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Our House Part Two

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Well I finally double checked the pattern for the crib quilt as something seemed off.  Yup!  I was right.  I still have two rows worth of squares to do.  I had it in my head it was 5 blocks by 7 blocks, but it's supposed to be 5 blocks by 9 blocks.  Oh well, I have the rest of it joined.  Will have to make 5 more 9-patch blocks.  Then get the next rows together and joined.  Still okay, but a little frustrated with myself.  At least I caught the mistake now instead of after it was together.  Taking a short break, then I'll get back at it.

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi Ladies,


Sherry, Sorry things are so stressful at work. Will keep you in my prayers.


Mary, Glad you had some time with the GSs. DDs trip away sounds like a nice time.


Cindy, Glad you found the carpenter ants and was able to get rid of them. Hubby's sister and bil's deck was infested with them. They replaced the whole deck. It was a big project as it was a wrap around. Enjoy your week off.


Linda, Glad you got to meet up with your cousin and her family. Sorry you missed a step on the quilt, but at least you found it before it was to late.


Joanne, Glad you had some r&r and some fun time with the GS's and DD. There is nothing like the love of grandkids.


Judy, Can't wait to see your new floor. What is your book for book club?


Kiyo, So happy for you! Congratulations on your engagement and your hat orders. Your always a part of are family.


I had a fun weekend with the grandkids and the adult kids. Saturday we went to Maya's cheerleading. Her friend Colby plays football and was playing in the next game so we stayed and watched it until half time. Payton loved it!  Sunday we went to DS's soccer game he was reffing. I love soccer and it was an exciting game. DD and I were chatting with a lady until she asked if we had someone on one of the teams and DD said no, my brother is one of the refs. It was to funny! Like we had a disease or something.

We were rooting for both teams to.

Maya said Grandma I want to go home with you until Christmas. I wish she was that 3 year old again so she could. I told her she couldn't she has to go to school. And so did her Mom.

I have to go back to Maya's on Wednesday and stay until Thursday night. Friday morning we have to take Daisy in for her surgery. In the afternoon I have to pick Payton and Jocelyn up, then at 6pm we have to pick Daisy back up. A busy week for me.

I made a trip to the store today since I'll be busy the rest of the week.

Hope everyone has a great week. I'll be back when I can.

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Marlene, I can't remember the title of book club pick- just that I read a sample on my Nook and decided not to read it this month - only chose to read what I want to  read. :D

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Good morning. I couldn't sleep so I am up before the sun. Actually, I've been up a while, but it is almost 7 AM and it is still dark. Only thing on the schedule today is a dr appointment. This one with the Gyn, then tomorrow I have my yearly physical with my internist. It was just a coincidence that they are scheduled so close together.


I frogged that 10 stitch blanket yesterday, after it worked on it for another hour. It was easy, but I didn't like how it was looking. I started a diagonal box stitch blanket with the same yarn, and within an hour, I had used up all the yarn that it took me four or five hours to knit into that blanket. I really enjoy the rhythm of knitting, but I sure wish that it wasn't so slow!


Judy, I find myself reading more and more, but I no longer feel like I have to finish a book once I start it. In my younger days, I read to the end of pretty much everything. Now if I'm not finding a book interesting, I forget it. I have hundreds of books that I haven't read between my Kindle and my Nook, so I don't worry about running out of material. Most of these books were free, although I also buy a few books nearly every week. Now if I coukd only store my yarn stash in as compact an area as my ebooks............


Marlene, your weekend sounds like a lovely time with your grand kids. The rest of your week sounds very busy! Make sure you take a few minutes here and there for yourself.


Linda, it's good you found the mistake in the quilt before it would have been a lot of work to fix it. Is this one you designed yourself? If so, making a mistake is kind of funny. You can't even blame it on the pattern.


Mary, have you recovered from your busy weekend?


Joanne, work must be keeping you busy, since you didn't check in either last evening or this morning.


Marisa, are you home yet? Hope your visit to your parents was fun.


Sherry, hoping for a calm workday for you.


Well, dh just got up, so I guess I'll go have coffee with him.

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Good morning.  I had to go to the frog pond with the quilt.  I was getting ready to put the border on it and realized I had put one of the solid squares in wrong side up.  Funny thing is I had ironed it at least twice and never saw the mistake.  I've got it back out and ironed, but didn't sew it back in last night.  I decided that I must be tired to have missed it that many times.  At least it was on the edge and not in the middle.   :P   I'll tackle it in a few minutes.  I wanted to say hi first.


Sounds like lots of good things going on over the weekend.  The weather is now in the 70's here, which I really enjoy.  And it's a lot easier on the electric bill too.   :lol


Hope you all have a great day.   :manyheart

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Hi, ladies!


Cindy, I do that with books - life is too short to waste your time on one that doesn't hold your interest!


Linda I'm sorry you had to go to the frog pond! At least it was on the outer part, like you said.

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Hi Ladies,


Linda, Sorry you had to go to the frog pond.


Cindy, I will have the day to myself while Maya is in school.


Today hubby golfed across the street with a couple and a friend of there's. They called me when they were done and I went and had lunch with them. I've been doing laundry all day.

We found out a friend from Texas died Saturday. He had pneumonia. His wife passed away 15 months ago. They were gone from the park for a couple of years because she had a stroke and was in a home. But last year he came back and bought another place. He was very healthy man. Walked every day and sometimes several times. But he was a diabetic so I'm sure that played a role in his fighting the pneumonia. He will be missed by many.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Sorry about your friend, Marlene.


The quilt top is done.  That's it for the night on the quilt.  Tonight our prayer shawl group went to another United Methodist Church to give a program for their women's group.  There were 6 of us and the ladies were very appreciative.  They are going to wrap some boxes for us and may be getting more involved with either our group or one of their own.

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Hi House. :)  Sorry to be gone so much - keeping fingers crossed things stay quiet for a while!


Sherry ~ I hope your work week is going better than last week. :hug  Have you had a chance to decide on youngest GS's afghan?


Cindy ~ Yay for crafting again!  Enjoy your remaining days off this week!


Linda ~ Oh, it's never fun to have to frog...especially machine stitches. :(   It's so nice that you got to spend time with your cousin and other family!


Judy ~ Are you all ready for the new flooring tomorrow?  I sure agree about getting rid of carpet...one of these days we want to do the same thing. :yes


Marlene ~ Busy week for you guys!  I know you'll be relieved when Daisy's surgery is over with. :c9   So sorry about your friend at the coast. :hug


Hi to Valerie, Joanne and Marisa, too! :manyheart

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Mary, the hexes are gorgeous!!!

And The house is a mess...we've already moved a lot of things - emptied stuff so it can be moved easier - and even removed pics from the walls. This afternoon we'll find out what time to expect them.....

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Congratulations!! Wishing you lots of joy and happiness--although by the tone of your post, you do sound very happy and joyful!!! Glad to hear all is well - and good luck with his job search. What grade is Aree in now? Does she play fall ball? Good luck with the 80 beanies---and it's wonderful that you've got so many orders!!!!

Hi there honey!!  YES!!! SOOOO HAPPY!!  Going to be an adjustment with a man in the house now!  well..........soon lol.   But will be sooooo nice!  It's what I've prayed for for lots and lots of years-- I see myself growing old with Andre........I've NEVER seen myself in those shoes with anyone before! So- I'm praying HES IT!! lol    Aree is in 7th grade and yes, she is playing fall ball.  It's going to be VERY CHILLY fall ball this year too lol--- I have to figure out how to post pics now with this new layout going on.      SHe's got to put her big girl panties on and toughen up though, she got a bit of her Dad's wussy side lol.     Speaking of "FALL BALL" the girls want black beanies with red stitching like a softball........hmmmm not sure if I have time for that! lol  Going to try though!. 

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ahahahahaaaa-------did i EVER learn to add photos!! sORRY IF THEY ARE HUGE, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEM SMALLER!    Mmmmm Hmmmmm Here WE GO!!!!   They pretty much tell their own story- Andre and I,  Aree growing up so fast!  She's now 12 and in 7th grade and our dogs (now have 5, had 6 until Sept 10, my Old lab/boxer Noelle passed.....sad day for me)  and of course my Piggies!  They love the country- I fenced my back yard and they trip out because they can't get out front but they eat all the extra vegetation in the












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How did I forget my ring??!!  and the beach at the ocean with the log that he asked me to marry him on  :)   and the romantical sunsets he took me to see and watch!    (I've been doing a bit of photographing these days too :)   Just another hobby to take up my spare time---- ummm what spare time?? lol   




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Thank you, Judy!   Good luck tomorrow - it's lots of work for you all, but I know you'll love it!


Kiyo ~ Love all the pictures. :clap  (And I think they're the right size!)  You and Andre look so happy together. :)   Aree is just adorable and yes, the teen years are coming soon. :D

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Hi ladies. Another busy day running around for me. My dr appointment went well, but I need to go have a bone density test done. Too. Evidently I have reached that age!


Kiyo, you and Andre are a beautiful couple. He sounds like a pretty romantic guy, what with sunsets, and beach proposals. And Aree, wow, she has grown into a beauty! Thanks for sharing your pictures.


I got about 3 hours of sleep last night, so tonight will be an early night. I was hoping to get some housework done, but I'm not up to it. I'm off tomorrow still, so I guess cleaning is how I will entertain myself.


Good night !

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Hi, ladies!  Work went well.  And I did some more Christmas shopping at the store.  I had Frank get me some things and they came in over the weekend.  Just have 1 brother, 1 brother-in-law, DD, and GS left now for the most part.  Maybe a few last minute things but I'm close.


Kiyo, your pictures are gorgeous.  You and Andre look so happy together.  Aree is growing up into a lovely young lady.


Good luck with the floor work tomorrow, Judy.


Love you hex's, Mary.  


The quilt top is together now.  Just have to get it and the padding and backing together and quilted now.

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Hi all,


Have been having a crazy week at work---and didn't get a chance to read posts....but I did see some gorgeous pictures from Kiyo and beautiful hexes from Mary!


Will try and catch up tonight---

Just wanted you all to know I'm still here--just very busy!

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'Morning, everyone. :)   Thank you so much for the compliments on the hexagons. :manyheart   It's fun to use up what I have and only had to buy extra of the Linen color.


Cindy ~ Oh, I hope you were able to sleep better last night. :hug   It must be the week for appointments - I have my mammogram at 1:30 today.  Our internist has the bone density equipment, so I was able to do that at my check-up last month. :yes


Linda ~ Great news that the quilt top is finished! :cheer  And WTG on planning ahead for Christmas gifts...I need to get moving on that, along with lots of other things. ;)


Joanne ~ I hope things at work slow down a little before long. :hug  


Hi to everyone at Our House!  Have a good day. :manyheart

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Good morning. It's gloomy today, which means that I can't see the dust......


Mary, I totally missed your hexes yesterday, too busy looking at all Kiyo's pictures, I guess. They are gorgeous. Looks like you have enough for a fair sized blanket already.


Joanne, I'm sorry that things are still so busy for you. You deserve a break! Hopefully, it's just your week off that made things so busy, and it will get back to a slower kind of normal in a few weeks.


Judy, hope the floor installation goes well.


Well, I'd better get moving, just because I can't see the dust, doesn't mean it's gone!

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Good morning housemates :hi


So obviously I fell off the face of the earth again!!!  It's been busy, both in the office and out so no complaints.  I was fortunate enough to get to go to the Pirates game on Tuesday, which we won :clap:woo  First time to the playoffs in 22 years!  They play today (away) at 5:07....I don't know where this '07' timing is coming from, Tuesday was 8:07 :think  They will be in town on Sunday, which is the same day Steph and Bean come home so I'm waiting to see what time the game will be to see if they're going to make it or not.  I have the PA Chiro Assn Convention this weekend on Saturday all day and Sunday morning, which should be interesting.  It's right here in Pitt and not even far from the house :whew  Tonight I'm going bowling, I joined a league!  Why....I don't know....I haven't bowled in 10 years :eek  So, I already warned them that I'm not good and that I haven't played in forever, but they seemed ok with that :rofl


So, I did not catch up on all that I've missed because it's just too much to go back to look over :sigh 


I hope everyone is doing well and having a great start to October.....or Buctober as Pittsburgh is referring to it :lol

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Cindy ~ Wish we would have a cloudy day - so I couldn't see the dust either. :lol  Thank you for the kind words about the Hexagons.  I'm already thinking about doing the scrap stripe 'ghan so I can use up more of this yarn. ;)


Marisa ~ It's so good to see your post!  You sound super busy and happy, too! :manyheart


DH and I are getting good at planning our days.  I dropped him off at the mall while I went to my mammogram and he actually did some shopping! :lol   He decided to sell his car (I haven't said anything about it and knew he would do it when he was ready), so a friend took him to the dealer and they paid him almost what he paid for it!  It was pretty emotional for us both - giving up driving has been hard for him. :(   Thank you for letting me ramble on...♥♥♥


Time to think about dinner - have a good evening!

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Aw, Mary - you have a brave hubby. Giving up the car had to be so very hard.


....The floor is installed! They were here for 5 hours....and we've been up since before dawn and I'm :tired


We really, really like it and the dogs don't even seem to notice it - other than the fact Miss Lucy likes to drop her solid rubber Kong ball on it and watch it bounce. :lol


Oh - a little excitement: the installers had set up their equipment on the back patio....well, we were so into cleaning the coating of dust all over the kitchen and returning everything to its place after they left we never realized the dogs (we put them out while we did this) weren't looking in the window.

Until I got a call from a neighbor 2 doors up.

Sparkie was sitting on our front lawn. :reyes

Phil went outside and got Spike to come in and before he came in himself he asked me to see if Lucy was in the yard (fat chance, I'm thinking) and of course she wasn't. Then I see her fly up the street from my left to right...she had been down the block!  She ran past Phil as if he wasn't there, and ran to her girlfriend's back gate (the same neighbor who had called). Rosy's mom led Rosy to her back yard and Lucy was safe.


Why we never thought to check the gate to the yard I'll never know....either it never latched properly of the guys forgot to shut it.

I can think of a few neighbors who would have had heart failure at the sight of German shepherds running loose!


I need a drink :P

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Oh Judy!  I'm so glad everything turned out okay...I'll have a glass of wine with you!  Stuff happens, so don't feel bad. :hug   We've always suspected that Gracie would be a runner - probably chasing a squirrel (bird, butterfly...).  My heart goes out to you and Phil - the "children" are safe now. :manyheart:hug

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