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Our House Part Two

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The dress is beautiful. I have a friend who wants me to make 2 baby sets for her twin great grand- daughters (newborns) for Easter but she can't seem to get me the pattern and yarn. It may not happen if she doesn't hurry, time is short. Where in Georgia do you live?

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Good morning housemates!


I did get on yesterday afternoon but lost the post as I was in a hurry.  I had to pick up my niece.  I didn't get a chance to get back on.


I dropped her off about an hour ago.Hopefully she'll get off earlier today.  I was about to go back to bed but Jacob woke up.


I'll have to catch up on posts later...nanny duties call.


It's raining here and turning cold again.


Have a good day all.

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Good morning. Sun is trying to shine here, although it's colder than it has been. Apparently the Northern Lights were visible here, but I didn't see them.


Donna, that dress is beautiful. I sympathize with the difficulty in getting a proved for disability. I think it's the small minority of people who aren't eligible but try to get it, that have made it so difficult and time consuming for those who are eligible. I'm still having trouble sleeping. I think Judy has a good point about the time change.


Linda, I'm glad you got such good news from the dr.


The grandkids were over yesterday. They played outside, despite the mud, and Sophie joined them. Poor dog is still exhausted. She doesn't get much vigorous exercise in the winter, so all that racing around really tired her out.


Marlene, there are so many activities at your place in Texas that I get tired reading about them. That ball game sounds like a lot of fun. I need to remember it for the family reunion. Sounds like a game that both adults and kids could play.


I'm stuck at home without a car most of today, so I guess I will do some cleaning. There is still sawdust to be found! My Blazer is in the shop, and won't be done until Friday. DD's car is getting new brakes, so she borrowed Dh's work van. Dh has to take his mom to the doctor at noon, and then he is going to spend time with his favorite uncle and take him to dinner, so he will need my new jeep. . Or......maybe I will read a book or two. I've bought 18 Kindle books since Sunday. I think I'd better stay away from Amazon!


I got my new driving glasses yesterday. I definitely can see better when I wear them over my contacts, but I haven't tried them at night yet. They are supposed to cut glare. However, my 32 year old dd says she has trouble at night too, so maybe it runs in the family.


Have a great day, ladies.

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Hi, Marlene, Val, and everyone!


Donna, I love that baby dress!! I;m sorry aboutt he doctor issue. Just to get even maybe you should faint in their office...just kidding! :lol



Cindy - 18 books! Wow...I'm so happy to know I'm not alone in my addiction! There's nothing like being forced to stay home. 


Once I get done with a couple of baby hats to go with the ripple I just now finished I'm taking a break and sitting down with some books! I need a break. When it ceases being fun, it's time to put the hook and pointy sticks away for a rest.


I have a hair appointment at noon...color and trim...a great opportunity to read. And book club tonight. We read "Her: A Novel"


Have a good one my friends.

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post-8552-0-65509500-1426775477_thumb.jpg28 by 30 inches, using Attic 24's ripple pattern (my shortened version) and Michaels baby yarn.

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I was just about back to normal when the weather changed.  I got chilled and the cough is back.  There has been another weather change and all my joints as protesting, too.  I get to stay in for now so maybe I can get it back under control this weekend.  DD & GS are going camping with the boy scouts this weekend, so it will be quiet around here.  That should help, too.


Just a few minutes to pop in and say hello, It was so nice here the last two days but today has been cool and breezy.  I so love Spring weather.  Hubby has been working and I've been crocheting, finally got the dress finished a few days ago and have started another.  

Hubby has been sick, he has COPD and for some reason Spring makes him have horrible attacks.  He's been to the doctor twice with it and seems to be improving now.  I'm so glad he's doing better.  My sister Cheryl, who has cancer is doing good, her scan showed changes in only one node, so thankful for all your prayers!  My sister Brenda with the kidney failure still hasn't heard anything from her test.  She is feeling okay and in good spirits.  I'm just hanging in.  Fighting for disability, it's a nightmare.  My doctory at Emory is the assistant professor of medicine and gives me a letter stating I can't work due to my heart condition and fainting, and I get turned down anyway.  My heart problems alone make it hard for me to even shower, not counting liver problems and diabetes.  I guess they want me to drive and work and just hope I don't faint while doing it.   :(
 Hope things work out with the disability claim.  It does seem to be really difficult and advocates can be a big help.  You might try that.
Sorry for complaining, hope you all have a great evening and a great Thursday! Hope I didn't miss anyone. 
Editing to add the finished dress.  I love how it turned out.

I love how the dress turned out.


attachicon.gifIMG_0342.jpg28 by 30 inches, using Attic 24's ripple pattern (my shortened version) and Michaels baby yarn.

Beautiful little boy blankie, Judy.

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Hi Ladies.  The last couple of days have flown by and I guess I forgot to post. ;)  We thought we would have the boys this a.m. until Sunday, but son-in-law had to be in court today so we'll pick them up in the morning.  They are attending a wedding in Austin on Saturday.


Donna ~ The dress is adorable! :c9  Beautiful work and the colors are perfect together.  Please don't apologize for talking about problems...we're always here for eachother and we've all been known to rant, vent, or share bad times as well as good times. :yes


Judy ~ The afghan is so soft and cuddly. :c9   You have been crocheting a lot!  Have a great time this evening and with your books, too. :)


Linda ~ Enjoy the quiet this weekend!  Have you been spinning much this week?


Cindy ~ So glad the glasses are helping.  I've had issues with night driving forever.  For some reason, the glare doesn't bother me as much now.  I hope you had some "me" time today. :yes


Marlene ~ Your activities always sound so fun!  I didn't make corned beef and cabbage this year.  DH loves it, me not so much. :lol  How is Miss Maya?


Jill ~ Hi!  Do you have favorite things to make?  Your cat in your avatar is so pretty!


Valerie ~ You have so many job descriptions. :D   How is your hand?  I hope it's much better. ♥


Hi to Joanne and those I've missed.


Time to start supper...have a good evening, everyone.

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Hi Ladies,


Mary, Have fun with the boys this weekend.


Judy, Love the colors and someone is going to be so happy to receive it and and a hat. Your work always is grand! Enjoy some reading time.


Donna, Sorry your having to fight for your disability. Some things are just not fair. Hope your hubby continues to feel better.


Cindy, I never manage to see the northern lights either. I was a teenager the last time I seen them. I always want to go some where when I don't have a car to go with.


Linda, Take care and get lots of rest this weekend. Hope your feeling better real soon.


Jill, People who don't crochet don't realize how long it can take to make something.


Val, Hope you were able to catch a nap later in the day.


Today I went up to the sewing group and crocheted some more stars. I only have 14 to go. Tonight we went for supper with some friends. The guys golf and shoot pool together. Us girls do crafts together. It's really fun making new friends. They are thinking about coming to Michigan in the fall and visit many of us that live there.

Today at sewing two of the ladies were making quilts. One of them had the neatest tool for cutting circles. You could make different size circles with it. It had something with a point on it and it made a tiny hole in the material like a pin does. It had a blade on it the cut the material. There was a spot for you to put your hand on top and your other hand you pushed it around until your circle was complete. It was pretty cool. Hope everyone has a nice friday!

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Morning, peeps!


One hat down, another on my hook (a smaller boy hat) and then I want tomake a pink one and I will step back from the hook.

We'll see how long I can manage that...or reach for the pointy sticks as a substitute. :lol


I just saw Joanne's knit blanket on FB...gorgeous! And she says it's just garter stictch. Reminds me of a Hudson Bay blanket, I think it's called. 


Well, book club was good...until a subject came up, where, as the wife of a retired NYC and Fed LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) I just had to not say much at all, though my heart was racing as I listened to some very naive opinions. I won't go into it, but at times like that I feel very "alone". I'm just grateful I've found support groups of like minded wives on FB.

Okay...small vent done....



Love you ladies!

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Good afternoon housemates!


Judy, your blanket is nice.  Somebody is really going to enjoy it.  Have fun reading.  I hate it when I can't speak my opinion and feel the same as you.


Mary, the hand has some good days and some bad days.  This cast is driving me crazy.  I pray that next Thursday's xray shows a healed hand.  Otherwise, it will be another cast.


Marlene, you seem to be having lots fun.  I like reading about your adventures.


Joanne, I saw your knitted blanket on FB.  You did a great job!


Cindy, I hope you enjoyed your two days off.


Linda, Enjoy your quiet weekend.  Get some rest!


Donna & Jill, I hope all is well.


Well, let me get ready for pt.  


Enjoy the rest of this afternoon.

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Hi everyone. Hope all is well, everyone is feeling good and that "spring has sprung" where you are. I decided to take a few days to come and visit my mom for a few days, so I am just chilling out for awhile. Everyone needs a little respite every now and then.


Enjoy your weekend.

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Just got back from pt.


Judy & Joanne and all of you that got now...be careful.


It's cloudy & warm here in Georgia.


We're suppose to have a beautiful weekend.


Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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Hi all

Crazy snow on the first day of spring. Hope this is the end of it.

Love the blanket, Judy!!!

The knit blanket is so easy. It is just knit stitch (garter). Very, very, mindless. Some may get bored woth it, but knowing I was changing colors kept me going. It so soft and squishy. I missed having it to work on tonight. I'm watching basketball and don't want to mess up on the knit socks so I'll pro babu just work in a crocheted shawl.

For those of you who haven't seen it here is the knit blanket. Not sure why it posts sideways on his forum. It posts correctly from my iPad everywhere else I posted. Oh well.

Have a good night everyone



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Hi, all.


I've got the house to myself.  Plus all the pets, of course.


Joanne, the blanket is beautiful with all those bright colors.  Nicely done.  :clap


I got all caught up on the posts, but didn't take notes.  It's truly amazing what people come up with when they don't have any real experience with a job, craft, or other task.  There is far more to most things than meets the eye of the casual observer.  The amount of time on most hand crafts is so much more than people understand.  Handmade automatically means that a lot more time than you would imagine has gone into any of the projects.  They are mass produced, which why they are so special.


Wishing you all a great weekend.  :manyheart

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Morning peeps.


Hi, Jill, Linda and Val...and everyone lurking!


Well, the snow has gone. The streets are good, bit it's left a heavy mess of a few inches all over the yard and our cars. Hubby uncovered one of the two in our driveway and the weather just might knock the rest off the second car by tonight. It will disappear before I know it and Spring will eventually take over!


I think I'll have to play with a garter stitch blanket. I have lots of gray and pinks in stash... But first I'm going to take abreak. I have a plum colored baby hat on my hook and once it's finished that will be it for at least a little while. I have   :book to get caught up on.


Have a good day!

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Good morning Judy and the rest of the housemates.


I'm glad the snow was not too serious.Gray and pink will be pretty.  My neighbor is expecting a baby.  She stated she wants a gray and white chevron blanket.  I was thinking of doing it but adding pink since the baby is a girl.


Just dropped my nephew off at work so I'm home bound until 3 pm.


I'm going back to bed.


Have a super Saturday everybody.

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Good morning. Gloomy and cold here, but no snow. I can't complain, we had a nice sunny week, and the temperature even got into the 60s one day. We are hanging about at home this morning, visiting the inlaws at the nursing home this afternoon and then going out to dinner with friends.


Joanne, love that blanket. I have discovered that ipad pictures will post correctly on here, if you rotate them 360 degrees first. It doesn't make sense, but it works. I first tried rotating the picture sideways, in the mistaken assumption that it would then post right side up, but that didn't work. If I didn't have so many WIPs, I'd do a garter stitch blanket with some of my yarn leftovers.


Judy, I've been reading a lot lately too. I think I might be ready to go back to crafting though. The last book I read just barely held my interest.


Val, hope the hand is healed when you get checked out next week.

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hi all and happy Saturday!


Started the usual Saturday routine of cleaning and laundry-- this afternoon I am heading to DD's to babysit  the boys. Looking forward to fun times with them.  I started a crochet shawl last night with Acadia yarn by The Fibre Company- It's DK: 60% Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Alpaca and I love it.  It's the simple York Shawlette that I've made before. I can bring this with me so when the boys go to bed tonight I'll have something with me to work on. Socks require concentration and by the time they go to bed, I'll be too tired to concentrate- LOL


The snow looks so pretty on the trees this morning, but as Judy said, it'll be melting---the sun is shining the temps are rising- Spring IS coming!!!


Have a great day everyone!

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Hi House.  Grammy is one tired lady. :lol   Luke is fast asleep and Zach is in gramp's lap.  They've been so good, but Zach will only go to sleep if one of us sleeps next to his bed. :c9  We've had rain on and off yesterday and today, so when it's not raining we walk to the park and they ride their scooters.  We've played a lot of hide and seek inside when it's raining. :) Luke and I have played "Crazy 8" about 50 times. Lol


I've read through posts and will catch up more tomorrow evening after they've gone home.  Joanne ~ The afghan is gorgeous!


I hope everyone is having a good weekend! :manyheart

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Hi Ladies,


Joanne, Love that blanket for DD.


Val, Hope your hand is healed and you can get rid of that cast.


Mary, Have fun with the boys. We have had lots of rain this week (actually two days with down pours).


Linda, Enjoy your rest full weekend to your self.


Jill, Enjoy your get away at your mom's.


Judy, Hope spring is right around the corner for you guys.


Today we cooked the appreciation dinner. Real simple meal, baked potato, steak or chicken, corn with cream cheese in it (it was yummy) and strawberry shortcake on angel food cake. It was yummy!

I face timed with Maya today. The first thing she said to me is "Grandma can you come home next week? Because the next week is spring break." I told her no. She says why not. I said because it is to cold yet. She says it was 70 here this week. I said it wasn't 70 at my house. Grandpa came in the house and I told her to tell him what she wants. He told her no not yet. She said we could stay at her house since it will be warmer at her house than ours. She also said if she could control the weather it would be 70 at home in the winter time so I wouldn't have to leave. Poor girl! I certainly won't be telling her I could come home now and it would be okay with me. Last year I wasn't ready to go home when we did go. I guess things change every year.

Today I had the first time I wanted to call my brother. A friend I met in 7th grade, we rode the bus together. Her dad died. They had a whole bunch of kids like we did and we both spent lots of time at each others homes. We've been friends for 47 years.

Hope every one has a nice sunday!

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Morning peeps!

Mary, I'll bet you slept good last night after a day with the boys!


Marlene, the birds are chirping this morning...and the snow is gone from anyplace that saw the sun yesterday. It got cold again overnight, so there won't be much melting today, but with any luck we'll have a snow-less Easter.


Off I go...hello to all my friends, and I wish everyone a terrific Sunday.

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