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Our House Part Two

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Happy New Year to all of you!!  I pray that this year will be a great year for all of us. I got to do a lot of crocheting yesterday and today!  Finished DD's afghan and started on my project.


Missy Snuggles came through the surgery fine yesterday but since today was a holiday, the vet wanted to keep her until tomorrow.  So we'll be picking her up after work tomorrow.  We sure miss her.  We will be taking her to work on Friday since we don't want to leave her alone again so soon.


I promised some pics of the completed projects--so here goes.  I finished DD's afghan yesterday, the boys each are "modeling" their afghan.  I did get to HL yesterday and bought some yarn for me, but I'm going to have to go back :)  Didn't get enough.  I figured I'd only need 3 skeins but it found out I'll need at least one more, so I'll get 2 if they have enough to do that.  Otherwise, the border will have to be another color.  I got a dark gray (or is it grey??) and I'm making me "Not Your Granny's Sweater", which is 4 large granny squares and then sewn together to make a loose fitting sweater. 


Have a great evening all!  Tomorrow it's back to work :(  so I'll not be able to do a lot of crocheting tomorrow. 





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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi Ladies,


Sherry, The boys are loving there afghans. DD's is awesome to. That nice you will be able to take Miss Snuggles to work with you. Glad she is doing well. I hope you can get the yarn you need when you go back to HL.


DH has been in bed all day today except for this morning when he ran to walmart for vicks while I was getting ready to go up to the club house. This cold kept him awake most of the night coughing. We had a full house for lunch today. The soup was good. The party last night was a full house to. We have 20 new people in the park and we are full. We don't have a meal saturday because we cooked today. So unless something comes up were off until next friday. Next week we have a chili cook off which hubby will make venison chili for. We have a big garage sale and bake sale and we also make hundreds of breakfast burritos. So I'm going to get back into crocheting. 

The owners here and are neighbors here are very good friends with a man here in are park from Colorado. He (Clem) passed away and they have gone up for his funeral and will be gone about a week. There daughter is married to his grandson. He also got them into this business. 

Are friend here from Michigan (Karen) who had a brain anerisum (ms)(just discovered I forgot my dictionary) isn't doing very well. They think she is been on steroids to long. She is very weak. She was admitted to the hospital last weekend. They are going to move her some where that she can get physical therapy. I will talk to her husband tomorrow and find out if she's moved yet and go see her. 

Hope everyone has a great thursday!

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Good morning!

Love all the afghans, Sherry- Hope that missy Snuggles is doing well when you pick her up later today!


I had a very relaxing day yesterday- I knit some on the cabled scarf, worked on the crochet never ending granny for DH and then pulled out a hibernating knit blanket that i had started and worked a few rows on that!  Today, back to paradise!


We are forecast to have a major snow storm/blizzard beginning late this afternoon, evening through tomorrow afternoon with very cold temperatures and winds.  If what is forecast comes to be- and all signs indicate it will, I'm going to take tomorrow off.


Marlene- prayers for your friend and hope DH is feeling better soon!


Have a good day everyone- just looked at the clock- and gotta scoot!

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Good morning. I never made it here yesterday. I worked a bit later than usual, came home, changed clothes and we went over to DD's house for dinner and to celebrate oldest grandsons birthday which was on the 26th. Tomorrow I work again, and then we are going to my brothers place in Canada for a late Christmas celebration with my siblings. Then work again Monday and Tuesday. I think I will be glad when next Wednesday arrives!


Sherry, I'm glad Missy Snuggles is doing well. You are lucky that you can take her to work. I like all your afghans, but I think my favorite is the red, white and black one. It sure looks like the boys love their new blankets!


Joanne, it's a good plan to stay home if the weather is as bad as predicted. Unfortunately for me, that isn't an option. Sounds like your crafting is really taking off again. Is it still that baby blanket that you dug out again? I don't remember seeing that one finished.


Marlene, sorry to hear about your friend. Hope that she is improving. Also sending dh get well wishes. It seems like colds are getting much worse these days, compared to when I was a (much) younger adult.


Linda, I'm glad you found an art class that interests you. I don't think our Hobby Lobby offers classes. At least I've never seen any mention of them when I am in the store. Michaels does, but they are mostly project specific, not general techniques.


Judy, I also like LL Beans products. Years ago, we were vacationing in Maine, and went to the store in Freeport. It was a blast. So much to see. I can't remember what I bought, but I remember how much we enjoyed it.

Our neighbors also set off fireworks on NYE, and kept me awake. The dog just ignored them though.


Tam, I think signing up on the sub list is a good compromise. Wishing you a fun last day in Florida, and a safe trip home.


Holly, what afghan pattern are you making? I'm sorry to read that 2013 was a hard year for your family. Hope 2014 is better.


Mary, I'm with you on getting better organized in 2014. I also need to get some control of my house. It's clean, but all the hidden areas, like closets and cabinets are crammed full. We certainly don't need all that stuff, but someone, (like yours truly) needs to get through it all and decide what goes and what stays. Has your dh officially retired now? If so, does he have any specific retirement plans?


Val, sorry the perfect car got away! Hopefully another one shows up soon. What are you working on these days?


Happy New Year to all of you!

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Holly, I have found that with Homespun, simple is best. The yarn has a lot going on already, and it's hard to see the stitches if you try to get too fancy.

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☕~ Good morning all!

Hope you're having a fabulous New Year so far! ????

????Tonight will be our last night here in Florida ....we will be heading home tomorrow afternoon! As wonderful as it has been to be here ... I'm ready to go home - even if it is cold there ????❄

I'm busy working on a Comfort'ghan right now ... I need to play in some cotton yarn... My mom has an "order" in for some new dishcloths.....hehee


Judy......poor Sparkie! There were tons of fireworks going off here too. ???? I must have the weirdest boys ever...they were completely not interested in getting any of our own or watching the ones going off! LOL


I agree Linda.....thanks for your input and support! I think subbing will be the best idea. My boys did suggest working at the High School instead of the Elementary ....which was a thought... But that doesn't change the politics


Sherry.... Those blankets are awesome!!!! So glad Missy Snuggles is doing well!!!????


My goodness Marlene.... Your world sounds so busy! I hope hubby feels better fast! Take care my dear! Relax....:whew


Oh Joanne....sounds like your hooks and needles have been busy!!! Good deal! Can't wait to see the scarf!


Thanks Cindy for the encouragement! Have a fabulous Christmas with your brother!!!????




Well.....off to get a fresh cup of coffee and crochet

Check back later!




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Good morning.  It's back to work for me today.  And that's more than okay.  I am missing seeing people in the store.


Had a long talk with my youngest brother last night.  Almost drained the battery!   :lol   As we are getting closer to some of the same stages in our life we have more in common than ever before.  And some of our goals are the same.  Especially regarding being an active part in our grandchildren's lives.  His son is pretty serious about a gal who already has a little one.  They want to be the kind of grandparents that I want to be.  Involved and an active part of their lives. He's getting closer to retirement age, although not for a while yet, but looking forward to what they want to do.  He'll be 59 this month.


Sherry, those afghans are all lovely.  The boys look so thrilled with theirs.  Hooray for Missy Snuggles coming through surgery so well.  She'll want lots and lots of attention after being at the vets for so long.  Glad you can take her to work tomorrow so she's not feeling abandoned at home.


Val, hoping that the perfect car for you shows up soon.  Sorry you lost out on the first one.


Tammy, have a wonderful last day in Florida and a safe trip home tomorrow.


Marlene, hoping hubby has a swift recovery from his cold.  Enjoy your time in Texas.


More later.  Have a marvelous day!   :manyheart

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Happy Thursday, everyone. :)  I stayed with Luke and Zach part of yesterday, ran errands on my way home, and took DH to the Dr. this a.m.  I was worried about his cold and how is chest was sounding.  The Dr. found no signs of pneumonia (DH had his last shot in October) and sent us on our way with some cough medicine.  Thankfully, he's resting alot and eating my chicken soup. :yes


I just skimmed posts, but will go back and catch up with you all a little later.


Sherry ~ Wonderful projects and pictures! :clap   Your grandsons are so cute and obviously very happy with their 'ghans!

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Hi ladies, I read through all the posts....


It has been bitterly cold today and there is the smell of snow in the air. Even Miss Lucy senses it. I saw her outside today and when the wind blew she put her head way back, sniffing the air. The squirrels, who have been very busy over the past days have been hiding now.

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It's been snowing all day here and supposed to keep going until midnight. My library closed early today because we lost power. We were given the ok to close once it had been out for about 45 minutes. It ended up coming back on about 15 minutes after we left. A huge chunk of our town was actually out, though. Nothing like some extra time off! :)

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The temps dropped all day today.  It's now down to 23* with 20 mile per hour winds.  Brrrrrr!!!!!!  Really cold.


My moving has put a monkey wrench in Lily's plans.  She was planning on hiring a younger gal and moving me to manager.  Oh, well, we'll start keeping our eyes open for someone mature to take my place once I move instead.  I get to keep my 20 hours a week until I move.  She's sorry to lose me but understands about wanting to be near DD and GS.  She commented again about how many of the customers like me and let her know it.  Lovely warm fuzzies there.


Sounds like lots of you are getting nasty weather.  Please stay safe.


I'm heading for bed soon.  

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Good morning. It is a winter wonderland out there and still coming down. When all is said and done we should have 10 to 12 inches. It is very cold out too. Needless to say I'm staying home whether or not my company is open.


Linda. That,s great that you can keep your job until u move. I'm sure that Lili will miss u and the customers too. I got warm fuzzies reading your post.


Cindy. Yes the knit blanket is the baby one I started a while ago. It will get finished eventually. I keep starting other projects. Lol


Tammy. Safe travels back home

Hi to the rest of the house.

Have a Good Friday

I'm off to pour a cup of coffee BBL

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Snow day.!!!! Office is closed. Our lawn guy already came and plowed our driveway and shoveled the steps and sidewalk. Still snowing but it will not be a lot to have to shovel later. Off to crochet!!!!

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Hi Ladies,


While it's not snowing here it could of. It was 34 when I got up at 7. It's going to get up to 59 today and 70 tomorrow. But next week the temps very. 


Cindy, Safe travels to Canada to have Christmas with your siblings.


Tam, Safe travels back home.


Linda, It's nice you can keep your job until you move. We know Lili and your customers will miss you. It's nice to hear it to.


Joanne, Enjoy your day off.


Judy and Holly, Stay warm!


Mary, Hope DH feels better soon. Mine has been sneezing like crazy all morning. 


I did laundry yesterday. The fun of laundry mat. We have are own here in the park which I'm thankful for. As it is always nice and clean. But not like being able to just do it at home when you want. But we always have a puzzle going in the little clubhouse so I go and work on that while laundry is going. This year all my kitchen towels had to be washed, they smelled musty. I went out and bought a tote so they will be stored in it when we leave. 

Tonight is ladies night so I'm going through my crochet stuff today and get my things ready. Not sure I crochet tonight. It will probably be a visiting night. My friend here that crochets isn't here yet and we don't know if they will be coming this year. Her husband had a kidney transplant and the doctor wants to keep him away from crowds. I need to call them. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

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I don't know how cold it actually got last night, but it's still 23* and will maybe hit a high of 30* today.  Yuck!!   :eek  I put my heavy coat on and it wasn't too bad walking Sweet Pea.  The wind has calmed down a lot which helps too.  And no snow, although it felt like it last night.


Have to get the rent check delivered today and maybe pick up one more item for Monday's drawing class.


I picked up a package of pork chops last week.  Put most of them in the freezer but did save out two.  I browned them on both sides and then smothered them in sauerkraut while they finished cooking.  Yum!!  They were so good.  The sauerkraut keeps them from drying out and both taste of each other and are so good.  A trick I learned from my Mom.  And if you don't like the sauerkraut you can scoop yours off and give it to someone who does.   :lol


Safe journeys, Tammy.


Glad you're safe at home, Joanne.


Be safe to and from work in that weather, Cindy.


Hope everyone with a cold is soon over it.  Me included.   :P


Have a good day.   :ghug

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Good afternoon housemates!


I was up earlier using the bathroom but went back to bed.  I'm just getting up.


Brrr...it's 25 degrees here.


Read post but didn't take notes...will try!


Joanne - glad you don't have to go out...enjoy!


Sherry - beautiful ghans...boys look happy!


Linda - glad you're getting to keep your job until you move.


Mary - glad DH is doing okay.


Judy - I can imagine Lucy and Sparkie in the snow.  Nice picture.


Cindy - enjoy your time in Canada, sorry you had to go to work in this weather.


Holly - enjoy your time off as well and stay warm.


Marlene - It's down right hot in Texas compared to the East coast.  Enjoy your ladies' night.


Tam - Praying safe travels for you and the fam.


Marisa - hope all is well with you.


Off I go...BBL!

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Hi ladies! The sun is out, but it's still super cold. Tg for kind neighbors....our usual snow shoveling neighbor and wife were with their DD, almost 2, in hospital while she was under observation. They're on their way home now. One elf in the neighborhood cleared their porch and walkway after doing his own property with a shovel and another elf brought his snowblower over and cleared enough of the young family's driveway so they could pull in. Then he came and did our driveway, which had a lot off high drifts.

The streets have been plowed so all is right in our world.

And the pups have had a blast in the white stuff!

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We had a neighbor elf come and re plow our driveway and sidewalks. There want much but it was covered again after our lawn guy had come. He always comes early in case we need to get out to work.


It's freezing outside!!! Glad I'm in today. I've been working on the afghan for DH and I baked some choc chip cookies. Mmmm the house smells yummy. And the cookies aren't bad either lol. I'll bring some over to DD tomorrow. I'm sure Ryan will love them.


I'm going to take a break from crocheting and knit for a while now.

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Hi ladies. Another good but busy day at work today. Dd came over for a while after I got home, and we watched some home decorating shows together. Then I packed for our trip to Canada.


It got down to -14 here this morning, and only warmed up to around 10. It's windy too, so it's really uncomfortable to be outside for any length of time.


Marlene did you hear that the Fifth Third Ballpark stadium in Grand Rapids burned down today? Apparently the smoke and flames were visible for miles. Luckily it's the off season. They say it will be rebuilt. Wonder if it will open for this springs baseball season?


Joanne, it would be nice to work someplace where snow days are possible. Hope you enjoyed your day.


I probably won't check in again until at least Monday evening. We are coming home Sunday night, and I have to work Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Today was back to work. Late tomorrow afternoon, we're supposed to have another storm come through with another 5-8 inches of snow by Sunday evening. Then Monday our forecast is for a high of -6. It looks like the kids may get a little longer Christmas break!

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Good morning. Brrr


Cindy. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Canada.


Howieann. Hope u don't get any more snow.


I'm heading out in the frigid temps it get my hair cut. My DD's friend does hair on the side out of her home so I'm going to give her a try. I'll get it colored next week after she can see my hair and pick the color to get. When I'm done I'm going to head over to DD's and bring the cookies and visit for a bit. She lives in the same town as her friend.


Off to bundle up. Stay warm and have a great Saturday.

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And I thought that 23* was cold.  All of you stay safe and warm up there with the minus temps.  BRRR!!!


Work this afternoon.  Otherwise a quiet day planned.  


Met up with Rosie and John for a late lunch yesterday.  They had a great time in Colorado, although the altitude always gets to John.  Glad to be back home, but it's colder here than it was in Colorado.   :lol


Cindy, have a great time with the family in Canada.

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