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Our House Part Two

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Cindy - Thanks for the picture post.  I hope you don't have to deal with ice.


Mary - Yes, I did want to keep my car.  Oh well, life happens.


Linda - Sorry that you're having pain.  I don't want to spend over $5000.  I'm so glad that you've decided to move to Iowa because being near your family will make it worth the weather.


I went out earlier and got my personal items out of my baby and said goodbye.  It was still a good little truck.


Going back to crochet...have a good afternoon.

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi Ladies,


Linda, Sorry your hurting. DD and GS are probably singing the happy dance that your moving back to be with them. You won't regret your decision. Maybe you can get you one of those massagers that heat up and they go in your chair. Maybe that would help you. They have them out now for Christmas at Walmart's.


Mary, Tiring but fun day with the grandsons.


Sherry, We have ice and more coming and snow to. Not a good weekend for it for any of us.


Cindy, Be careful driving to work this weekend.


Joanne, Ya for finishing your knitted cowl.


Val, Good luck car shopping.


Is anyone watching I Love Lucy's Christmas Special? It started raining last night and it has been raining most of the day. Freezing.

More coming and snow to. We were going to get Maya today but didn't because of the weather. Sunday is are family dinner with my siblings, my Mom and some of my cousins. Part of the cousins don't live close so I don't know if they will make it or not.

I got some packing done for Texas. I'm not taking a lot with me in the yarn and such. I've learned I'm just hauling it back and forth so I have cut way back.

Well I hope everyone has a good weekend. Be safe and warm!

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My brother and sil are driving in from Colorado to Indiana (near Chicago) starting tomorrow morning. We have freezing rain in our forecast, so we're hoping that they make it in alright... My sister will be heading up from Indianapolis on Christmas Eve. So as much as a white Christmas is pretty, we're pretty ok with skipping that for good driving weather!

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I've got one of those heat/massagers in the chair already, and, yes, it does help.


I talked to DD tonight and told her the decision is made barring any unforeseen complications.  And, yes, she was doing the happy dance.  My middle brother will also be doing the happy dance.  So is my ex-hubbie's sister.  She and I have stayed on good terms and seeing her more often will be fun, too.  I'll be a lot nearer friends from grade school and high school, too.  Not to mention lots and lots of extended family.  DD just got her next car yesterday.  Checked things out with middle brother and he confirmed that one of the ones she was looking at had the things she wanted and a lot less repairs needed than the last one.


Val, Friendly Auto may well have things in your price range.  Good luck with your car hunting.


Take it easy on the roads all of you with snow, freezing rain, and ice.

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Good morning!


Linda- I'm glad that the decision has been made. I know you are going to love being close to your DD and GS and like you said more family and friends. The decision-making is the hardest part and it's a weight off your shoulders to have the decision made!


Val- Good luck with the car shopping- and hope you find a great car in your price range!


Cindy- Hoping that the weather cooperates so you don't have to deal with ice on our drive into work. The weather here is crazy. Its actually quite balmy out- very strange for the first day of Winter. Supposed to hit 60- needless to say, most of the snow we got last week has already melted.


Forget who asked, but I haven't taken a picture of the knitted cowl I finished yet. The cowls I posted where crocheted. I'll try and get a pic of the knitted one later on today.


Time to get moving here to get the rest of the wrapping done and then start on the weekly cleaning.


Will try and stop back later. Have a good day everyone!

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Good Saturday morning. :rain   We've had heavy thunderstorms since about 3 this a.m.  Gracie and I have been up since then - poor baby is really bothered by the thunder.


Cindy ~ Stay safe if you're driving into work. :yes   You guys are really having winter!


Joanne ~ You're doing so well with your knitting! :clap   Enjoy your weekend. :)


Linda ~ Oh, you have lots of people excited about your move back to Iowa. :yes   I still have cousins and one aunt in Cedar Rapids and La Porte City. 


Valerie ~ Will you see your 'Alabama family' for Christmas?  Tell us about your crochet projects! :crocheting


Judy ~ How wonderful that your goddaughter loves crocheting. :manyheart   Are you working on anything now?


Hi to those I've missed.


Better get laundry started.  Have a good morning, House. ♥♥♥

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Hi, ladies!

Using the iPad has made me lazy about typing since I can scan the posts way too fast. But I have been here.


Making a patchwork baby ghan with donated squares I added to. Not much else going on in that area.



I see a lady named Holly has come on in to the House. Welcome!


Linda I am so thrilled you will be near family and old friends. That's priceless!!


Off I go....

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Hello housemates!


Mary, I'm making 2 of the heartwarming fans I made for another customer last year.  It's the one with shells and the hearts on both ends of the afghan.  One is going to buff with dark chocolate and light chocolate hearts.  The other is aran with light raspberry and raspberry hearts.  I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done.


Holly - welcome.


Enjoy the rest of today all.

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Hello everyone. It's really busy at work this weekend. The roads weren't too bad, considering that freezing rain continued half the night. We are supposed to get quite a bit of freezing rain overnight again followed by 4 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow. Then it's supposed to get bitterly cold and snow some more. However, I will take snow over ice any day. The freezing rain was predicted to start around 4, but it's 6:30 now and none yet. I'm hoping it's not as bad as predicted because I have to work tomorrow.


Linda, it seems to me that making the decision to move to Iowa will be one of the hardest parts of moving. Of course the Midwest winters might be right up there too!


Judy, I mostly post from an iPad and it is slow going. My laptop is old and works well, but it takes a long time to boot up, so I don't use it much.


Hi, Holly. Hope your relatives have safe travels.


Val, have you done any car shopping yet?


Mary, my grandsons are fun, but they tire me out too.


Joanne, I can barely believe that you are having thunderstorms when we are being hit so hard by winter. Dh tells me that quite a few areas are having unusually warm weather.


Well, I'm going to go knit for awhile.

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Holly, welcome to Our House!  Glad to have you join us.  Hope your brother has a safe trip to your place.


WOW!  Was it ever busy today!  My highest sales ever.  I was on my feet all but about 20-30 minutes so I'm tired and heading for bed early tonight.


Take care in all the screwy weather going on out there.


Talked to my middle brother tonight and he was very happy to hear that I'm moving back.  Their package arrived today and he had already opened his gift.   :lol   He's a character.

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Holly - welcome to the House!  Looking forward to getting to know you.


Joanne - looking forward to seeing your knitted work. 


Linda - glad you've made the decision to move closer to family. 


Cindy - hope you're safe in your comings and goings in this crazy weather.


Linda - sounds like a great day for you!!


Val - hoping you find a great vehicle.


Mary - would rather have had the thunderstorms instead of this ice storm :(


Well, we have about 1/2 inch of ice, ugh.  DH had to go to work this morning (very, very early) but he made it safely to and from HL.  We had the grandsons and they slept in--till 6:30 LOL.  On a school morning, DD can't get them up but on Saturday and Sunday they are up way tooooooo early!!  We had a good time watching movies and playing.  Didn't go to karate because of the ice (didn't want to clean off the car to go).  But had to clean it off later in the day.  We're still supposed to get some more tonight.  DH has to work again tomorrow but he will get Christmas Eve and Christmas off, so it will be worth it. 


Got an afghan made for Missy Snuggles (the boys requested I make her a blankie), so it's ready to be wrapped and put under the tree.  That will make 3 gifts under the tree.  I really need to get out tomorrow and get the shopping done.  Didn't get my bonus until yesterday (was surprised I got it early) so I'm ready to get all the shopping done and then we start on the cookie making.   Everyone stay safe and warm!!!  Hugs to all.

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I finally finished the crochet Christmas presents - dresses for the girls' dolls. I'll take pictures when the girls open them on Christmas Eve. Next I need to get the little photo albums for the family done... I haven't been able to get into them this year. But now, I have 3 nights to finish, so I have to just power through, feeling it or not!

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morning, ladies!


Linda, I'm like your brother....can't  wait! :P


Holly, where do you live?Good that your rother got started :lol


Sherry, stay safe in that ice!! And my dogs have 3 nests of blankets around the house - not counting what coves beds! Being GSDs the blankets are big ;)


Cindy - yup, snow is better than driving in ice! I'm typing on thedesktop right now, or I might notbe writing even this much!


I'm assembling the blue and brown squares into a small blankie for the NICU and slowly knitting my scarf but not much else. Reading The OrphanTrain for book club as well as a cozy mystery, a Scott Turow mystery....I have ADD with books, too - not just crochet projects, though my crocheting has hit a wall right now. Eventually I'll get back in gear.


Joanne, Mary - everyone - have a great Sunday!

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Good morning, all.  It's been raining all night and all morning so the ground is soggy and boggy.  Sweet Pea got sooo wet when we went for the morning walk, her fur is all in corkscrew curls now.


Cindy, that's a LOT of ice.  Be very careful.  I'm sure that Miss Snuggles will love her blanket.  It's so sweet that the GSs suggested it.  Yay, for an early Christmas bonus!


Judy, I think I've got at least two or three books in progress at the moment.  You aren't the only one.  And as for quilting and crochet projects.  Don't ask!  Way too many.  My friend Jenny at Prayer Shawl Group said that my goal for next meeting is to finish ONE item that's in the works.   :lol


My friend, Tina, was in the hospital for two days this week with difficulty breathing.  Went home Wednesday and back in Thursday after being blinded by the sun and rear ending a large pickup.  Both vehicles were totaled.  Tina has a broken rib, bruised lung, compression fracture in her back, and possibly a broken bone in her foot.  They were doing x-rays of it when I saw her on Friday.  It was super swollen and very, very bruised.  They're worried about her developing pneumonia, if she didn't/doesn't already have it.  They never did figure out just what was going on earlier in the week.  Congestive heart failure and pneumonia were both possibilities.  Her heart checked out okay although her blood pressure was and still is bouncing up and down, with the up being dangerously high.  I hope they figure that out before they dismiss her again.


Holly, the picture of you and your girls is adorable.  How old are they?  By the way, Sweet Pea is my miniature poodle.  I qualify as a senior citizen, which seems really, really wrong.  I've been knitting and crocheting 50+ years.  My grandmother taught me to crochet and my mom taught me to knit.  This is a great place to hang out, and we hope to get to know you better as time goes on.  


Wishing you all a good day.   :hug

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Linda - that picture with my girls is a year old. Now they are 8 1/2 and 3 1/2. Alicia is in 3rd grade and Samantha (Sami Jo)  might go to preschool in the fall. They are both summer birthdays, which is a lot of fun.


My mom had tried to teach me to crochet in high school and it didn't go anywhere. About 10 years ago, she tried again and I started making granny squares for a blanket. And for some reason I stopped and never picked it up again. I know that those squares are somewhere and I recently came across that yarn again. Then last spring one of my high school friends showed a bunch of us how to crochet and it's taken off.

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Good afternoon housemates!


Cindy, I've looked on line.  However, I did see a Ford escape for sale up the street from me.  I will check it out tomorrow as it's a very rainy day in Georgia.  Of course, I'll have my mechanic to check it out before I make a purchase.


Holly, my experience with crochet is similar to yours.  My mom tried to teach me but I had more important things to do back then.  About 12 years ago, I tried learning from a lady and she couldn't answer all my questions.  About 2 months after trying with her, I watched and listened to someone teaching another person and she answered my question.  I've been crocheting 12 years.  Your daughters are beautiful.  I'm a Bama girl living in Georgia with 1 of my 3 sisters and her 2 grown kids and 2 grandkids.  Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


Sherry, be careful out in that ice.  I hope you can get all your shopping done.


Linda, praying for your friend Tina.


Happy Sunday all!

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Hi all


I was at DD's early this morning since belle had to go to the groomer and my son-in-law got stuck at work last night and had to sleep. Then I came home and DH and I went grocery shopping this afternoon I went back over to dd and played with the boys so dd could wrap gifts.


Welcome Holly. I taught myself to crochet in mar 2009 by watching you tube videos. I have been knitting this year also by watching yiu tube. I have 3 adult daughters. My youngest is the only one married and I have two grandsons who I affectionately refer to as R&R. They are 2 1/2 and 9 mos old. Being a Grammie is the best!!


Hope all are staying safe in the ice. It was almost70 here today. Rain and t storms are forecast for tonite


Off to make dinner.

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Hello ladies. The predicted ice arrived, but it was mixed with snow so it was a little easier to drive on. Work was extremely busy today. I'm off tomorrow and work again Tuesday.


Linda, I think the store will probably be busy right up to Christmas. Had to laugh about your brother not being able to wait for Christmas.


Sherry, glad you had fun with the boys. They must be really excited for Christmas.


Val, my youngest dd has a Ford Escape and really likes it. I've only driven it once and thought it was a nice vehicle to drive.


I did not sleep well the Last couple of nights. I'm going to read a bit this evening, and hopefully get to bed early.

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Hi Ladies,


Holly, Welcome!


This is going to be short Maya is here and waiting patiently for grandma. Went Christmas shopping yesterday and wrapped half the gifts until I ran out of paper. Are family dinner was cancelled at the hall due to the ice storm. But my sister that we stay at her house invited everyone that wanted to come to come to her house. All knowing she didn't have any electric. There was 14 of us. I had cooked the turkey last night so we just cooked the potatoes, veggies and made gravy and had a delicious meal. Dessert was apple cake, pumpkin and pecan pie. I have a lot of family member without power. Two brothers, a sister, my aunt and 2 cousins. There saying some people may not get power until Saturday. One brother and his wife are staying at there ex-sil's. My other brother I don't know what they did. My sister her oven heated her home and will tonight to. My aunt has a kerosene heater and one of her grandsons and his family is there with them. The other cousin is staying home. I wish I didn't live so far away as we would make room.

We met DD and got Maya today. Tomorrow I have to call and see if the doctors office is open before heading out. There is so much ice damage and thousands of people without power across Michigan. I shared a picture of my sisters road on facebook. It's a straight road with room for 2 cars to pass but not now with trees hanging over the road. No wires though. The road she lives on people at one point had a choice between 2 companies. Everyone on her have the same company. Everyone on the surrounding roads have a different company. Tonight when we left you could see they all had lights. I hope that little shuman road gets there's back real soon.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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good morning, peeps!!


Be careful, those of you with icy roads! We have rain....again...but the temps will be dropping to normal today and below normal for Christmas! It wouldn't have been possible to have a cozy fire going on Christmas if the weather stayed this way.


Yesterday I mixed the dough for the kruschiki (not sure if I mentioned it already) so today I'll cut out the cookies, and tomorrow will cook them. I'll have the Christmas Carol on my TV while I cook them....my own little tradition. It's the Alastair Sim version.


Have a good day my friends!

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Good morning ladies. Cold and snowing here. The trees were coated in ice and now they have a thin coating of snow as well. It's actually really beautiful, seeing as I don't have any place to go today. Dh is going out though. We need wood pellets for our stove and my car needs gas, so I gave him a grocery list. I don't need much, but we are out of fresh veggies, except for carrots.


Many people around here are without power, but ours is on, so I have laundry going. Ds lost power Sunday night, but his came back in about 8 hours. Many iof my co-workers may be without power until the weekend though. Unfortunately, it is bitterly cold here, and predicted to stay that way for several days.


Last night I knit about a foot on a scarf. I'm getting a little faster at knitting, but it's still slow going.


I am ready for Christmas. I don't have any cookies left, but I still have dough in the fridge, so I will bake that up later this week. Our family won't get together to open gifts until Saturday. We usually get together on Christmas Eve, but dd and dsil couldn't make it.


Marlene, I was dodging downed trees and low hanging branches on my way to work yesterday. The roads were not good, but they were better than expected.


Well, better get back to the laundry. Will likely be back later.

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Hi and good morning.  Woke up to a phone call this morning.  I had tried to check out nearby colleges for some arts coursework and had about decided that that wasn't a possibility by the end of my search.  But in the process, I had to fill out my name address and some education basics.  I woke up to a call from them wanting more info.  When I said that I already had two Bachelor's degrees, one in Psychology and one in Accounting, I got this "Oh!??" in response.  :think  Poor guy.  It has given me a bunch of chuckles since then.  I didn't add that I was a Diploma RN as well.  That would only have increased his confusion.  I know.  Those accomplishments just don't go together very often.  In fact, only very rarely.  What can I say?  I'm unique.  Just like my ability to write legibly with both hands.  And wanting classes in art now.   :lol   He ended by saying that they were set up to help students find degree programs, not classes for enrichment.  Not surprising that that was what I'd already figured out.  I'm still chuckling at his responses.   :lol  


It isn't actually raining at the moment but feels like it could at any moment.  80% chance of rain through noon, then it drops to 10%.  But it's to get below zero every day this week with it reaching 19* to 20* Tuesday and Wednesday morning.   :wbrr   And not get above 50* during the day for the whole week.  :eek It's 54* at the moment, but supposed to be dropping steadily throughout the day.    :ohdear   Yuck!!!


Stay careful in the ice and snow.  Hope power comes back quickly for those without it at the moment.

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Linda, I took water color and acrylic painting classes from an artist in her studio. I also know of stained glass classes and weaving classes that are offered around here. If that is the sort of thing you are looking for, it might be something to check out. I found these through our local school systems community education office.


If you are looking more for something like art history, etc, I have also heard that if college classes aren't full you can "audit" them (meaning you sit in class but don't earn credit), for a fee. I've never looked into this, so I don't know if it is true. Kendall College of Art and Design here, offers what they call adult enrichment classes. These are non credit classes offered to the general public. Maybe a google search would turn up something in your area. I suspect that a university wouldn't offer these, but a smaller college might.

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