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Our House Part Two

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Good Morning!


Judy ~ Yay for being able to go out to dinner today!  I hope you have a wonderful day. :manyheart


Linda ~ Thanks for the thumbs up about the movie.  I'm glad you had a good visit with Rosie and John. :yes  I'm so glad that your DD and GS are okay and hope DD can find just the right car!


Marisa ~ Feel better soon! :hug  Will you be going back home for Christmas?


Joanne ~ Breakfast with Santa sounded really fun.  Santa has delivered things for the boys to our house...Luke is already looking for hiding places. :lol 


Sherry ~ I hope Snuggles is doing okay with the cast. :yes   I'll bet the GSs are really getting excited about Christmas!


Hi to Valerie, Cindy, Marlene and the rest of the House, too!  :manyheart


It's finally warming up a bit and we have a yard full of leaves to rake.  They've been buried under the ice until a couple of days ago. ;)





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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Good morning. Still snowing........


Nothing much to report here. Dd came over so I can't work on her cowl. Guess I'll just sit around and read or knit.


Happy birthday, Judy. ( no clue how to post emoticons from my iPad, except for a smilie face)

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Judy, a Very Happy Birthday!   :clap    :clap    :clap 


I went to Goodwill this afternoon and got a bunch of books, many of the SciFi/Fantasy, and all of them half price.  Also got 5 shirts, only two of them full price.  Several miscellaneous things, too.  And most of it half price.


I've done it again!   :D   I've repaired an afghan for my friend, Carol R, which had a bunch of cigarette burns in it.  Another new challenge, and another success.  The only spot that is fairly easy to find is the largest hole, where two of the rows are in lavendar and the new yarn isn't a perfect match with the old.  But it's not bad, and not that noticeable unless you are looking for it.  Color me very pleased.  Tomorrow I'm going to start looking for yarn to match the afghan my Grandmother made for my son and which he took scissors to.  He was aged 9 at the time, but I could have killed him.  It's one of the last ones she ever made.  He "wanted to see what would happen if he cut it up the center of the Vs and along the lines."  You make large holes in it!!!!  Matching the yarn will be the most difficult thing as this was done with yarn from the late 70s or early 80s.  However, those colors are back in style, so maybe I'll get lucky.  It's a ripple afghan where she crocheted in the back loop only of all the rows.  Sigh!  

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Linda, WTG on the afghan repair. It must give you a real feeling of accomplishment. Good luck with the afghan your grandma made.


It's STILL snowing! I am not looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow at all!


Good night friends.

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Hi Ladies,


Cindy, It finally quite snowing here. Hopefully it has at your house to so they can have the road nice and clean for your trip to work in the morning.


Judy, I hope you had a wonderful day today. Glad the weather cooperated so you could go out for dinner with DS.


Linda, So nice that you can fix Carol's afghan. Good luck on the one your grandma made.


Mary, This is such a fun age with the little ones. They say and do the cutest things.


I talked to SD today so we could make plans for Christmas and that would also let us know where we were leaving from for Texas. She wants to keep Christmas with her and the kids on Christmas Eve like we've always done. So we will have Christmas at DD's and leave from there for Texas. Which puts us two hours out on the road.

I tried to put perm curlers in my hair today so I could perm it but my hand won't allow it so I guess I'm going to go get it permed.

Hope everyone stays safe and warm! Have a nice Monday!

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I've started a baby afghan for the neighbor in the next building who is expecting a little girl this month.  They already have a little boy who is adorable.  She's very sweet.  I've gotten one lavender and bold pink 12" square done so far this evening.  8 more to go.


Carole's afghan is far from perfect, but it's so much better than it was.  I learned a lot in doing it.


Have a good night and a good day tomorrow.


I finally got through to a real person at comcast tonight.  They were unable to fix the problem over the phone, so a technician will be coming over to check things out on Tuesday afternoon between 3 & 5 pm.  It could be connection outside or the box itself could be bad.

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Good morning


Linda- glad that you finally got someone at Comcast and that you should have your tv reception back on tuesday. Kudos on the repair job!!


Marlene- Prayers for your cousin.


Finally got some pictures uploaded so here are the bulky cowls, the fingerless mitts and DH's knitted scarf. The first pic of the knitted scarf is much closer to the actual color  of the 'coffee beanz" yarn I used.


Have a good Monday, friends!






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Good morning housemates!


Just realized I didn't check in yesterday.  Got up running errands and didn't get back home to sit for good until after 11 pm.  Spent most of the evening babysitting for my best friend's son that just moved here from NC.


Judy - Happy Belated Birthday.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Today is my youngest sister's birthday.


Marlene - I will go and buy the VGA cord and give it a try.  Praying for your cousin.


Linda - WTG on repairing Carol's afghan.  I think of you every time I see a posting of a damaged afghan.


Joanne - Love the scarves and gloves.


Cindy - Sorry you had to cancel dinner.  Have a great day at work.  Be safe!


Mary - I'm glad you're from under the ice.  Luke is smart.


Well, I didn't go to bed until 5 am...got up to drop my nephew off at work sooooo I'm going to lay down for a bit more.


Have a marvelous Monday everybody.



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Joanne - beautiful gifts!  I'm sure they will be well loved!  I got 2 owl potholders done--was making on for GS teacher and one for DIL.  Well, little man wanted an owl for his teacher (tried to explain that the teacher collects owls, wouldn't have anything to do with that), so I made another owl for him.  Now I'm almost finished with the 3rd owl which is now for DIL.  Scarf will go to someone else.


Mary - hope things are going well for you today.  We're warming up to 60!!!!  But then Friday, the back door will be open again and all that super cold air will be here again :(


Valerie - Glad to see your posts.


Linda - Glad you were able to repair the afghan.  I've done that for my godson (when he was three).  Good luck on the other one.


Judy - Happy Belated Birthday!!!


Had the youngest GS last night.  Oldest has strep, so we separated them in hopes that the little one won't get it.  So that put an end to my crocheting as we went to bed really, really early!!  Everyone have a great day today!!!  I'll be crocheting and baking cookies tonight--no meetings this week!! 

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Good morning!  It's chilly and breezy, but the sun is out.  Everything froze again last night.  When I pick up Sweet Pea's deposits the grass breaks.  This is like the 4th or 5th day in a row that has happened.  The cars are heavily frosted every morning, too.


I'll be delivering Carole's afghan later today.


Val, get some shut-eye and we'll see you later.  Thanks for thinking of me with the damaged afghans.   :lol   I'm still thinking/dreaming about that particular niche as a possible home business.  Each success gives me a little more incentive and a little more expertise.


Sherry, you might be surprised.  The teacher may very well like the owl potholder.


Joanne, those are truly gorgeous gifts.   :clap    :clap    :clap


I've got a few more things to pick up at the grocery store.  Like Puffs.  I'm on my last box.   :sick   The smiley is overkill, but my nose is drippy.


Marlene, I'm pulling for your cousin today.


Have a good Monday, all.   BBL   :manyheart

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:flake                                    :flake                                           :flake                                             :flake


More snow coming tonight and quiting in the morning. This is the most snow we've had and the second year in six that we have had to shovel before going to Texas. I've got a feeling it's going to be a cold winter there to. Has anyone noticed it is staying lighter outside as night time is coming.

We went to see Gordy and Mary today. Mary is doing good. Gordy would be doing better is he would quit smoking. He was complaining it was hard for him to breathe the other night. But his cigarettes layed right there. He didn't smoke well we were there though. And he usually will have one or two. He's developed some kind of rash that won't go away. He did show it to the doctor but she is a ding bat and said she didn't know what it was, put some A&D ointment on it. She is why I would never doctor here. We had her once when hubby went to the hospital and they admitted him.

Maya is coming either Friday or sunday, to stay with us a couple of days before we go to Texas.

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts for my cousin. I'm going to see if her girls posted anything on facebook.

Hope everyone stays warm!  :ctree

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Well, 3rd owl is done :)  Now on to the towel toppers.  They work up fast and hopefully I'll get them done tomorrow morning in my hour before work starts and tomorrow night.  It's nice this week that I don't have to go and get the boys.  DD is finished with this semester.  I'm going to try to work on DD's afghan for a while before I go to bed.


Marlene, it's been colder here in Oklahoma than ever before this early.  We're expecting an another "polar express" this weekend with possible snow.  I don't handle the cold well, so it's hard for me.  I'm hoping that wherever you go in Texas, that it will be warmer than here. 


Linda - hope you're feeling better this evening.  I'll let you know if the teacher says anything about her "surprise" owl. 


Well I'd better go and get a round or two done on the afghan!!  have a great evening all.  Stay warm and safe!  Hugs to all.

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Good morning,


It is snowing again! This has been a lot of snow so far for us here in NJ--especially in Dec--although granted it is not as much as some of you have been getting!  I only think we are supposed to get about 3 inches--but time will tell. I'll be calling in soon to work to see if we have a delayed opening.


Sherry- Glad you got the 3rd owl done. I think they'll make great gifts!!


Marlene- Keeping your cousin in my prayers! Have fun with Maya --I know you will!!!


Linda- That's awesome that you are able to repair afghans- I think it could be a little niche you set you for yourself. How is DD feeling?


Marisa- Hope you are on the mend!


Val- Hope you were able to get some rest- and that the VGA cord will do the trick!


Cindy, Judy, Mary- and everyone- Happy tuesday!


Stay warm! :wgrin

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Good morning. Snowing again! It looks like we picked up several inches overnight, but I hear then plowing, so I probably won't have any trouble going to the doctor. I'll grocery shop afterwards.


Joanne, we are also getting an unusually large amount of snow for December.


Judy Amazon has a Free Kindle book today that features Mycroft Holmes and Dr Watsons son:




It sounds humorous, but also a bit hard boiled, which isn't usually my style.

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morning, peeps!


Cindy, thanks for the link - I'll give a free SH book a try anytime!


We must be going to get rain later, as forecasted....I have a body barometer like Linda does.


I guess you went to work, Joanne. Stay safe - there's some sneaky ice hidden under the fluffy white stuff!

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I'm home again. However, no grocery shopping. It began snowing before I left for the dr, and by the time I was done there, it was snowing so hard that I could barely see to drive, so I opted to head for home. I stopped at the store on our corner for milk, and if necessary, we can make do until next week.


I frogged the HDC chunky cowl I was making. After I saw pictures of Joanne's cowls, I thought mine looked bad. I'm trying out some different stitches and will try again.


I am going to spend the next hour wrapping stocking stuffers for the grandsons. Of course I have to make sure that they all get the same number of gifts.


Guess I'd better get moving on that. Probably ought to work on laundry too.

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Good afternoon housemates!


I hope all is well with everyone.


Linda - I think the repairing of crochet items is a good business.  There are so many people needing it and very few that can do it.


Sherry - I think the own potholders are good gifts for the teacher.


Cindy - Sorry you weren't able to get your groceries but glad you can make it without them.  Looking forward to seeing pictures of your cowl.


Marlene - good for you getting some time with Maya before you leave for Texas.  I hope it's not too cold there for you this winter.


Judy, Joanne, Mary and Marisa...hope you're having a great Tuesday.

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Good morning, all.  I'm just really getting going.  I stayed up way too late watching Christmas movies and wrapping Christmas gifts for mailing.  Doing more watching than wrapping I'm afraid.  And thinking of the recipients and our relationships.  And saying some prayers for each of them.


Sherry, Marisa, and Val ~ I need your addresses, please.  My cards will undoubtedly be late, but I want to include you.


I just realized, I never posted this.  Sigh!  Not sure where my head is today.


Comcast guys were just here and fixed the TV in about 30 minutes.  Nice clear picture on all channels and no more static on any of the channels.  Yay!!!

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Good evening

Yes, Judy, I did go to work- it actually wasn't a terrible commute- My street was covered but once out onto the main roads, it was fine.  We got a little ice during the afternoon, so had to scrape off my car when I left work- again, though, the roads were fine.


Linda- Glad that your tv is fixed!!!!


Cindy- did you get the gifts wrapped? And do you have an even #? I have to get one more thing for Robbie to even the score....not that either of them would know....but I will!!


Val- Are you working on any crochet afghans? Don't know why that question just popped into my head--but I guess it's because you were on an afghan making roll for a while.


Mary- So...did you start another saltine ghan?


Sherry- Enjoy your evenings without any meetings!


Dinner is ready so off I go. Chicken noodle soup and sandwiches! Great way to use up leftover chicken- and on a chilly night- there's nothing like soup!


Have a good night!

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Hi Ladies,


Joanne, All your items you made are great gifts.


Sherry, I hope we don't have to cold of a winter. Our first one was and I didn't expect it and didn't take to many clothes for winter. I was leaving winter behind. lol  I need to go check out the farmers almanac. I think your owl potholders will be  big hit.


Linda, Glad your tv is fixed now.


Cindy, Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for shopping.


Hubbys heart cath is tomorrow. Then were spending the night at my sisters. Thursday were going to hang with hubby's sister, bil and his mom. SIL and bil are remodeling there kitchen so they won't be taking a vacation this winter.

Maya called tonight. She wanted to know how old I was. So I told her to remember grandma was 50 when she was born and add her age to it. Will see if that helps her remember. She said her Mom had me 52 and I said I wish.

Hopefully I can pick my glasses up in the morning before we have to be at the hospital.

My cousin came through her surgery well. Hopefully tomorrow she will be going home. Thanks for all her prayers!

Hope everyone has a great week.

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