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Our House Part Two

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Tam- I think crocheting something for someone is a way to communicate your caring and love for them-- Have fun at the beach- How is Michael doing?


Judy- Your DH's idea to personalize them is great!

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Morning ladies!


Oh, yes, Tam. I do communicate through crochet. At DHs suggestion I also add names or initials or think of some other way to personalize it if possible.


Enjoy the beach!

On yes......personalization is awesome when you can. Like you said.... Name or initials! I also like to try for favorite color(s)



Good morning,


Yesterday, DD and I went to the Apple Store and initially told her because of the holiday rush it may take 2 days to have it fixed. She explained that she was from Boston and needed to use her computer- they fixed it in a hour! It was the battery that was dead- and since she had warranty it was free to replace! She's a happy girl- We also did a little shopping and although she didn't find a skirt she wanted she did find a pair of pants, and a few shirts. We went to B&N and I used my gift card to buy a book on knitting socks two at a time- (my goal is to learn how to knit socks) and also bought a calendar that features scenes from the Jersey Shore.

DH took us out to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. I'd never had Vietnamese food before and it was really good. DD really enjoyed it too!


We are babysitting the boys later on today/overnight! Oh, I made a chunky cowl last night for my DD's room-mate. Just have to weave in ends-which I am going to do now. That, and get a cup of coffee!!


Have a great Saturday!

Whoa.....what a great day you had! Good for you ????????



Tam- I think crocheting something for someone is a way to communicate your caring and love for them-- Have fun at the beach- How is Michael doing?


Judy- Your DH's idea to personalize them is great!

Yeah..... Seems like when I don't have the right words... Yarn does!????

Michael is hanging in there! We're watching his protein levels and weight real close!!



I tell hubby his great ideas is why I keep him...lol!

???? LOL




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Good morning.  The weather changed at some point in the night, so the joints are protesting.  Again!  Still I'll be so glad when I see the doctor in a few weeks and can tell her that her idea of cutting way back on the pain pills was a royal bummer of an idea.  Hopefully, on getting my report on how poor an idea this was, she will give them back to me.  Otherwise I'm going to have to see someone else.  This is so NOT working.   :(


Work today and then another 4 days off, since New Year's Day is one of the holidays they observe.  Getting my Christmas cards out is one of the things one the agenda for that time.



☕ ~ Good morning House.........
Hope everyone slept or is sleeping well!
Today is suppose to be warm and sunny... :sun ..... So we will be heading to the beach to play!
The boys have been enjoying our pool in the meantime.....

Got a question for you ladies.....
Do you find that your crocheting is a way of communication sometimes?
For instance.... When a friend has a baby... You make a blanket to say 'congratulations'
Or when a friend is sad ...you make a scarf or something to cheer them up.
Or when someone is sick....you make a prayer blanket to say....'get well soon'
Or when there is a death you make a Comfort'ghan to just say how sorry you are when words just won't help at the time.
I know for me.....it's how I communicate my feelings.
I just feel so blessed to have been given this gift of crocheting.

Well.... Speaking of crocheting.... I have two comfort'ghans to make for a couple of families who lost their beautiful daughters in a car accident earlier this week.
So... Off to get a fresh cup of coffee and get back to work on these blankets.
Catch up more later!

Tammy, I absolutely agree.  That's why I'm in the prayer shawl group.  We pray for the person receiving the shawls and try to match up colors to the person.  And even when we don't know what is going on we let them know that someone cares and is pulling for them.  Some of the thank yous we've received really are touching and shows that we were spot on.  Will add a prayer for the families of the two girls in the car accident.  It's so hard to lose someone that way and when they are young it's even harder.

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Good morning housemates!


Tam - lifting Michael in prayer.  I agree with you on communicating through crochet.  Nothing speaks louder than the time and love we put into making string into something beautiful.


Joanne - you sound so happy with the quality time you're getting to spend with your family.  I'm so happy and you're so deserving with all the hours you've put in at work this last year or two.


Linda - I hope you're relieved of your pain soon.  I have problems with my right leg hurting from time to time so I understand your pain.  I hope you have a great day at work and enjoy your 4 days off.  How is Rosie and John?


Judy - I know your walk will never be brisk if Lucy is involved.  How are they doing?  Did Sparky's ear finally clear up?  I love your personalize crochet projects.


Mary, Marisa, Cindy & Sherry...thinking of you ladies.


Off to look at cars and do some hooking.

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Good morning. I slept in for a change! I'm almost always up shortly after 7, so sleeping until 9:30 was unusual.


We had our family Christmas last night and one of my gifts from dh was four hanks of alpaca yarn from a nearby alpaca farm. The yarn was packaged with a picture of the Alpacas that it came from, which I thought was a neat idea.


We are planning to go out to one of the Lake Michigan beach towns this afternoon. Wel'll do some walking and maybe check out a few shops, and find someplace to eat. I should have done some laundry this morning, but since I'm not working again until next Wednesday, I have plenty of time.


Tam, sorry to hear about Michael. Good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery from this relapse.


Joanne, it sure sounds like you have had some great days off. Enjoy what's left of them.


Linda, soerry that your pain is uncontrolled. Wonder if you would benefit from seeing a pain specialist. Sometimes they are aware of drug combinations that are less toxic to kidneys and liver, yet very effective.


Regarding communicating via crochet, I agree with the sentiments expressed, but have to add that I think it has to do with giving of yourself. Handmade speaks loudly, of caring and of taking precious time to show it.

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I haven't completed so very many projects and they've been given to our girls. I don't know if they realize that there's lots of love wrapped into that yarn or not, but they love getting something that Mama has finished.

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Hi again!

Val, I just finished the course of ear drops for sparkle and he's so much happier now. He's easier to treat than Lucy - she runs away or won't even come in from the yard if she thinks ears need to be cleaned.

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Oh, man, is it cold outside!  The weather page says it's 39* but it's also raining which makes it feel even colder.  Brrrrr!!!!!  I'm in for the night.  Walked Sweet Pea and got the mail, so now it'll just be a quickie outside before bed.  And the apartment is a lot warmer than the store.   :P   It was slow today for the most part.  But our shopping center was quiet all afternoon.


Take care.  Hope you all have a good night and a good day tomorrow.   :ghug

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Good morning!

We had fun watching the boys- but boy are they tiring!! LOL! Robbie woke up this morning at 4:45 AM- I gave him a bottle and now he is back asleep- but of course now am wide awake! I see a nap in  my future today after I take oldest to the train station later this afternoon.  Middle DD came over yesterday for a few hours and she and my oldest DD went out for a bit. A little 'sistah-sistah' bonding as they call it.! I brought the boys over to my house when they got back and we all went for a nice walk.


Cindy- Do you know what you are going to make with the alpaca that DH gave you? That was a really neat gift! Glad you had a good time celebrating Christmas!


Linda- Hoping you can get some relief from the pain- and I agree with Cindy- maybe it would be good to see a pain management specialist.  enjoy your days off.


Val - Did you have any luck with the car shopping? 


Last evening after the boys went to bed, I crocheted another chunky cowl. Not sure who it's for--I may just keep it for myself! LOL Using up stash I have of the Wool Ease Thick and Quick--may make a few more and put them away for gifts for next year!


Off to enjoy the quiet of the house, because I'm sure Ryan will be waking up soon!  They should be home around 9-10 and then I'll head home to spend a few hours with oldest before taking her to the train for her trek back to Beantown. It's been so nice having her and the time has just flown by!

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We're having a lazy morning around here. Everyone is kinda tired and not feeling great. Sometimes I'm make us all push through and head to church. This morning, I'm giving us all a quiet morning and we're staying home. This afternoon, the Christmas tree comes down and everything gets back to normal in our little home.


I've been working on an afghan for me, using Lion Homespun fiesta. It's a simple thing pattern-wise... just lots of single crochets, but it's going quickly and will be warm and pretty. We live in an apartment, so it's white walls and beige carpet. We have a gold-ish couch and a beige chair. So this will be a nice splash of color and go with my red curtains pretty well!

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We are having a quiet day today too. It's gloomy and getting colder. We got out and enjoyed yesterday's sunshine though. I was surprised at how many people were out at the beach.


Joanne, I don't know yet what I'm going to do with the alpaca. The lady told dh that 2 hanks would make a scarf. I have four hanks but they are two different colors. Both are natural alpaca colors, two hanks of dark brown and two of ivory. She said the ivory could be dyed any color, but the brown is already very dark.


Ds is here for lunch, so I'm off to make chicken noodle soup. It's that kind of day.

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Good afternoon.  I, too, opted to sleep in this morning.  I'm planning a mostly quiet day.  I do need to make a run to Walmart to pick up some meds, but that's about it.  It's only about two week until I see the doctor again, so hopefully that will mean that I'm back on more pain meds than now.  I guess she just needed to find out how bad the pain really is without them.  At least that's what I'm hoping.  If it's just that she doesn't want the responsibility of prescribing them, then I will go to a pain clinic and hope for more help there.


It's overcast with high humidity, but doesn't feel as much like rain as it did yesterday.  Everything is thoroughly wet from all the rain yesterday and last night.  I've started giving Sweet Pea a haircut and she looks really silly at the moment.  Part of her is short and part of her is long.  Her face is partway done.  She only puts up with it for about so long so it has to be done in stages.


Wishing everyone a good day.   :manyheart

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Hi All - my internet has been down--guess it had something to do with the ice storm and now howling winds but for some reason it's back up and going.  No idea how I got it to come back on.


Had asked Joanne to let you all know but I can tell you know.  Little Missy Snuggles will have surgery tomorrow.  Her leg is not healing right and the vet thinks we should do the surgery.  So tomorrow morning bright and early, she'll go to the vet and get it done.  We trust this vet and know if that's what he recommends, that she needs it.  He told we didn't have too but the leg would never be straight, so she'll get a straight leg. 


It's freezing cold again--we had the high at 3 a.m.--hate those kind of days.  Haven't been anywhere today--just decided to stay in and rest and crochet.  Got a cute little owl that I'm making for DIL.  so at least she'll have a couple of things I made for her--the owl potholder and now the stuffed owl.  The rest of her presents will be gift cards--cause that's what she wanted.


Well, DH is home from working (he had to work the weekend so he could get New Year's Eve and New Year's Day off), so I'll go see how his day was. 


Have a great weekend all--stay warm!!!  Hugs to all of you.

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Just got back from taking my dd to the train station. It was SO good having here for a few days. I'm already thinking about heading up in February to visit her

I see sherry was able to get on the I internet. Prayers that all goes well for missy snuggles


. It is pouring rain here today. Glad dd is taking the train and not the bus.


We r watching football and I'm finishing up another chunky cowl.

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Good morning housemates!


Just dropped the Nephew off at work. 


I still haven't found a car yet.


Lots to do today.  We're meeting my youngest sister half way (Anniston) to pick up some grilling she did on yesterday.  We love to grill and when we lived in Bama, we grilled year round.  Georgia has a law that you're not allowed to grill on your patio in an apartment building.  Little sis grilled so she took care of us too.


I'm suppose to turn the car in this evening but I think I'm going to extend it one more week.


Sherry - praying for little Missy.


Joanne - glad that you had some time with dd.


Have a good day everyone!!

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Good Morning, House. :manyheart   I seem to be getting more and more behind, but life (and lots of driving!) keeps getting in the way of visiting here and crocheting.  This too shall pass! ;)   DH has two appointments today, but I will have my crochet bag with me!


Sherry ~ Sending hugs and good wishes for Snuggles today. :hug ♥♥♥


Have a good morning, everyone.  Please know that I'm reading your posts and love 'hearing' about what you're doing! :ghug

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Good morning. Very cold here today, but not snowing. I am planning to go shopping today. This is unusual for me, I detest shopping for myself, but I desperately need some clothes. Pretty much the only presentable clothing I own are scrubs, and somehow they are just not suitable for all occasions! Now sorry I did not go with my DD's on Saturday. Then I'd be all done with that nonsense.


Mary, hope you can at least find a little time for yourself in the midst of all that busyness.


Val, good luck on the car hunt.


Holly, freezing rain was in our forecast yesterday, but it missed us.

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morning, peeps!


Miss Snuggles will have a straight leg after today! I hope you have an easy time during her recuperation, Sherry. Once dogs start feeling better it's hard to keep them quiet!


Cindy, good luck shopping! I need to go too, for undergarments and some clothes. Looking ahead to my March trip. I detest clothes shopping like you do!


Morning, Mary (a go-to crochet bag loaded with projects is a must have!), Linda, Holly, Joanne and everyone....have a good Monday!

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Good Morning Ladies,


We arrived in Texas Friday night at 1:30am. Friday was a very long day. We didn't plan it that way. We stopped for dinner about 7:30 and planned to spend the night. We had stayed in this town at a new hotel 3 or 4 years ago so thought we would stay there. I looked it up online and the reviews weren't good. So I asked two different people about it and they both said don't stay there. It has gone bad. Went to another hotel and no pets. We were only a few hours away so I said I'm not shopping for a hotel we will just go. It also took us 2 restaurants to get dinner. The first one advertised breakfast and it sounded good. It took 45 minutes and we were the only order being cooked. Just before are food came out the cook came out by the register and we were sitting close by and are waitress asked about are order. I didn't hear his reply but she didn't go to the kitchen to get are food. So I went up and asked what was taking so long. It don't take 45 minutes to cook breakfast. They brought it right out. The only thing hot was the deep fried potatoes. We were both missing an egg. Hubby got mad and said were leaving. We paid for his coffee and told them were not waiting that long and get cold food and not all are breakfast. That was a first for us. We went next door to another restaurant and ate. 

I am 90% unpacked. I have to go help prep today and tomorrow for New Years Eve and New Years Day. I just got internet last night. We have a couple ladies who are teaching us things about are computers. I have windows 8 and I found out I can move my apps up to my start page and put them where I want them. I also found out the night before there were more apps then I thought. I found wordpad. I thought I only had notepad. No microsoft works with windows 8. 

I'll be back later and catch up. I hope everyone has a great day. It's only going to be 47 today. Boo!

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Good morning, all.  I woke to the sound of pounding on the roof.  They were stripping the shingles off and are getting ready to put new ones on shortly.  There were at least 8 or 9 guys working on it when I took Sweet Pea for her walk, which was a challenge.  It was hard to find a place to get across the stuff from the roof to get to safe walking spots Tried one place going and another coming back and neither was good.  Hopefully it will be better on our next outing.


I finished the back of the Celtic Knot Shawl last night and got started on the first side.  I'm using a different glitter yarn for the the sides as I didn't end up with enough of what I used on the back.  It's not an exact match but close and I figure that as long as both sides match, it won't really matter a whole lot.


Good luck to Missy Snuggles at surgery today.  It was worth a try to avoid surgery, but sounds like a very good idea now.  That break would have left her with problems down the road if it wasn't straight.


Take care on the roads everyone.


Marlene, that's terrible restaurant service.  I'm glad you left.  And better to be home than in a hotel that's not good even if it did take a while to get there.


Have a good Monday.

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Hello again. Home from shopping. I bought a few things, but I was hoping to get a new winter coat and nothing really appealed to me. I only went to Penney's though. I got a dress, a skirt, a cardigan to replace my beloved red one, and a couple of tops. The cardigan is almost the same color as the one I wore out. Unfortunately, everything I got was either black, white or gray, except the cardi. I'll have to go shopping again for some color.


I went grocery shopping too, and now I'm absolutely exhausted. Shopping wears me out. It's harder than going to work! Oh and it is snowing....again! Oh well, not much needs doing here today. Just need to put clean sheets on the bed still.


Marlene, I'm glad you made it to Texas safely. Sounds like you are learning some new computer tricks.


Sherry, hoping Missy Snuggles has a successful surgery.


Linda, it might be inconvenient to have the roofing project going on, but it's better than having a leaking apartment! I can imagine the Celtic knit shawl in a glitter yarn, and I think it's gorgeous. Actually, it's such a beautiful pattern anyhow, that it would be hard for it to turn out anything other than lovely.


Judy, I always hit Kohls for "unmentionables". I buy very basic though, I'm all about comfort and function. I know what brands I like, and always buy the same things. In fact, I could probably order them from Amazon if they carried them.

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