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Our House Part Two

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Hi, all.  It started raining last night and only now letting up although we may getting this afternoon and/or evening.  We had a thunderstorm this morning.  There is some flash flooding in low areas and much of Georgia is under a tornado watch until late this afternoon.  That is south of me.  Thank goodness.  


I've got all the boxes and supplies inside now.  Need to do some cleaning and straightening and then I'll be ready to start in on the packing.  Will be heading up to help out the lady in the apartment complex that needs help soon.


Hope you all have a good day.


Holly, will keeping Wayne in my prayers tomorrow.  Hope everything goes smoothly and the recovery is quick and easy.

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi Ladies,


Holly, I'll be keeping Wayne in my prayers tomorrow. Hoping his recovery is speedy.


Mary, Your time with the boys sounds like lots of fun. We didn't get to much rain. But they sure do need it.


Linda, It's nice you'll be able to help someone out and earn some extra money to. DGS will be very happy to have close by. 


Cindy, We had the same weather here this morning. I went to pt at 8:00 and the sun was shining. I come out and it was cloudy, but the sun did make an appearance in the afternoon.


Joanne, Congratulations on your winnings.


Judy, How did the bread turn out?


Yesterday we had ice cream social and computer class. Today I had pt and ran to the store, then we were taking decorations down and when I got there they were done and was waiting for lunch to be ready. They moved the time up by an hour so I knew they would probably be done. Today at happy hour my friend Karen's husband brought her over. She is getting out of the nursing home thursday. She kept telling her husband you be there early. I sat by here and had a nice visit with her. She's getting better, she just needs time to get back to normal.

The kids are having a good time on there vacations. Maya called me this morning and said they can't go to the beach until wednesday. So today they were going to the outlet mall. They all be happy shopping to.

Hope everyone has a nice tuesday!

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Well, today took an unexpected twist.  Taking Taylor to and from school worked well, although I got tired towards evening.  The helping out of Miss Joan went well, too.  Then about 8:00 pm Taylor's mom, Tina, called very short of breath and I ended up taking to the ER.  They are treating her for congestive heart failure.  Her mom, Carole,  is with Tina now so that I can get some sleep and get Taylor to and from school again tomorrow.  Quite a day.

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Good morning


Wow Linda. You did have quite the day. Hope that Tina will be ok.


Cindy. Did you decide on a paint color?


Mary. How is Gracie?


Marlene. Glad to read that your friend is doing well. An ice cream social sounds like fun!!!


We had a fun time with the boys on Sunday. Ryan is quite the little chatterbox. While Robbie is a child of few words. Lol. Had pt yesterday morning followed by a busy day at work. I did go to craft club even though it was pouring rain


Wishing you all a good Tuesday!!!

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Hi to everyone...


Holly, thinking of you and hubby...prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery!


Linda....oh, wow....what a day!


Marlene, the bread was heavier than I would have liked, but we'll see how it is after I slice it think and warm it up with dinner.


Have to dash!



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Good morning friends. It's a lovely sunny morning here.


Linda, that is quite a day that you had yesterday. Hope Tina is doing better today.


Judy, I used to bake a lot of bread, and sometimes it was very heavy. I never actually figured out why, possibly the humidity in the air, or not enough kneading. My family still liked the bread. I know that whole grain flour doesn't have as much gluten, so it makes a heavier bread, unless you add gluten to your dough. These days, I use my kitchen aid mixer or I buy frozen dough, which is surprisingly good. Since it's just the two of us, I try to make a loaf do double duty. For instance I will make two hamburger buns or some dinner rolls, and a small loaf of bread. Buying an entire package of buns usually mean that some get tossed. I can freeze them but they get forgotten and they don't keep their quality for very long.


Holly, sending good thoughts for Wayne's surgery. Hope all goes smoothly and that it helps.


Joanne, I can relate to the chatterbox grandson. My 4 year old grandson talks all the time. He can be quite interesting, and I can tell you that you wouldn't ever want to share a secret with him. My oldest grandson can talk a lot too, but his conversation usually has something to do with a book he has read or something he learned that day.


Marlene, it's beginning to look like spring here. The snow us nearly melted and it's warming up. I glad you could visit with your friend and that she us doing so well.


Mary, how is Gracie?


Well, time to get to work, I guess. All that dust, just lying there taunting me...........I'll teach it to hang around here!

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Cindy, that's a great idea to make the store bought dough work in several ways.


I have a craving for kruschiki....the Polish fried cookies I usually make only around holidays. I got the sweetened condensed milk today so will make the dough and cook them up before the end of the week.

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As the day progressed I was sneezing, runny nose and stuffy. I have a cold. Of course now that the weather will be nice. I already told my boss if I don't feel better in the morning I'm staying home to rest and knock this thing iut if me. Already took cold eeze, emergen-c and coriciden


Cindy. I had to chucke about the secrets. Ryan told me that his other grandma had to go to the nail lady because she broke a nail. Lol


I haven't made bread in a very long time. Trying to watch the carbs. Although it does sound yummy. We've been using those sandwich thins.


Think I'll make some chicken soup for dinner. DH is grilling steak but I don't feel like it tonight.


Have a good night everyone.

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Joanne, take it easy....and chicken soup is a terrific idea!


Have a good night my friends.

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'Evening, everyone. :) 


Holly ~ Thinking about your Hubby, you and the girls.  I hope everything went well today. :hug:manyheart


Linda ~ Sending prayers for Tina. :hug   Is her mom the same Carole that you've mentioned to us before?  I hope you're getting some "you" time and not overdoing it.


I've read through posts, but won't try to respond to everything now.


Gracie is okay.  The vet did bloodwork and an x-ray to check for a blockage.  Nothing showed up on either so he's treating the symptoms with an anti-nausea med.  She seems fine today and we're just keeping fingers crossed.


DH had to be in Dallas early this a.m. so I took him and my laptop.  I had 3 hours to add some listings for Etsy...officially open now!  I still have more to add and a few wips, too. :)


Should be home tomorrow except for the grocery store.  See you then! ♥

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Hi, all.  Today was worse than yesterday.  Sheesh!!!  And Mary, yes, Tina's mom is the Carole I've spoken of before.  Tina is still in the hospital but doing much better today.  Not sure just when she's coming home.  Took Taylor to and from school today and reassured her about her mom.  Worked for Joan in the afternoon and then took pictures of her car from where she was run into earlier, got them printed, and faxed to the other driver's insurance company.  It took 45 minutes for the fax to go through and it was only 7 pages.  I really don't know what was going on on their end.  Totally ridiculous to take that long.  Went home to get my dessert for the party tonight and walked in to a lake in my kitchen.  The water heater had sprung a leak.  I was mopping up water for two hours and missed the party.  The repair guy didn't leave until 9:30 pm.  I am so sweaty and sticky and aching now.  And another early morning tomorrow.  I'm heading for bed.


Mary, I'm glad that there doesn't appear to be a serious problem with Gracie.


Glad that the pt is helping you, Joanne.



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Hi Ladies,


Linda, Prayers for Tina. I hope things settle down for you. Bummer about the water leak.


Mary, Glad Gracie is doing okay today and the medicine helps her. Going to check out your store. I hope your very successful. 


Joanne, Hope you feel better real soon.


Holly, Hoping all went well today at Wayne's surgery.


Today I got are taxes done. I actually did them twice, because the first company charged a lot more than I paid last year. So I went to the IRS website and found one that did are federal free and only 12.95 for are state. I'll use them again. 

On new years eve I won a door prize to a bbq place. Two meals including drinks. So today we went there. It was a really nice meal and a nice place to sit down and eat to (inside eating). We will go back again, but not until next year. After we ate we went for a ride along the water. I love to drive along the water. We drove out to the bridge to see how much they have added to the new one there building next to the existing one. They've been working on it for a year now and will be for at least another year. While on are drive friends called and said they were having a small jam at the clubhouse so we came back and listened to that for about an hour.

I hope everyone has a great wednesday!

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Good morning ladies. Sun is shining here again. Spring must have arrived, finally!


Yesterday I vacuumed, washed floors, ran errands and got groceries. Today it's laundry, bathrooms and dusting. Dd#2 is coming for dinner tonight. I warned her that it would be meatloaf, not one of her favorites, but she still wants to come.


Linda, sorry about the water leak. Glad Tina is feeling better.


Mary, you have some lovely things in your Etsy store. Good luck! Glad Gracie is okay.


Holly, did everything go okay yesterday?


Joanne, hope you feel better. Chicken soup is supposed to be good for colds. I don't eat a lot of simple carbs, but I don't feel well if I really avoid carbs.


Have a great day, ladies.

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Oh, Linda....you need a do-over after yesterday!!


Mary, glad the vet checked for a blockage....esp with a small dog that would have been a good place to start. I hope that's the end of Gracie's adventures!


Cindy, I hope you have a nice visit with DD.

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Oh Linda sure hope today is better than yesterday!!!!!


I stayed home today and have been reading , napping, reading, napping. Lol. It's a gorgeous day out and I just may go sit outside for a while. I'm sure the vit d and sunlight can't hurt


Hope you are all having a good day.

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Hi House. :)   It seems that April is not off to a great start for a lot of us. :think


Holly ~ Thinking of you all. :manyheart


Joanne ~ Good for you for staying home today and for nursing your cold. :hug   I hope it improves soon.  I loved what you said about Robbie and "few words."  Luke keeps asking when Zach is going to talk - but any time you say something to Zach, Luke answers with "Zach says..." :lol


Linda ~ Please tell us that today was a better day!  I'm worried about your overdoing. :manyheart


Cindy ~ Thank you for the compliment!  It's a good diversion for me. :yes   I don't want to think about the dust in my house right now.


Judy ~ We use the phrase "Gracie is...a Cairn"  a lot around here. ;)   So far, so good since we were at the vet on Monday, but I'm sure it won't be the last time.  How are Sparkie and Lucy?  Are you getting some warmer weather?


Marlene ~ Your bar-b-que dinner sounds yummy!  I hope your arm and hand are much better. ♥ 


Hi to those I've missed. ♥


DH broke his ring finger today while working in the garage, so we were off to the Dr.  All is fine now. I hope to have some crochet time tomorrow - we shall see. ;)

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Hi Ladies,


Holly, Great news on the surgery part.  I hope they can get his pain under control real soon. 


Mary, You have some pretty things in your store. Hope DH finger feels better soon. Kids say the cutest things.


Joanne, Hope your cold was a little better today.


I'm tired and I have an early pt appt in the morning so I'm off to bed. Have a nice thursday everyone!

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I'm staying home again today and resting.


Holly glad to hear that Wayne's surgery went well. Hopefully they'll get the pain under control soon


Mary. Glad it was just a finger and not the wrist!! Love your etsy shop. Good luck with it


Marlene. I had to cancel pt yesterday because of the cold. I'm not sure if I'm going tomorrow or not. Hope your appt goes well today


Cindy, Judy, Linda, sherry and all the house mates---- have a good Thursday. I'm off to call work and go back to bed.

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Hi, ladies,

Holly, back in the day when he had back surgery, my hubby thought if one pain pill was good another would work better....he scared himself...lol!


Joanne, for you to go back to bed you must really be sick! That's all I wanted to do when I was sick....take it slow.


Hi, Marlene, Cindy, Sherry!


Mary, the pups are good, thank goodness. And we woke to 37 degrees this morning but should get to 60 or so later today. The nights are still cold. This is the. Oldest I remember for April in ...forever.

And I Love your etsy shop! Your photos are wonderful and the items are drool-worthy!!! Now I know where to steer people if they need something g and I can't provide it.


Off I go!

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Hi All - Our internet is down at home since Saturday night :(  They are coming tonight to fix it (hopefully).  Between the high winds and the rain we had on Sunday, I think that's the problem. I'm on my work computer just to check in and say hi.


I finished a prayer shawl for a friend that attends the church where I work.  Their son has cancer and is now on hospice.  He's an adult but it's so hard to know your son doesn't have much longer.  So prayers for the family would be appreciated. 


Well I'd better get to work and maybe tonight I'll be able to catch up and see what all has been going on!!  Hugs to all!

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Hi everyone.  I stayed with the boys this a.m. and will again tomorrow from 10-2.  Thank you sooo much for the kind words about the shop. :manyheart  Since I have no expectations, it will be more fun! ;)


Holly ~ Thank you for giving us the update. I hope they have the pain meds adjusted today and that hubby's recovery goes well. :hug


Sherry ~ Sending prayers and hugs for your friend and her son. :ghug   So sorry about the internet issues - it's very frustrating. :yes


Joanne ~ 'Hope you're feeling a little better this afternoon!


Hi to all of my friends. :)   I'm tired and think it's crochet time until it's time to get dinner ready.

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Hi ladies. Worked today. It started out pretty slow but got quite busy toward the end of the shift. I work tomorrow and then we are going to a birthday party for my fil. He turned 88 today.


Holly, hope that they have Wayne's pain under control now.


Mary, poor dh. Still it could have been worse.


Sherri,it's good to hear from you. I'm sorry about your friends son. The prayer shawl will be a real comfort to her.


Joanne, hope you are beginning to feel better.


Good night, friends.

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Hi Ladies,


Sherry, Prayers for your friend and her son. That's really nice of you to make a shawl for her. Hope they get your internet up and running real soon if they haven't already. 


Joanne, I'm with Judy, you must be really sick if your going back to bed. Get well soon!


Cindy, Happy Birthday to your FIL. 


Linda, Hope your getting enough rest and not feeling like a wet noodle. Remember you have to take care of yourself to. 


Yesterday I sat out with the neighbor while are husbands put skirting around there new deck. Boy did I get some sun. I will have to remember to pack sunscreen next year. Luckily I only have a couple of spots that are hurt. 

Today I defrosted the freezer inside. But we bought one that sits outside and I need to defrost it and unplug it saturday or sunday. Sunday I will start packing things up. I have 3 pt appts scheduled so right now we plan on leaving thursday, but it could be changed to wednesday. I have all 8am appts. 

Tomorrow Suna is taking all the kitchen ladies out for lunch for are birthdays. Then we will go shopping. 

Hope everyone has a nice friday!

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