Awesome!


Judy ~ Oh, I think the red would be great as a final border row!  With your eye for color, whatever you use will be gorgeous.  :yes Aw.... :embar Thanks!


Cindy ~ Safe travels!  DH traveled for so many years that he could pack for a week trip in about 10 minutes.  I need about 3 days just to figure out what to take. :lol Ditto here....


Hi to the rest of the house, too. :manyheart  

Off to sit and hook a bit while I finish the towels. I pulled out the red for the border - same exact shade as Scooby's tongue - and found pink for the outline of the heart. I'm thinking of making two heart outlines, one in pink, the other in Turqua, which is a color she likes. It's also the color of Scooby's collar. 


Later gators!

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Good morning House!


Cindy-have a wonderful trip!  Can't wait to hear about all of the fun that you will have!


Judy-Mr. Scooby is going to be so darn cute with the red and aqua, what a heirloom!  I bet the little gal will be so excited that she will not know what to do with herself.   :manyheart


Mary-is today the last day of running for you? I hope that you will have the weekend to rest :yay Photo taking is tricky, some of my photo's just do not look right, I have tried taking the mini elephant soap photo's over 10 times, they just have a glare...goodness!  I may try one more time.  I wish I could hire an assistant, that would be wonderful!


Marlene-how's it going?  Did you get everything straightened out with  your dr?  How are the grands?


Joanne-so sorry to hear about your brother, how is he doing?  Plans for the weekend?


Michelle-bet you are running like a chicken, hoping that you get a chance to take time for yourself.


Marisa-how's it going?  Any time to play with yarn and hook?


I have been working like a bee on my Holiday To Do List, have more to go but am happy with the progress.  Trying really hard to cross one thing off my list every day.  


My dd is feeling much better, she stayed home from school on Wednesday, she was just so heartbroken but said that she is feeling much better and is focusing on her school work and friends.  She's an awesome gal, she can do it!


Wouldn't you know,..on Tuesday I took a ton of photos and I didn't put the chip in my camera :cry   How could I have done that?  Joyce took a few photo's of the event but none for me.. :(


Updated my blog to show the progress of the afghan and all of the other projects that are happening in my little world.




talk to you all soon, have a great weekend!  I shall be here at the shop working away.   :ghug

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Hi peeps,


LeeAnn....love your blog....I posted a comment.

And at least your DD wasn't left "dateless" for the prom!! Some guys wouldn't even care that much. Glad she's making a turn around!


Pouring rain here which started around 3 AM - we need it desperately and it started last night, 24 hours or so after a drought warning for the state...lol! Fall temps are back, too - the humidity was unbearable for a couple of days (for me, anyway) before this weather broke.


Hi to Joanne, Marlene, Mary, Marisa and anyone else my addled mind has forgotten...Safe and fun trip, Cindy.


Friends are coming for a visit late this morning, so it'll be a day that goes by way too fast fro us.


Have a good one!

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'Afternoon, friends. :)


LeeAnn ~ Hugs to your DD. :hug   It sounds like she's doing better. :manyheart   Your blog is great!  I love your soaps and the afghan is so fun.  Beautiful hexies!


Judy ~ I know you're having a good visit with your friends! :)  


Today is Zach's 4th birthday.  His party is tomorrow at "Pump It Up" - kid's party venue full of giant slides, bouncy houses, etc.  Both boys have soccer games today, so we'll either see them later today or tomorrow at the party. 


Back to not so fun things like laundry! ;)  

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Hello ladies. We are here in the beautiful Smoky Mountains, but after venturing out earlier today, we have decided to stay put in our condo for the rest of the day. It appears that half the population of the US is here this weekend. Traffic is pretty much crawling along at a snails pace everywhere. Once we realized how busy it was, we went to Walmart, (only because we have been here often enough to know about some back roads, or that 5 mile trip would have taken at least an hour and a half!), and we purchased a game, a puzzle and season one of "Murder She Wrote', and that's how we intend to spend the rest of the day. We've been here in the fall for at least the past ten years and we haven't ever seen it this busy! However, I expect that a lot of the visitors are just here for the weekend and things will calm down on Monday. Luckily I brought along a couple of my freezer meals, because I suspect the wait at a restaurant would be quite long. We plan to venture out again tomorrow and go to the National Park. We had thought of going there today, but we turned around and went to Walmart instead. Just too many people out and about!


I've read nearly an entire book since we left home, plus we listened to an audio book on the way here. I've also done a bit of knitting on my shawl. It will take a while to finish it.


Happy birthday, Zach. Wow, 4 years old already, time sure flies by!


Have a great week ladies..

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Hi Cindy ~ It must be quite a shock to see the crowds after 10 years of going there!  Maybe they'll all go home tomorrow so they can be back at work on Monday. ;)


Our son in law and Zach came over after Z's soccer game.  DD took Luke to his game this morning and Luke scored two goals!  We had lots of fun with SIL and Zach...he is so excited to be 4. :lol


I hope everyone is having a good weekend! :manyheart

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Hi all,

Wow. What a week. Busy at work and I was busy making hats for Jali and Charlie. Yesterday I babysat for Jali after work so DD could partake in the Newark arts open doors event. It goes from Thursday to sun. She was soooo appreciative that I babysat. She said having the time to herself and seeing so many artists and venues was so invigorating for her. I told her I'll try and do a Friday night a month to give her a break. I stayed over and we all had breakfast , then came home around 11. Did laundry and then dd and the boys came here for the day. She had to be out of the house due to the kitchen Reno Dh and I took R&R grocery shopping while dd stayed home wi Charlie. The boys were so good. So of course we let them each pick out a treat.


Cindy. Enjoy your time away and hopefully the crowds all leave to be back to work on Monday. Great idea to go get some things to do inside.


Mary. Happy 4th birthday to Zach!!! Ryan tried soccer didn't care for it. He told me today his favorite sport is mini golf. Lol


Leeann. Sorry about your DD but glad she is bouncing back. I remember when my dds were this age and same thing happened. Hurts us more I think because we can't make them feel better, they have to go through the heartache themselves


Judy. It has gotten downright chilly!!! Glad the humidity and summer like temps are gone!!!


Hi to Marlene, Michelle, Marissa and the rest of the house. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


I'll be watching the giants game at 9:30 in the morning tomorrow. They are playing in London.

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Good Morning! :)


Joanne ~ You deserve a break!  Enjoy the game...hopefully with your hook and yarn.  I hope this next week is a little calmer for you. :manyheart


Judy ~ Scooby updates? :D


Our weather has been cool and sunny, but it's supposed to warm up again starting today.  Having the windows open has been so nice!  Zach's party is at 1, so I think we'll go to lunch before that. 


Have a great day, friends. ♥♥♥

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I finally got caught up on all your news! And yes, cool weather has arrived! :clap


Here's Scooby Doo! I tied the ball on with a bow so it can be removed for washing....hmm....I didn't measure it - but based on the size of the table, I'd say it's lapghan size - in other words, perfect for a petite little girl. I changed my mind about the colors for her initial and heart - these show up much better, and the deep red is the same I used in the border: Amore yarn - very soft if she wants to run the edge through her fingers.



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'Morning, all. :)


Judy ~ Scooby is wonderful!   Love the heart and the ball - such cute additions.  Once again, you've made an heirloom! :clap


Off to run some errands, and then back home to crochet.  I have two custom orders for the basic chunky kid's scarves.  :)  


I hope everyone has a good day! :manyheart

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Thanks Mary!


Chunky scarves should work up quickly!


Going to give the blanket to Larissa this afternoon. I can't wait to see her face!

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Good afternoon House!


Can't believe that it is afternoon already!  Where did the morning go? 


Judy-Mr. Scooby is beyond adorable!  He is an heirloom to say the very least, wowza!  Good work my friend!  Oh I bet Larissa is going to be so excited and happy, what a nice comfy afghan to snuggle under and have on display.


Cindy-did the weekenders leave?  That must have been so strange to have the town so full of tourists.  A day in sounds like a win win!


Joanne-ohhh laaa laaaa!  Charlie and Jali are growing up so quickly! Another fun filled weekend has past, your dd's are amazing!  They have lots of energy and are having so much fun being mommies, I love it!


Mary-Congratulations on the scar orders! do you pick up quite a bit for the holidays?  What colors are you using?


I had another super busy weekend.  Really worked hard on cleaning up my Craft Studio, got it in tip top shape.  Also whipped up more of the holiday goodies along with a few custom orders.  Last night was my last Etsy class, it was such a success!  Jeff from the Small Business Development Center stopped in first thing this morning.  He was happy with the results and has set up another set of classes in January..eeek!  I am so excited that this is taking off, what a dream come true!  Not sure how I will manage it all, but somehow, someway I will.


Off to shrink wrap 70 mini elephant soapies, if you all do not hear from me..please send in the troops!  hugs and warmest of wishes!

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Hi House. :)


Judy ~ I can't wait to hear about the Scooby delivery!


LeeAnn ~ Congratulations on your successful Etsy classes!  I'm so proud of you. :manyheart   Knowing you, your next set of classes will be great, too!  Your soaps are so cute and so well made. :yes


The chunky yarn scarves were my DD's idea. After searching online and in stores a couple of years ago, she asked me to make the boys basic scarves in primary colors.  I just finished 11 in orange for Luke's class Halloween party.  It seems lots of people are looking for them on Etsy. Lol


We'll be at DD's with the boys tomorrow.  They don't have school due to parent/teacher conferences and DD has a tennis match before that.  I think we'll take them to Chick fil a and let them use up some energy in the play area. :lol


Have a good evening, friends. ♥♥♥

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Hi Ladies,


Mary, Happy Birthday to Zach! Boy the time has flown by fast. Can't believe he is 4 already. Good idea for DHS doctors try and avoid the surgery. The kids in Luke's class will love there new scarves. 


Judy, I love the Scooby blanket. I bet Larissa is super excited. Adding the ball is a cute idea, and so is personalizing it with a heart and her initial. I don't like trying clothes on either. 


LeeAnn, Sorry to hear DD had to experience a break up. Love the soaps you have made. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! 


Cindy, I hope the weekend visitors were just that weekenders. Good planning on bringing a couple of freezer meals with you. And picking up things to do inside. 


Joanne, Your such a good mom and grandma. 


Michelle, Hope all is well with you.


I got my blood pressure medicine changed due to the awful cough I have. I have tried 5 different kinds of allergy meds and nothing helps. I changed my appt for the fitting for my sleep machine to next week due to this cough. 

My brother got good news on his heart cath. The bottom of his heart is working well, no clogged arteries, but he does have a weak heart muscle that is giving problems caused by a virus just like me. Talking with his wife yesterday about things he don't like to eat or do, or fears he and I have more in common than I knew. 

We had a good weekend with the kids. DS was there with Payton and Jocelyn. DD and I took them to the Pumpkin/Orchard. They have lots of fun things for kids to do. They expanded there activities. I didn't walk around the new area with everyone. I set and waited. We picked up donuts and the kids loved them. 

Still no call on my procedure. I'll call back again on friday if I don't hear from them before that. 

I have the world series on. Hope everyone has a great week!

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Morning peeps!

Thanks for the compliments!


Scooby Doo was a success! As I opened up the blanket to show Larissa, she yelled "Scooby Doo!" She actually loves that cartoon character and I had no idea when I picked the pattern! Her mom texted me this AM and told me how much she loves it.... Next: a winter hat or two...lol!


LeeAnn, it sounds like a super busy time for you! I couldn't deal with deadlines, etc, like that. 


Marlene, after my heart stents I are closer to my one brother who had bypass surgery a few years ago - there's nothing like a shared health scare! Glad your brother's test didn't show worse damage. Enjoy the World Series while you wait.


Mary, enjoy the boys!!


Off to shop in my yarn closet for Larissa's hats....


Have a great day my friends,

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Top of the morning House!


Judy-oh my gosh!  How sweet Larissa sounds!  I bet she will be getting a lot of use of her new heirloom afghan.  New hats are always fun!  I have been wanting to crochet more of the hooded scarves, they are big sellers in my shop, just can't seem to find the time or energy to squeeze them in.  


Marlene-so glad that dr was able to switch up your meds.  How long will it be before you and your dh take off?  It sounds so neat to be able to travel and see the sights!


Cindy-how's vacation?  Are you and dh able to get out and about without so many folks?


Mary-how are you?  Keeping busy?  Did you get your scarves finished?  Happy late birthday to Zach.  


Michelle-thinking of you and hoping that you are doing well.


Joanne-betting your are planning events for the weekend.  What yarny goodies will you be hooking up for Christmas?


Still keeping super busy, woke up super early as I was working in my sleep, I have been doing that a lot lately.  I thought I should just get up and get to my to do list.  Today we are serving cookies and lemon water to our customers and hosting a Drawing.  Need to go in early to get it all set up then have those mine favors to package up.  It feels like these have taken a bit longer but they sure are adorable.  My customer designed her own label and has been very involved in the packaging department.  They will be shipped out tomorrow and then I can get back to holiday soapies/bath fizzies and all that fun stuff.  


Off to get the car loaded up.  Hugs and warmest of wishes!

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Hi Ladies. :autumn    It sure doesn't feel like autumn here - but the leaves are falling anyway. Lol


Marlene ~ Oh, that is good news about your brother!  I remember having a terrible cough with my first blood pressure pill.  As soon as they changed the Rx, the cough went away very quickly.  Last weekend sounds really fun!


Judy ~ Loved reading about Larissa. :)  I know she'll love her new hats, too!


LeeAnn ~ I wake up thinking about my to do lists, too. Maybe that's why I can never go back to sleep. ;)   Your life is so busy and you are so good at organizing!  How is your DD doing?  :manyheart


We were gone all day yesterday.  We took the boys to McDonalds - their play area is bigger than Chick fil A. :lol   Then they wanted to go to the park near their house so they played some more - Oh, to have some of that energy. ;)  


Have a good evening, everyone. ♥♥♥

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Hi ladies! Today was the last day of our vacation. We are all packed up and will be heading home early in the morning. We had a great time and enjoyed some gorgeous weather. The crowds died down some after the weekend.


My brother and sister in law drove to Boston from Ontatio today and hit a snowstorm with accumulating snow, while we were picnicking in the park!


I'm on my phone so typing is difficult. I read all the posts, but I'm too lazy to type more.

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Hi peeps...


One hat almost finished, then another one for Larissa before I make one for her mom, too. The hardest part for me is getting the fit just right. Hat #1 looks perfect, according to the measurements I got.


Later, gators!

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Good Morning :)


Cindy ~ So glad you've had a wonderful vacation!  Safe travels today. :manyheart


Judy ~ Aww, I bet the hat is adorable!  I still haven't made any for the boys - better get on that.


DH is having lunch with the guys today and I get to stay home all day.  Yay! 

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Morning peeps!


Cindy - safe travels!


And I'll post a pic of the girl's hat as soon as I transfer it to my computer.


Have a great day my friends.

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