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Our House Part Two

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Marisa, that's wonderful news about your moms surgery...and hopefully her other issue will continue to improve as well!

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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That's great news about your mom, Marisa.  She's certainly got the right idea about getting going quickly and doing everything ordered to get it working quickly.  


Marisa, I'm packing, gradually at this point, because I am going to move to Cedar Rapids, Iowa the end of July to be near my DD and DGS who live there.  I will be much, much closer to most of my family members and only a couple of hours from where I went to elementary school and high school.  It means being closer to a lot of people I've know for a long time.  Being so far away is driving me nuts, although I will certainly miss all my friends here.  Not to mention the warmer, shorter winters.

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That's great news, it will be great to be near family and old friends again.  You'll have to take trips to visit your current friends in GA, so it will give you a reason to go on vacation :)

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Hi all

Glad to hear your moms surgery went well , Marisa ! Have fun bowling


Linda. Hoe you get surprised and get the money back sooner rather than later Those books sound entertaining. I'm really enjoying the Maggie sefton books. I'm on the 6th or 7th one now. Light and a great escape


Cindy- how were the garage sales? Did u find any good deals?


Mary. Hope things went well with the attorney. It's rough for you and your sis to have to care for your brother after he messed up. Hugs


Marlene have fun with the grand kids. Glad to hear your cousin is doing well. Will keep her and your uncle in my prayers


Judy. Nice win by the rangers last night. It was a fun game to watch. My son in law is thrilled !!!!


Off to figure out dinner. Maybe hot dogs and a salad tonight. Nice and easy !!!

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Joanne, as the Ranger game ended I was stunned. I couldn't believe they won!!

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Hi Ladies, 


Linda, It is sad that things have to be the way they are with DS and the ex. She was the same way with her other kids dad (ex number) and probably still is. But the kids are in the wedding and it will be a nice exciting time for them. They just love Emme to pieces. 

I hope you get your money sooner rather than later. Your books sound interesting enough to allow you to escape.


Marisa, Glad to hear your Mom's surgery went well and she is doing good. Enjoy bowling tonight.


Cindy, I hope this is the end of are cold weather. Hope you found some bargains for the boys today.


Joanne, Thanks for the prayers!


Judy, I'm going to the frog pond with this baby blanket. I wanted to make it bigger but I can't where I wanted to. There is a row that changes things so it won't work. But maybe I can after I get through that part.


Today I did some laundry and cleaning. Hubby put a roast in the crockpot so dinner was easy. And tomorrows will be to. 

Hope everyone has a nice thursday!

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It's raining here tonight and supposed to continue until at least midnight.  Could get as much as 3 inches.  It started with some thunder about 7:45 pm.


I've started another picture and I can tell it's going better already.  Yay!


Have a good night and a great tomorrow, everyone.   :ghug

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Good morning ladies. It's yucky and stormy here, also quite cold. I never went to those garage sales yesterday, and I doubt I will go today. It's really not garage sale weather. I did go to an estate sale yesterday, which was just around the corner. Everything there was priced to sell which is unusual for estate sales around here, mostly prices are quite high. I didn't buy much though, just a handmade basket, some framed water colors of flowers and a big flower pot for DD's front porch. One guy went through and bought literally every piece of furniture. I heard him tell someone that his family had lost everything in a fire. The furniture was not at all my style, more like my mil's style, but it was very good quality.


Last night I took my 87 year old mil out for coffee and to Joann's so that she could buy more yarn. I started her knitting in January and so far she has made slippers for all her great grandchildren, (15 pairs), several grand children, and one pair that got away from her and turned out about a foot long. She is also thinking about learning to crochet. My fil says she knits nearly all the time. Apparently she really likes it!


My mil wants to move onto baby blankets, so I need to hunt her up some simple patterns. She is quite easily frustrated, so it's hard to find something with enough interest to keep her going but still fairly repetitive. I'm thinking that maybe something with a garter or seed stitch border and a stockinette center panel would work for her. I'd probably have to write the pattern myself though.


Holly, fingers crossed that this job opportunity opens new doors for you. How long before a decision is made?


Marlene, hope the ex doesn't hear about ds and Emme's wedding.


Linda, I'm glad this drawing is going well for you. Hopefully your money will be returned sooner than expected.


Dh is going to help dd paint her family room tonight and I will probably go along just to hang out.


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good morning.  We had a thunderstorm last night at around 7:45 pm followed by rain for a good bit of the night.  It was still misting when I got up this morning.  Now it's just cloudy, cool, and gloomy.  It's supposed to clear up later in the day and be nice for most of the next week, so I won't complain.


Ordered a couple more books yesterday, science fantasy by Robert Asprin, a favorite of mine.  Getting them used with free shipping.


Have a good day!   :manyheart

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Good Morning!  I've been gone most of every day and just try to keep up with laundry and the mail.  We've lined up a nursing facility and started hiring people to work on Mike's house.  (It is uninhabitable at this point and will probably have to be sold.)  He is still at Baylor in Dallas and they aren't giving us a moving date yet.


DH has a meeting this a.m. so at least I can crochet in the car while waiting for him. :yes   Then, I should be home this afternoon and most of tomorrow! 


I hate that this is all about me, but I'm keeping up with your news!


Take care, everyone. :manyheart

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Mary, don't worry about venting to us...we've all taken turns. Life sucks sometimes.

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Good afternoon, almost evening housemates :hi


Not a crazy day here today, but I was sluggish getting moving today.  My mom was discharged and is now home, as is Steph.  My last patient for the day just left a little while ago and so I'm done for the day.  It's raining pretty nicely right now so I think I'll do my banking before I head out, maybe I'll catch a lull in the rain :xfin  Maybe I'll have a bite to eat before I leave as well.  Then when I get home I can just lounge....aka, crochet ;)

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I think it's more of a question...what's not on my hooks! :lol


Well, as you saw on FB I just finished Maryann's baby blanket.


I have another friend that's pregnant and she's due in August so need to get moving on her afghan, which has the first 2 rounds started at least.


I'm making the Red Heart CAL the Checkerboard Textures throw which will be a wedding gift at the end of June....if it's not going to be big enough then I'll have to add squares.  But, they were calling for an F and G hooks and I used I and J, so should gain a decent amount from that alone.


I'm finishing up a little carpet to put in front of my utility sink at the office.


I have a rose shawl in the making that I wanted to wear to the wedding I went to in March, but there just wasn't enough time....now my hopes are to have it done by the June wedding :xfin


Then I have 3 that have homes yet so are just always in the works because they only get a little attention here and there in between everything else that has a purpose.....a throw, a baby blanket, and a cathedral window ghan (which gets the least attention because it's all sc and goes sooooo slow, but when it gets done it will be gorgeous for sure).


Then, I have a knit ghan/throw in the works, which also gets very little attention.  I started a lace weight infinity scarf in knit, but just got it started and that sits too. 


After my current afghans are done, I have 3 stocking to do for Christmas that my neighbor and good friend asked for.  Their little boy is turning 1 this month :manyheart  But, those will be knit because I didn't like the crochet patterns I was finding.  I think that's because I already had our stocking images in my head and how my mom's cousin does them so I got some of her patterns to use (she's the one that taught me to knit and crochet initially)  But she does a Christmas image and the person's name AND keeps track of which families have which images so there's no duplicates in a household or immediate familys....so, the one's we have at our house for us are each different from the ones at my brother's house....BUT, members of family from say her DH's side of the family may have a double of something we have.   I hope that made sense!


When I have something with a deadline, I go gung ho on it to get it done.  THEN I can spend time on the other stuff and divvy up the time I have among the random projects without homes just yet :lol


Oh, and I want to make a cardigan that I hope works out well....BUT, the website was not in English so I used the Google Translator so :xfin


Sorry you asked????

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They announced their decisions today. We have 10 branches in our library system. Every single branch is having someone move. I did not get either manager position. They said that I interviewed well and that they can see me as branch manager, but that first I need more experience in one of the bigger branches. So I'm switching to another branch and will be the teen librarian. It'll be an interesting change and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but I'm kinda wishing I hadn't gone for the promotion and had just stayed happily where I am...

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Hi Ladies,


Marisa, How do you have time to work with all the knitting and crocheting you have to do? One stitch at a time and you will get them done. The Christmas stockings sound interesting. I bet there beautiful!


Mary, It can be all about you any time you need it to be. Were all here for you! :ghug


Holly, Now if it's meant to be your new job it will be.


Cindy, I looked for some garage sales for tomorrow but very few in the directions I'm going to pick up the kids. 


Linda, Glad your picture is working out for you now. 


Jocelyn called and asked me to come and watch her in the "Fun Run" event tomorrow. And Payton has a play in the afternoon. It's the first time i've been asked to come to anything. I always hear about it after the fact. I can't tell you how excited I am. I'll have to check the weather to see if it's raining up there in case it gets canceled. Since it's held at the soccer field I think I'm going to take my boots with me and winter wear to keep me warm. Have a nice friday everyone!

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Morning everyone!


Marisa, you put me to shame....I think I have to get more projects started!


Holly, as Marlene said, what's meant to be will happen. Sometimes our paths take unexpected turns.


On the Lucy pillow: I have two more color changes, I think, which includes the row for the buttonholes, so I'm in the home stretch on that one!

I have a pattern I downloaded, a knit graph of an Athena Owl pillow. It should translate up just fine to crochet, so I'll be starting that sometime soon...once I decide on the colors. I'm not a green person, which is what the pillow is made up with, so I have to think about it for a while. Meanwhile I have the pattern for the Olge House throw I found on Ravelry. That I know will look perfect with a center to red heart turquoise and last rounds in black. A jewel look.... :)


Oh, when I was doing the dishes early last evening I saw something move over the white azalea bush outside the window.

It was a hummingbird!!!!!! Omg....it was amazing, stopping at several flowers to dip in its long beak. Beautiful!!!!!


Have a great day, my friends.

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Hi all - again I've been MIA for a time.  Our computer was still having problems (well really the internet connection) but I think it's fixed now.


I made a corner to corner (c2c) afghan for DD's coworker, did it in one week.  Good thing it's done cause the little one came early. I did it in red, white, and black--her theme was Mickey Mouse.  Hadn't ever done a c2c but it was fast and looks good.  I will probably make more of them.  Still haven't finished my shrug that I started about a month ago but hopefully I'll get it done this weekend.  Probably won't have the boys as the little one is in trouble from not being good at school :(  


Met the new boss this week.  I think we will get along good.  I am sooooo ready for some peace.  He's got his work cut out for him to make things work well. 


Well it's almost time for me to go to work--DD is on vacation this week so I don't have to go in early this week.  Next week it will be back to being there early.  Hope you all have a great day!! 

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Good morning. Sunny here today, but cold. I don't really have anybody plans for today. I thought about going to that block sale, but Decided to stay home instead. Dh talked about going out to dinner, but I talked him into grilling instead. We were gone for the past two evenings already. Besides, I have to work this weekend, so it would be nice to have a relaxing evening at home.


I just finished knitting a baby bootie out of a variegated yarn. The color changes are very long and seem irregular. I could not get a second bootie to match at all, so I frogged them. It's a super easy pattern, I'll try it again in different yarn and with some mods.


Sherry, glad your internet is straightened out. Sure hope your new boss works out as well as you hope.


Judy, hummingbirds are plentiful here. I put out feeders and they fight over them.


Mary, if you can't vent to friends, who can you vent to? We're here to listen. Hopefully things will fall into place for you and the situation will become less time consuming. Sending cyber hugs.


Marisa, I believe your WIP pile might match mine! Hope your moms recovery continues to go well.


Marlene, hope you are having a fun day at your grand childrens events. Hope the weather there is as good as it is here.


Linda, sounds like you must be really busy between the drawing, reading and crocheting!


Holly, change can be hard and even scary, especially when it means leaving something you love. However, it sounds like a positive career move for you, and I wish you all the best. How is Wayne doing?


Well, better get back to the booties. I would like to knit or crochet twelve items for the pregnancy resource center this year, (one each month) but I got ambitious and started avknit blanket, so Ithis years total is zero so far. The blanket is very simple, but I am very slow.......luckily there is still more than half a year left.

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Hi, Sherry,

Good luck with the new boss. I really hope it works out.

I've never made a c2c because I was always afraid I'd run out of the color in the middle...lol!

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Good afternoon ladies :)


I have about an hour to get my paperwork finished so I can get over to the gym and get my workout in.  I have a couple coming in the morning and have a pulling suspicion that they're going to cancel :shrug  Mom's doing well and Steph is home with her, I think she's doing some computer work from there for her job as well. 


Holly - It will all work out, hopefully you enjoy the new position.....teen's that enjoy reading are a joy to help!


Marlene - Enjoy Jocelyn's run and Payton's play....I'm so excited for your invitation to attend :jumpyay


Judy - Gorgeous pillow, I remember seeing that posted (maybe FB) and thought it was cute!  I don't recommend having quite that many WIP's....it takes forever to get anything done!


Sherry - I hope all goes well with the new boss.  I've never done a c2c either, but someone was working on one recently and I remembered that I'd like to make one :blush


Cindy - Glad you got to enjoy some 'home' time last night!  Sorry you fell behind with your donations for the pregnancy resource center....it happens to the best of us.


I may be in tomorrow, but if not I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :hug

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Thanks, ladies!

Marisa, yes I did post it on FB too for those not here.....


Have a great weekend, Marisa and everyone. Tomorrow will be a busy day for us....

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