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Our House Part Two

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Good Morning!  We are locked in with major ice and sleet - we have some "drifts" up to a foot against one side of the house.  Needless to say, we're not going out today. :lol   We are so fortunate to have power - lots of areas don't.  We have all underground utulities, so that helps.


I'm helping DH with some reports -  his last day at work is coming up in 2 weeks.  I hope everyone is safe and warm!  BBL

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Yikes, Mary! You are lucky to have underground utilities! Stay warm!


Joanne, I am enjoying the new yarn. I just wish I hadn't stopped knitting for so long. Otherwise I would be a bit faster by now.


Linda, is your tv reception better?


Stay warm everybody! The weather here is getting colder already and by the morning it will really have arrived!


Using my iPad to type here. Nice and easy to use, but I have to make sure my time spent in a hard chair is short.


Later gators

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Good Evening, Just a quick hello!  DH has gone to get the GSs.  Little one called and asked if I'd come and get him so he could spend the night but I told him he'd have to ask PaPa as I'm not getting out just yet--still too icy for me.  So he talked to PaPa and he said he'd come get him and then he asked if he wanted to talk to the other GS.  Of course, he wants to come to  LOL.  So my house will be filled with little boys laughing and playing in just a few minutes.


Mary - stay safe and warm!  We got almost 6 inches of snow but there was sleet and freezing rain before that.  Another round tomorrow night :(  And the low tonight is going to be the lowest we've ever had here since they've been recording temps (like the late 1800's).  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Marlene hope the appt went well for DH. 


Well, I'd better go and get ready for the little ones!!  Have a great evening all and stay warm!!!

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Hi all,

Like Judy said, the temps dropped today- still nothing like some of you are getting--I think that is headed East on Sunday. It's been raining and is now in high 30's--and still dropping. When I left for work this morning it was in the mid-high 50's.


Stay safe!!!

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Hi!  I went to Walmart for meds and misc.  Then went to Office Supply for folders, journals, dividers, and paper.  Then back home.  Today instead of being a uniform grey like the last several days, the sky was dark grey and black with several down bursts of rain.  The high was 74, so that wasn't too bad.  Tomorrow's high is supposed to be only 54.  Ouch!  My joints have been giving me fits today.  I didn't want to go out but had to.  My reward today was an eggnog milkshake at Steak and Shake.  Yummy!  Rich and packed with calories I'm sure.  I just haven't felt like keeping track of everything this week.


The binder, tabs, and paper are for a project that starts this week in "The Artist's Way."  I'm supposed to keep a Dream Book with lots of specifics for each dream, including pictures &/or drawings.  The binder is turquoise and the paper is cream colored.  The journals have Italian leatherette covers.  I've got some pictures collected on the computer.  I'll start printing them and putting them in the folder as soon as I hook up the printer.  Today was not the day for that.  Even my fingers hurt today.


Sherry, please stay safe in that weather mess you've got going on.  You, too, Mary.  I'm hoping we don't get any of that here.  You gals in the Northeast, please stay safe also.  


And, the TV continues to be on the fritz.

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Good Morning Ladies,


Sherry & Mary, Stay safe and warm! Glad you both still have your electricity.


Sherry, We have the three grandkids here this weekend to.


Mary, It sounds like are winters here with the wind blowing and making some deep snow drifts. If only all utility companies would bury there lines how much money that would save in the long run.


Linda, It sounds like you have another fun hobby starting. Hope you warm back up so your body won't ache so much.


Yesterday was a very long day. We got to the VA at 10 and never left there until 4:30. Hubby had a spell while in the cubicle getting his hearing test. They came out and got me and he was laying on the floor. He had severe chest pains, broke out in  a sweat and trouble breathing. This is the second time this week but yesterday was worse. And also had a spell like this at work. We all thought it was from the pain medicine he was on at that time. But all three times this has happened after he eats. They did blood work, ekg, and a chest xray. Again the heart was okay. The xray we don't know because they had to leave and go tend to someone else in an emergency situation. The nurse said the doctor who was seeing us is from Puerto Rico and just came there this year. He said he is such a good doctor and knowledgeable way be on there campus. That's what VA's need. We have to follow up in Texas at the VA with a cardiac doctor and they need to check his 20% blockage that was found in 2006. We see are doctor Monday so I will see if he can order another upper gi and see if there is a blockage going on when he eats. They did one after surgery to make sure there was no leaks but maybe something has happened inside. I'm going to call the nurse (from the surgery) and let them know what is going on to.

After all that we met DD and picked Maya up. Then we stopped to eat, and I had to go to two stores but just for a few items at each. It was 9:30 when we got home. Then I baked a peanut butter sheet cake for the funeral luncheon today now I have to make the frosting after I get my shower. Which is were I'm heading right now.

I hope everyone has a great day! Stay warm!

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'morning peeps!

Oh, Marlene, one thing after another! I hope DH is ok.... :hug


Linda, it sounds like you're getting a lot out of the Artist's Way! Good for you. And I know what it's like when your fingers hurt....gentle hugs for you.....


And, the TV continues to be on the fritz.

That's stinks!! Have you heard any update on getting it fixed?


And we had a ton of rain overnight - no snow.The ground is too warm for any to atick, plus the temps by us never got close to freezing. We'll get hit eventually - just not this time.


Stay safe everyone!


Hey, Joanne.....want to meet up one Saturday after the holidays??


Hi to everyone else....stay warm and cozy!

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Good morning. Gloomy and dreary here, with light snow falling. I'm not complaining though, it's nothing compared to other parts of the country. Mary and Sherry, hope you both still have electricity.


I had a good day at work yesterday, and came home to find dh cooking sinner. ( my dh NEVER cooks, except to grill or make pancakes, although he always cleans up after dinner), so that was a surprise. He's pretty inexperienced at cooking. I walk in the door, dh says: this recipe says 15 minute prep time, I've been at it of nearly an hour and I'm not quite done. Me, trying not to laugh as I look at dh surrounded by bowls, eggshells, spoons, measuring cups,spilled flour etc.,: well, it sure looks like you've been working hard. What are we having? Dh: Quiche. Yes, all that work for a quiche that did not even have a crust! The recipe he found called for a shredded potato, and that alone took him at least ten minutes. He says he enjoyed cooking and plans to make another meal next week. And for the record, it was very good. Next thing I know he'll be watching Food Network.


I am wondering if I have time to make each of my DD's one of those heavy knit or crochet cowls that are so popular right now? I'd crochet them of course. I already made them headbands so possibly I should turn my attention to something for ds and dsil. Not sure what I could make them though.


Dh and I plan to go to the small town nearby tonight, they have good restaurants, interesting shops, but more to the point, they make a huge deal out of Christmas, with decorations, music, free horse drawn carriage rides and more. I like the festive ness of it, and walking around town is an enjoyable way to get some exercise.


Marlene, wishing you strength for the day. Sorry that hubby is still having problems. Hope someone can get to the bottom of it soon.


Linda, hope today is a better day, pain wise.


Joanne, enjoy your days off. Any big plans?


I have my Christmas shopping at least 3/4 done. Amazon is my new best friend. I shopped from my comfy chair, and it will all be delivered to the house on Monday! I was too cheap to get things wrapped though. They charge $3.49 per item. Too bad too, I hate wrapping.


Well, better move along and get a few things done, have a great day, ladies.

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Well, on top of extremely low temps and ice/snow, we just had an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!  Not a good feeling--it was either a 4.5 or 4.8; big boom and then the house shook for about 15 seconds.  Really, really unnerving.  We had the boys and they are big eyes and asking what it the world was that. 


Boys went outside for a while this morning and helped DH shovel the driveway plus DD pulled them on a sled that was left here.  They plan on going out again.  We also plan to make cookies in a little while.


Marlene - hope they discover what's wrong with DH. 


Cindy - glad you have most of your shopping done.  Not sure I'll get to do much more, I need my Christmas bonus to finish and I'm not sure I'm going to get one :( 


I have gotten started on a dinosaur for DIL, have it almost done except for stuffing and eyes (need to get some).  the boys are excited that I'm making a toy for her, although they don't understand why she wants a toy LOL.


Well, I'd better find my recipe for the cookies.  Have a great day!!  Hugs to all and stay warm and safe.

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Happy Saturday, everyone. :flake  Hi from frozen North Texas - it was 13* this a.m. and is only 19* now!  Needless to say, nothing is melting and there is no way we will be going anywhere!  I've yet to see anyone drive on our street - no mail yesterday and no UPS delivery that was supposed to be here yesterday.


Judy ~ So glad you're enjoying your new iPad!  Are you working on anything right now?


Sherry ~ How great to have the grandsons with you!  Enjoy your weekend...are you as housebound as we are? ;)


Marlene ~ Oh, I sure hope your DH feels better soon.  Please let us know what your doctor says. :hug   How long will Maya be with you all?


Linda ~ It's so hard not to have TV working right - it's good company while crocheting/crafting!  Your newest Dream Book project sounds good. :yes   Keeping fingers crossed that your aching joints are better today. :hug:manyheart


Cindy ~ Loved your description of your DH's cooking! :D   Have fun this evening!  I need to be on Amazon, too - but am still waiting for some ideas for DD's nieces and one other. 


Marisa ~ Can't wait to hear about your date!


Hi to Valerie, Joanne and those I've missed. :manyheart


I'm going to do some baking and make another batch of Chex mix - plus it feels good when the oven is on. :lol

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Hi ladies!


I have been a bad hooker....

There are so many free game apps on iPad that I am obsessed.

Not to mention the fact that it's a dream reading my eBooks on it.


So....no knitting today and the unfinished throw is still awaiting my attention.


I'm having a lot of fun, though!


Have a good night my friends.

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Please keep my little puppy, Missy Snuggles in your prayers and thoughts. She jumped off the couch tonight and broker her leg.  DD and DH took her to the ER and they took xrays and gave her pain meds and told us that another vet would have to do the surgery.  The vet they recommended was the vet that we have used for years (when we lived in the country).  he's a long ways from us but it will be worth the drive for him to do the surgery.  It's also $1000 cheaper for him to do it.  Littlest GS is soooo upset, he has cried and cried.  He's finally settled down some,  He feels like it's his fault even though he wasn't near her when it happened.  Will keep you updated on it.

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HI all,


Oh, Sherry- what a day you've had between the bad weather, the earthquake and now Missy Snuggles has a broken leg requiring surgery. Extra hugs coming your way!


Judy- I would love to meet up after the holidays! How about the 2nd Sat in Jan weather permitting? Nothing wrong with playing with your new toy- the hooking and needles will still be there waiting for you!  I've never been much of a 'gamer' but know that lots of folks enjoy them. I'm afraid I'd get nothing done if I started with them too!


Marlene- Hoping all is ok with DH and that they can figure out what is causing this chest pain!


Linda- That stinks about the TV- but I'm glad you are able to keep busy with so many other things! The weather does play havoc with our joints as we get older. I feel aches I never did before!


Cindy- I went over to DD's this afternoon and she showed me all the things she bought online on Cyber Monday- she got some really great deals!  I think I need to start doing some shopping from the comfort of my home as well!


DH and I did some shopping today and I was able to pick up a few more things for the boys and some small things for my DD's. I also finished the crochet cowl for my DD and brought it over to her since I know she had gotten a new coat. She loved it! Forgot to take a pic of it before I brought it over.


Mary- Hope you had fun baking! It is good to have the oven on especially when you have such cold temps. Our temps are dropping and it's starting to feel like winter again


Have a good night everyone!

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'morning, peeps!


Oh, Sherry - poor pup! It's hard to see our furbabies in pain. I hope she gets the surgery and recovers quickly!


Joanne, I penciled you in for Jan11th! Looking forward to seeing you after such a long time!


...and it's too easy for me to obsess on whater is the latest new thing in my life - I have to make an effort to stay balanced. For my own sanity! :lol


Well, looks like we're getting our storm later today into themorning hours. Snow....which will make  the furples very happy - as long as I'm out in the yard to help with the entertainment! ;) Hoping it's not the heavy, wet kind, for the sake of our power lines :P


Have a good day!

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Good Sunday morning!


Sherry ~ :hug  Hugs to all of you.  It's so hard when our furbabies get hurt.  With all your reassurance, your gs will soon understand it's not his fault. :manyheart


We might get to 30* today, so a little melting could happen.  It's still a solid thick sheet of ice everywhere - we haven't seen one neighbor leave home since Thursday night.  No mail or paper since Thursday, either! Yes, we can now start saying 'cabin fever.'  :lol   We are truly lucky to have power and supplies. :yes


I got 1/2 way through a scarf pattern yesterday and realized there was a mistake in the pattern.  Teach me not to pay better attention!  So, I may go back to one of my favorites again. 


Have a good morning! ♥♥♥



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Hello ladies. Super cold here today, it's supposed to snow, but so far it's dry.


We went out for dinner last night and walked through town admiring the decorations. It was only 15 degrees, but we weren't the only ones out there. It wasn't too bad, we dressed for the weather.


I finished the cowl I started yesterday morning and would like to get another one done before Christmas, but I can't work on it today as dd came over, and I plan to give it to her for Christmas. I also added a big flower to the headband I made the other day. I could see a definite line where the rounds joined and it bothered me, so I decided to cover it up. I will probably do some knitting today.

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It's snowing!!! DD and the boys were going to come over today, but it's snowing pretty hard so she's going to stay home--that is unless it stops in the next hour or so, which I doubt!


Judy- Marked my calendar for the 11th- can't wait to see you! Glad we have underground power lines although it didn't seem to matter with Sandy and being without power for 10 days! LOL


Cindy- I'm going to start a chunky cowl for middle DD today with some Wool Ease thick and quick. I did some more knitting on my cowl, but figure I should get the cowl done for her--especially since she saw a chunky one in Gap and commented on how she wouldn't buy it since I can make one for her! LOL


Mary- I often find myself going back to 'tried and true' patterns. I hope the ice starts to melt. I'd have cabin fever too!


Sherry, Val, Marlene, Marisa, Linda and all- hope you have a good Sunday!

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It's snowing really hard here now too. Guess that means I will have to drive to work on snowy roads tomorrow.


Joanne, what cowl pattern are you using? I used this pattern :

http://www.domesticblisssquared.com/2012/12/last-minute-cowl-crochet-pattern.html as inspiration to make a "V stitch in the round" cowl. I used two strands of WW yarn and an L hook, because I don't have any heavier yarn. I really like how it turned out, but want to try something different for the next one.

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Hi, all.  Worked from noon to 6:00 pm yesterday.  Then came home to change clothes and let Sweet Pea out.  Then to my friend's house to watch her dad as she and her husband went to her company's Christmas party.  I'm one of the few they trust to leave him with.  He's 98 and has Alzheimer's disease.  He was so easy to care for this time.  Carole was okay, but her hubby worried all the time they were gone.  Evidently he's gotten much harder to care for on a day to day basis.  But for me he was so good.  Made me feel good to be able to let them have a night out.  They are both getting very worn out.  Care taking is HARD work.


I took pain pills yesterday so my joints were cooperating.  It's getting steadily colder, but so far nothing but rain and grey skies to contend with.  Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be really cold again.  Just looked at the forecast.  It's temps in the 20s and 30s for most of this week starting on Tuesday.  It's 50 right now.


Mary and Sherry, please stay safe in this weather.


Sherry what a day you had with an earthquake, the bad weather, and Miss Snuggles getting hurt.  Hope the surgery goes well and she makes a full recovery.

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Cindy. I just ch 78 then did a row of hdc and then joined so it wouldn't twist. I did 4 rows of hdc followed by 2 rows of hdc in BLO and then 4rows of hdc and 2 rows hdc BLO. I'm winging it and we'll see how it turns out.


That was nice if u to give your friends a break Linda


Still snowing but supposed to turn to freezing rain later this evening.


Back to football and the cowl.

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Hi Ladies,


Mary, Maya was just with us this for the weekend. I like baking when it's cold to. Stay warm!


Sherry, You sure had quite the day. I sure hope Miss Snuggles recovers from her surgery quickly. Poor GS, I hope he feels better to.


Linda, Have you reported your tv troubles to the cable company? It was really nice of you to sit for your friends to enjoy an evening out.


Judy, I can get in the game mode to. My grandma use to sit at the dining room table and play solitaire for hours. Especially if the baseball game was on the radio, because it was right behind where she set.


Joanne, Safe travels to work tomorrow.


Cindy, Thanks for the link. I like her headband and flower for it. Cute story of DH in the kitchen cooking. If he starts enjoying it enough he might even want to join some of those cook offs or want his own show. My hubby cooks. He likes cooking dinner more than breakfast. Safe travels to work tomorrow.


Yesterday was a nice time with everyone. Except that we found out my cousin has cancer. She went in last week for surgery and a polp came back cancer. She is going tomorrow morning to see the surgeon and plans to tell him a complete hysterectomy. She has ovarian cancer and has a sister that does to. The sister isn't doing anything about it. She doesn't have insurance and she said God will take care of her. One of there nephews was in a car accident it was his fault and they think he passed out. And his brother had some blood work done and got a phone call from his doctor telling him to get to ER right now. I don't know what that was about. I'm glad the year is coming to an end and we can all start over with a new beginning.

Hubby still has a headache and was sick from it today. I'm glad he has an appt tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great Monday. Stay warm and be safe!

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Oh, Marlene, I hope they figure out what is wrong with hubby quickly.   :hug


It's been a quiet day here.  I've only been outside to let Sweet Pea out.  Just being quiet and resting and reading.


Take care on Monday in this weather.   :manyheart

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Morning, peeps!!

Marlene it sounds like you are ready for a new year for sure!! Hugs, sweetie. And whe I was a kid we listened to the ball games on radio all the time. Now when they're on tv I do my best crocheting :)


Linda, we're hibernating today even though the overnight rain melted most of the snow where we live. Too icy up north for hubby to drive for work so he's home too.


Stay warm and safe my friends

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