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Our House Part Two

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'Morning, House. :rain   We're having beautiful rain and it's finally cooler!


Kiyo ~ It's so good to see your happy posts again! :)   You must be so busy...especially with school added to the list.  So many ladies here love their knitting.  I'm tempted to give it another try - years ago I took classes and just couldn't get comfortable with two needles. Lol


Marlene ~ We'll be thinking of you tomorrow. :manyheart  


Joanne ~ I hope you are finally having a day off today!  We ended up staying with the boys until almost 9 and I was definitely ready to come home. ;)


Back to laundry for me.  Have a great day, everyone. ♥♥♥

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Well here we are, almost the end of the weekend. Had a great, although tiring time with the boys. Today, was spent relaxing. Went to the grocery store early and then enjoyed some reading time. Watched the Giants game (that they lost). After the game, dh and i went down to the watercront for a walk and then just sat for a while watching the boats and a few folks fishing. We left after the sunset. I finished a scarf i had in my wip pile while watching the game.


Kiyo, its great to see your post. Good luck with school and i cant believe your dd is already 15!!!!


Cindy. That is great news about yiur DDS house!!!!


Mary. The boys do tire us out, but im sure you enjoy every moment spent with them , as do I


Marlene...positive thoughts for good news tomorrow


Marissa...hope your weekend was a little relaxing. Seems like you are doing alot of hard work at your parents place. Bet you are happy, though, that are going to be living in Pittsburgh!!!


Leeann. How did it go this weekend? I give you so much credit for all that you get done in a day.


Judy. How is lucy doing?


Michelle. Hope all is well


Off to get my lunch ready for tomorrow and set up the coffee pot!!!


Have a good monday!

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Happy Monday, ladies. :)  It's a cloudy, breezy day and has stayed in the 60's all day!  We've been waiting for this for a very long time. Lol


Nothing exciting around our house today.  I did finally get my hair cut and bought groceries.  I've started a simple v-stitch baby 'ghan...talk about mindless crocheting!  ;)  


Have a good evening, everyone. :manyheart

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Hello ladies. Our internet was down all day again. Actually it was down half of yesterday, but I was at work and didn't really notice. I don't have a phone at the moment either, so I was forced to clean out my desk drawers....


I didn't think I depended on the Internet that much, but I wanted to print a pattern, (oops, can't even open the page), look up a recipe and finally download an ebook, none of which I could do. Dh finally has it working again.


Nothing much going on here. It was cool and windy today, and it's starting to look a lot like fall. I'm starting to look forward to our annual smokey mountains trip which is just a bit over three weeks away.


Have a great evening, ladies.

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Hi peeps.


Well, yesterday I got all caught up on posts here....wrote lots of responses...and i couldn't get it to post. Told me the connection was down or some such thing.


 Anyway: short update is Lucy is healing really well - but I'm still not going to let her go without the cone of shame. She'll sneak off and bite herself, I'm sure. One week before she sees the vet for a recheck.


Another repairman was over yesterday - our water heater has been slowly leaking for a while. It was installed 14 years ago and the bottom is really rusted out! So...another item in our house will be updated tomorrow :P


Off I go - a hair appointment soon....


Later, gators!

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Good morning. It's cold here. I'm wearing a sweater and I had to break out a pair of socks. I guess fall is here.


I need to get some cleaning done today, but I'm not very motivated. So far I vacuumed the living room. I digressed from that to start some soup in the crockpot for dinner. I think I might bake bread this afternoon to go with it. Yes, it's that kind of weather.


Judy, I'm glad to hear that Lucy is healing well. We had to replace our water heater a couple of years ago, andnd the new one needed repairs within 18 months. Our old one had lasted over 20 years. Seems that they don't make things like they used to! Case in point: we have a 1998 Chevy Blazer, that has about 120,000 miles on it and runs perfectly despite its age. A car dealer told us that the engines in those things will easily go for 300,000 miles without problems. Apparently the body of the vehicle gives out before the engine does. Then he added with a laugh, "They don't make engines like that anymore!, it's not very profitable."


Hope everyone is doing well.....back to my chores....

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Good morning house!


Kiyo-Hello there!  Nice to meet you!


Joanne-your weekend sounded wonderful!  An afternoon with the grands and crochet/hooky time sounds just perfect!  Bet you will finish up another project soon.  I can't seem to work long enough on any one thing.  I am telling myself that after the holidays I will take a much needed break.


Cindy-woohooo!  Your dd has a buyer!  I bet they are over the moon happy.  How exciting to close one chapter and open up another.  I haven't felt like cleaning either but tonight after work I must get the basics done.


Marlene-so glad that the wedding went well, what projects are you working on?


Judy-awww poor Lucy, glad that she is on the mend.  I had to laugh at the cone of shame..I had never thought of it that way.   :lol   Are you working on another JAYG?


Marisa-how's it going?  How's the  home reno coming along?  Will your parents be able to move in soon?  


We had another busy weekend.  The yard sale was a hit!  We were buzzing around, it was fun but lots of work for Joyce.  Homecoming dance went well for Crisotpher and his girlfriend.  They had a wonderful time.


The Etsy class that I am teaching went well..I had 2 students this week, not bad..I will take it!  Next week I may be up to 4 but it is manageable.  The 2 hours flew by!


The Comfort Afghans are put together need to add a border to one, will get to that today as I want to have them ready by Thursday.  Back to work, hugs and warmest of wishes! :ghug  :ghug

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Hi Ladies,


Kiyo, Welcome back! Good for you going back to school. Wow your daughter is 15 already.


Cindy, Great news for DD on the sale of your home. Hope all works for her. My BIL has a dodge pickup and it has over 200,000 mile on it still going strong. I'm not sure what year it is but he's had it for many years. 


Judy, Glad Lucy is better! Did you get a haircut or color?


LeeAnn, Just in case you haven't looked at the calendar its three months before the holidays are over. That's a long time without a break. Don't forget to take care of you too. I'm making horse scarves.


Joanne, Hope your having a fairly easy week at work this week.


Mary, Hope you have an easy week this week. 


I went to the doctor yesterday. I have to wait for them to call me with a date for my procedure. It's turned cool here. A high of 61 and very windy. Hubby got up from his nap and I told him if he got the shop vac and cleaned out the ducts I would turn on the furnace. I didn't want any dust flying around. He jumped right on it. I normally would do this with the vacuum sweeper but bending over doesn't help my breathing. My sister and I went to our great aunts memorial. She was 96. Some of the things the minister described about my aunt sounds like my sister and I. I told her its in our genes. We giggled. Then we came home and picked up hubby and went to the races. It was a fun day. My nephew won three out of four races. Next year we will have to go more often.

Hope everyone has a nice week!

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Marlene, I got both: color and a cut. My hair puffs out at the bottom, even trying to go with long layers - so I had the layers all cut shorter. The waves and curls are back...lol!


LeeAnn, no JAYG yet. Our 4 yo little neighbor needs to have her own "police dog", so I'm making a stuffed one for her. She's about 4 and when hubby drove by and she saw Sparkie her eyes got huge and she said "A police dog!"...she loves dogs, but mom knows there's no time to despite to one, so....

So, that's my new project!

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Hi House!!

  Hope everyone is having a great week so far and doing good.. I'm having a very slow one. In another flare and not able to do anything today for sure... I have washed most of the clothes up and going to try and fix supper in a bit, but wanted to check in.

  I've been seeing where many of you are really getting cool temps! I am so jealous!! Hot as the dickens here in lower Alabama!!! Still 90's and heat index much higher. and no rain here at my house!! It has rained all around us now for 3 weeks and other than a couple sprinkles - nada!! the grass just crunches and the dirt road is really a dust drive thru!

   LEEANN= I love your Pink Posies blanket! So soft and delicate looking.. I am so sorry about your neighbor passing, I know that is difficult. But so glad for you  and congratulations on becoming an aunt again!! Your Etsy class sounds fantastic!! I am sure you are the best teacher!  I sure wish I was close to go!! About your question, I think it is only fair to charge a Rush Order price because well, you have to RUSH ya know? It is business, but yet you try to have a life also and any of their local businesses if they can accomodate a rush order will charge a little extra. Course this is coming from someone that still has not had a single order from her Etsy shop.. :blink I know I need to just keep adding items because I only have a few.

   CINDY= I hope your DD and family is all settled in to their new home and getting comfy by now. It sounds HUGE!!! Wow that must really be nice!! So glad it all worked out for them to get.. but I sure don't envy those stairs. The way I hurt most days, I would prob very rarely see those other 4 levels... Your smoky mountain trip sounds WONDERFUL!! I bet you have so much planned! your day today sounds lovely!!

   MARISA=  How is going with your dietary? I have REALLY got to get back to being serious about mine. The inflammation today is killing me. Hurting all over almost crippled. and I know it is inflammation because I just feel like from my neck down I am BIG and bloated and heavy....

    JUDY= I just  :heart  your half shawl!! I never got around to getting the Caron Cakes, although I really want to I have too much else going on. Your table for fall looks cute! I haven't done one thing. If I could just get mine cleaned - it would feel like it was redecorated!! :lol Your hair sounds very pretty!! Mine really needs something!! It has gotten quite long and getting very hard to fix. But after the last time I wanted to do something a little different- I am very reluctant to do more than just a little trim, ya know?

     MARY= hope the grands are doing good and that all is well with you. How is DH coming along with all his urology visits? I sure hope that he is doing better! and I also hope everything goes well and you get your implants done quickly!!

     MARLENE= I saw that you had your specialist appointment yesterday. What kind of procedure are they having to do? Prayers going up for you girl!  How are the horse scarves coming along? Can't wait to see! and I'm confused... are you in Texas for winter, or back "home"?

      JOANNE= I love your mindless scarf and the half granny shawl!! So pretty!

       KIYO= Hello! Nice to "meet" you!!


    I have been kind of worried about a couple of situations. My children's father found out he has prostrate cancer. He had the surgery done a few weeks ago and now they have found they did not get it all. He is to start radiation treatments after the first of the year. We had a very bitter divorce but that has been under the bridge a long time ago; I certainly wish for no one to go through that ordeal. But I am very concerned for my children. My DD is only 16 and he seems to really be leaning on her for emotional support. He doesn't have a wife although he's been married and divorced twice since we divorced 12 years ago. My boys are grown and married and I know that all my children are taking this hard.

   My brother is getting a divorce after 16 years of marriage. She is an addict of all kinds of things that has been covered for most of their marriage until it has gotten to the point she really needs help in the worst way. They have 2 boys the oldest being 14. My heart just breaks for these situations.

  Well the sun is beginning to cast some real long shadows... can't believe the days really are getting shorter even if the temps haven't changed. I miss long summer days. I do better with sunlight and LOTS of it!! The dryer buzz just sounded so I need to fold that load and then start supper. I have some chicken breasts that I cut into thin strips and been marinating that I will pan grill. I am going to steam some blended veggies ( cauliflower, broccoli and carrots ) and I have some butterbeans already cooked. I am going to try to get back on that eating better wagon!!

  Blessings to all and :hi  to anyone I missed!!

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Michelle, I'm so sorry that you are having a flare. I hope eating better will help you. I know that I feel better if I am careful about what I eat. If I eat too much junk and processed food, my auto immune issues act up.


I really dropped by to brag a bit. Yesterday I saw a bunch of house cleaning schedules on Pinterest. (My not so secret addiction, Pinterest, that is, not housework!), so today I decided to try to get a start on designing one that works for my life and my house. I figure with only the two of us, (plus Sophie), lots of rooms can be done biweekly or even less often. We have three unused bedrooms. So today I cleaned the kitchen, living room, one bathroom and the entry hall. That took me about 2 1/2 hours, and included washing the floors. I could have done it in less time, but I didn't want to do a number on my back, so I took a few breaks. Keeping up with the housework is an area that I struggle with. It's really low on my priority list and I hate doing it. However, I love the results. Dh says to hire a cleaner, but I really do have plenty of time to do it. Hopefully this works out for me.

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Hi peeps.

Michelle, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. And with the ex being ill on top of it. The kids have to be really upset, since he'll always be their father.....hugs to you. Please take care of yourself. 


Cindy, I get lost in color palettes and French Country on Pinterest. I'm sure your cleaning schedule will work for you. With me, if I didn't have DH keeping us to a schedule I would really let things go, too! I'm even to the point where, since he helps so much, I've been doing things like woodwork in the hallway every two weeks or so, things like that. It's on a rotating schedule - that I keep in my head, not written down anywhere.


Tried playing with Lucy in the yard without her cone today - turned around and she was getting at her sore! She managed to draw a tiny bit of blood. No more nice mom....I'll staple the cone to her collar if I need to!


Have a good one, my friends

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Good morning House!


Marlene-I had a good giggle when I read your post.  :rofl But good news!  I am taking a break of some sort this weekend.  Dh has planned an anniversary get-a-way.  We are headed out of town on Friday and will not return until Sunday afternoon.  Now won't that be nice?  I am going to work like a bee to get everything done before then.  It's going to be a struggle but if I keep at it, I think that I can manage it.


Judy-awww Poor Lucy, she just really wants to get to her sore.  Back to the cone for her.  How long will it take to heal?  Getting a haircut and color feels so good!  I am liking the short hair but am growing it out, since my hair grows super duper fast it will only take a few months.  I went in on Sunday for a trim and to clean up the neckline.  Then I colored it on my own on Sunday evening...never a dull moment.  That is so sweet of you to make a police dog for your neighbor friend.  My twin nieces are 4 and boy are they fun!  I love the things that they come up with!


Michelle-hugs my friend!  Oh my, so sorry to hear about your ex husband, it is going to be a tough road.  And then on top it all to not feel well.   :hug  Fall is here in Colorful Colorado with winter not far behind.  It has been super chilly in the early mornings but I am still fighting the good fight..haven't pulled out my winter clothing but I know I will have to soon.


Cindy-a cleaning schedule is a great idea!  We used to use one, but I must admit the kiddos have slacked off lately.  Last night when I got home everyone was assigned a chore.  We had the bathrooms cleaned, the living room and kitchen in less than an hour.  It was nice.  I had been doing it all myself but it is just too much for one person.  Dh has been cooking more, I love it!  I am thinking that I may have to create a cleaning schedule, will look online to see what they have.  Thank you for the motivation. :hug


Hello to the rest of the house, off to work on labels and all that other fun stuff.  Hugs and warmest of wishes!

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Happy hump day!!!


Read all the posts, and after Cindy's post I'm thinking i should put together a schedule. I hate that i try to do it all on Saturday....and then it all doesn't get done, especially if i am going to spend time with the grandsons, which is oh so much more fun ! Trouble is, after working all day, i don't feel like doing more work when i get home. I think now that it is getting cooler, its time to start planning crock pot meals and then i won't have dinner to think about. By the time dinner is made, eaten and cleaned up, all i want to is relax


Speaking of dinner, the timer just went off, so id better tend to that!!!

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Joanne, when my kids were little and I worked full time, I followed a cleaning schedule, just so that I could really have a day off most weeks. I do better with "a track to run on", so a schedule works for me. I'm the worlds worst procrastinator when it comes to anything that doesn't absolutely have to be done. At that time in my life a schedule really helped me focus. Now that it's just the two of us, I have more spare time, but I actually seem to accomplish less, and I'm easily distracted by shiny things....like yarn and fabric! I'm hoping a schedule will help me get my act together!


I don't generally feel like doing much when I get home either. A month or so ago DD and I spent an afternoon fixing some meals for the freezer. That has definitely made mealtime easier. Dh and I aren't opposed to leftovers either.

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morning peeps!


LeeAnn, the vet wants to see Lucy next Tuesday which will be two weeks since the first visit. My hair grows fast too, but with my hair texture and the layers I can get by without frequent trims.


I bought and downloaded the pattern from Ravelry for the dog. Looks doable, even reading it from the computer. I haven't made a stuffed item in a few years, but one of my earliest ever crochet projects was a big teddy bear before I knew that wasn't a beginner project. That was in the days before You Tube and computers! 


Have a good day my friends.

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here's the small baby blanket I made - ran out of the pink and purple or I would have made it bigger. I used edging number 50 from the Around the Corner book.


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Good morning. Chilly, gloomy and breezy here. Today's plan is to grocery shop, do a load of laundry and decide which area to clean. Tomorrow, I have to teach advanced cardiac life support classes, but after that I have four days off. It would have been six days if it wasn't for the teaching. Teaching isn't part of my regular ICU job, rather it is through the nursing education department. It's an easy way to make money, and it benefits my nursing colleagues, since the class is required and is free to employees.


Judy, that's a really cute baby blanket.


As for my hair, it grows really fast as well, and I have a lot of it. I decided a few years ago to have it cut in a side parted bob and it was one of my better ideas. It grows out gracefully and works at any length, although I try to keep the length between my chin and my shoulders.


I think I'm going to start a knit baby blanket or a scarf to take on our upcoming trip to the smokies. That will easily entertain me all week. If I take crochet projects,I will need several since I get those done faster. Just need to find something easy and nearly mindless.


Have a great day, ladies.

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'Morning, everyone.  Please forgive me for not commenting much lately...we're on the road again shortly. :drive  Today is the pulmonologist/sleep doctor - thankfully we don't have to see him too often.  I am definitely reading posts though! :manyheart   Small world - Luke and Zach's favorite sitter is this doctor's daughter.  :) 


Judy ~ The baby 'ghan is adorable and I love the border!


Have a good day, ladies. ♥♥♥

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Hi, again!

Thanks, ladies - I loved working with those colors....

Cindy, your hair must be straight to be able to carry off that style. It;s a style I love, but not with the way my hair has  a life of its own! and it's funny how we need to plan a WIP before even packing for a trip...lol!


Mary, that's neat about the doctor's DD being the baby sitter! 

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Top of the morning house!


It has been another whirlwind of a week!


Judy-hoping that Lucy is behaving herself and healing quickly, what a ham!  I used to have curly/wavy hair but it has lost all of it's curl.  Now i have board straight thick hair.  Wonder why that happened as my twin sister still has hers super curly naturally?


Mary-It is exhausting driving back and forth, hopefully you will have a few hours in between to rest and relax.


Cindy-do you have to do much prep work for the class that you are teaching?  These Etsy classes are intense, I think the first week was the hardest but I still find that it takes a few hours to prep myself.  Etsy provides the Power Points that just have bullets then give you the  notes to add in your own words..it is a lot to remember!  Thankfully I have been selling on Etsy for about 5 years but even then, it is requiring me to memorize a lot of the smaller details.


Michelle-are you feeling better?  I sure hope so!


Joanne-what's on your agenda for the weekend?  Bet you will be seeing the grands.  Did you get a cleaning schedule worked up?


Tonight dh and I are headed out of town for a mini Anniversary Vacation.  Super excited!  We will be driving tonight to Colorado Springs then tomorrow we will be headed to 7Falls.  Here's a bit of info:




Hoping to be able to sneak in a trip to a hobby store.  Off to get the latest soaps shrink wrapped.  Want to enjoy the weekend and not worry about filling orders.


hugs and warmest of wishes!


Oh we gave Sherry our Crafty Member her Comfort Afghan, she was in tears...my heart just hurts for her.  Also delivered the other Comfort Afghan to Rick, Nancy's husband.  Nancy was our friend that passed away a couple of weeks ago.  Am attaching photos. :-)  



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Hi ladies. Still very gloomy here, but it's warmer today.


Lee Ann, I usually spend an evening reading through the class materials before teaching, and I've been teaching these classes for quite a few years, so I have a lot of it memorized. The expectation is that the students learn the material before coming to class and the class mostly consists of practice and testing with some teaching moments thrown in. Today no one was prepared and it was a long painful day. I didn't enjoy it and I don't think any of the students did either. I've been considering quitting the teaching job, and today that seems like a great decision. I will stick it out to the end of the year, and see how I feel about it then.


I like the comfort-ghans.. There's something so touching about a group coming together to use their talents to hug someone in need.

(You wouldn't believe what spell check did to that word! Apparently it's a word only known to knitters and crocheters!)


Have a great evening ladies.

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LeeAnn....those ghans are going to be cherished forever :manyheart

Enjoy your weekend away!


I started the GSD. The face is made - though I can't tell much from it right now. Next is black yarn and the neck part of the dog.

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