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Our House Part Two

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HEY MY LONG LOST FRIENDS!!!   I'm baaaaaack!!!  How are all of you??   I see there are some new people since I was last here and then disappeared!!    I hope all of you are well!   Please fill me in!     I will fill you all in!   Still no husband or boyfriend to excite you with ................along with MODELING OR LACK OF MODELING "MY DOILY"  hehehehe.......     Still just Aree and I,  our 5 dogs and 2 pot belly piggies.  I'm not sure if I have been on since we moved out to my Dads--- actually I think that is about the last I was on.    LOVE the country, except 3 of my dogs got hit with a skunk on Wed. morn.  thought I was going to die trying to bathe them.   

    Anyhow- last Oct I decided to take on a new adventure and work from home for a trucking company out of WA----ugggggghhhh the owner turned out to be a psycho,  I had to go.  In March I happened to walk into a trucking company that is one town away from me, only 15 min drive.   He hired me that day  :)   only part time for a month and half,  just went full-time.    BUt..................we are managing!  lol   All is good,  life is good, I love it here!!    


    Aree is playing softball again.  We've kept busy through the winter with indoor practice, fundraising, etc.   She made paracord bracelets to sell to make money.  She did well!!  Still in business selling them now,  replaced her cleats, paid her fees and now to get a new helmet!  She's learning what working for money really is about lol.   

     I've been crocheting and crocheting as well.   I'm in the process of making an afghan that I'm donating for a fundraiser for a friends husband whom needs a kidney transplant.   Then my cousins baby afghan due in June.  and.....a good friends daughters graduation afghan......... they're going to be a bit delayed lol.  


    Anyhow--- enough from me.......I will try to read back few posts and catch up a bit.   Have missed you all and think about you often, just don't think about logging in to say hello!  I"M SORRY!!! 

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Having fun in the Snow!

Love you guys!!! Just wanted to pop in and say that and do a little show & share......     I made this for my cousin who had a baby boy. It's late ... But given my life lately ... I think sh

I had an awesome day!!! I should turn 60 more often. Lol. Dd made me a key lime pie which is my favorite. We had a great time at ocean grove and then went back to dd's house. The boys played outsid

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Hi, hon! Glad to hear things are going well...good to see you!!

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Hi ladies :hi


Just a quick check in since I didn't get in  yesterday or earlier today.  Now I'm getting ready to leave.  I have KtB meeting this evening.  I've been running all day, but didn't do much :think


I'll be in tomorrow though, in between my paperwork :lol

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Hi Ladies,


Linda, Glad you were there to watch over the girls for there Mom to shop. Great customer service goes a long ways.


Mary, Luke is at the right age to really enjoy going to the beach and playing in the sand. He'll miss that when they come home. Take it easy and don't forget to breathe.


Val, Can't wait to see your Bama ghan. We have rain coming tonight and tomorrow morning. We'll be lucky to hit 60 the next 3 days. Some crazy temps here now.


Joanne, The guys enjoyed there golf enough today they played another 9 holes.


Judy, The baby's mama is going to love that blanket.


Kiyo, Hi! Welcome back! Glad things are going well for you and Aree. Are newst news is we have a new furbaby. Daisy is a rat terrier and is 8 months old. She is a lot of fun.


Marisa, Hope your having a fun night at the KtB meeting.


I had a nice long visit with my MIL over coffee this morning. I stopped at McDonald's on my to visit my cousins and I order a biscuit sandwich but asked could I have ham on it instead of bacon. Guess what I got-a biscuit and a piece of ham. It comes with egg and cheese. I could not believe it. If any ones order can be messed up it is always mine.

I had a nice visit with my cousins and my aunt. I was going to leave Daisy in the car with the windows down but the mesquitos were so bad so I asked my aunt if I could put her on the back porch and she said bring her in the house. Even Daisy had a nice visit.

I asked about my uncle he's my mom's brother (he has cancer). He's going to be doing chemo for 4 months. I asked about my cousin (she has ovarian cancer). She has told her mom and siblings that if God wants to heal her he will and if he wants her to die she will. One sister told her sometimes God needs a little help to. At one point she wasn't even going to go have an mri to see where things stood. They all told her it's her choice but none of them agree with her. And neither does her daughter. Going to pray alot about this and my uncle to.

I hope everyone has a nice evening and a great friday!

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Hi, Kiyo!  Welcome back!  Glad to hear that things are going well for you.


Prayer shawl group was small but fun.


Tired tonight.


Have a good night and a great day tomorrow.

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Good evening!  What a very long day!  Have to start on the name changes for the "new" church.  it's going to be a huge task to get everything changed.  Now we have to have all the legal documents done before the end of the month.  Ugh.....My list grows longer each day as we think of more things that will need to be changed.  We can't just change the name, it will be a completely new business.  Such a mess.


Had a meeting to attend tonight and it was 2 hours long--another one on Monday night.  I just hate these meetings.  They are always so long. 


Joanne - I know you're looking forward to Friday, I know I am!!


Linda - glad you had a good time at the prayer shawl group.


Mary - unpacking is going very slow--I'm so tired at night that I might do 1 box maybe two.  This weekend we'll get some more done as I can rest after I do some.


Still working on wearing the brace.  Wore it for almost 1 1/2 hours and now I'm ready for bed.  Not sure if I'll try tonight or not to sleep in it again.  Recliner didn't work too well but i did keep it on longer.


Well I'd better get to bed, another long day ahead.  Hugs to all!

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Good morning,


Kiyo- Good to see you back!! Sounds like you have been busy as always.  Happy to hear that Aree is still playing softball- and that you were able to get out of that job and into another! You had mentioned that you were moving to your Dad's place and I'm glad that you are enjoying country life!!!


Sherry- Oh my,- what a lot of additional work on top of the normal day to day things! I hope that the little time you are wearing the brace will work with getting your knee to straighten out. It must be so frustrating to be so uncomfortable in it that you can't sleep. Hopefully your Friday will fly by for you.


Mary- Good to hear from you. The boys , especially Luke must be having a blast but I'm sure you miss them!


Marlene- Prayers for your family and  lots of hugs! Your visit with your MIL sounds lovely- and I'm sure you enjoyed it!


Judy- Hope all works out with the crown!!!


Had a nice dinner out last night- and brought leftovers home which is always a bonus. Today at work they are giving us a luncheon for Nurse's Week. I'm hoping to see R &R tonight- depends on when I get out of work- lots to do. DD told me that Robbie has been sleeping 8-9 hours now through the night from about 9-10 to 6.  She's very, very excited to be getting some sleep now!!!


Time to get ready- Paradise awaits!


Have a great Friday everyone!

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morning ladies!! The shower last night was such fun! THe blanket was a hit and it was great seeing people who haven't been out for a while. Today is the usual stuff around here....plus getting a few things in for Sunday's dinner. Have a great day my friends!

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Good morning ladies :hi


Joanne - cut and paste alert!


Sorry I've been MIA for a few days, it's been busy around here. The talent show was super cute on Tuesday. I had KtB that evening and we had 7 people there. I had a few patients on Wed and ran some errands as well. I ended up with a late patient coming, so Steph took over my cooking duties since it was my only earlier evening I said I would cook that day. Yesterday my headache came back full force, but the zyrtec didn't help that at all so I took Motrin which helped. When I looked at the zyrtec bottle, headache isn't one of the indications :shrug So, motrin again today it was.


I got my phone updated. There was an issue with my google account apparently, which is why nothing would download and also made me have to save all my contacts in an alternate location so I could do a factory reset. It did help all the issues, but now I still have to input all the contacts again. But, first trying to see if I can transfer between the iPad and the android :think Will play around with that after getting my paperwork caught up from yesterday's and this morning's patients, just wanted to check in here first since I've been slacking all week and it's now Friday. I have another KtB meeting tonight for the core group. A few patients tomorrow morning and then KtB at the Society for Contemporary Crafts from 11-2.


My parents are driving in tomorrow and bringing the turtles with them for the office :clap My mom's picking up some chicken fingers and pulled pork to bring from home for mother's day here. She always hated going out on mother's day! Monday we are going to a GI doctor here for an initial visit, so hopefully he'll have some new ideas :xfin So I won't be in the office that day. I'll try to check in with you tomorrow, but am thinking I may end up running late with everything so if not, I probaby won't be back until Tuesday.


Marlene - Glad you had some time with MIL.  Prayers for your uncle and your cousin.


Linda - Glad to hear prayer shawl group with small but enjoyable.


Sherry - Oh boy, I can just imagine the whole name change issue!


Joanne - Glad dinner was great and awesome that they have a luncheon for you.  Great to hear Robbie is sleeping well now and dd can get some much needed sleep.


Judy - Glad to hear the shower was great and the blanket was a hit!

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Happy Saturday!!!


Today is the day we are going to tackle the garage- sounds like fun doesn't it? NOT!!! But needs to be done, so that's what we'll do. It honestly shouldn't take long- but we've been procrastinating and today is the day.


Marisa- I hope all goes well with the dr visit with your Mom on Monday- enjoy the weekend- and glad to hear you are finally going to have your turtles back! They'll make a nice addition to your office!


Of course, now that I went on the computer as I was waiting on DH he is ready---so off I go --BBL!

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Hi ladies!



Joanne, we have to wait to do the garage till Bulk pick up gets here...we can't move around in it till that happens! :lol


One neighbor/friend who was at the baby shower asked me if I knit - I told her I do, a little, and was going to be practicing again once my latest crochet project was finished. Well, she has knitting needles that once belonged to her mom and wondered if I would like them....

What do you think I said?! :D

Hopefully the talent that her mother had will rub off on me as I use them.... :manyheart


Have a good one my friends - I'm going to try and stay dry here :lol

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Spring is here :)...to include bare ground (hoping the seed will come up!)







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Hi Ladies,


Judy, How nice of your friend to give you her mothers knitting needles. I have some that were my dads cousins. I bought a small box at there auction. There was a couple of crochet hooks also.


Joanne, Good luck tackleing the garage today. Are's need to be done to. It looks like an attic. Glad Robbie is sleeping longer now so DD can't have better rest to. It's nice of your work to put on a luncheon for all the nurses.


Sherry, Lots and lots of work on you now with the name change. The packing will come. It's hard to do when you work full time to. DD always loved it when we moved here because I got all the unpacking done on what was going to be needed first.


Linda, The shawl group may have been small, but 7 sounds like a nice group. How many ladies are there normally?


Marisa, I'll be praying the new doctor has a new plan that works for your Mom. The turtles are going to be a nice addition to the office.


Thursday I picked up the yarn and pattern to make the baby afghan for my friend who was in are crochet group back home (she passed away this winter). It's for her first great grandbaby. It's a boy. The pattern is called On Parade Afghan. It's from the book Rainbow Wear for baby by Diana L Sippel and American School of Needlework published it. It's done in strips (7) and then yarn weaved throughout the strip. It's a pretty pattern, but not what I would pick for a boy.

It's cool here this weekend. We even have the heat on. We could get down to 32 sunday night. I hope this is the end of it. I do remember moving on this weekend in 1980 in a snow storm, so I'll take this weather over that.

I hope everyone has a great day today! BBL

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My computer was being fussy yesterday, but other than that it was a good day.  Today is starting out good too. 


Don't wear yourself out on the garage, Joanne.  Hopefully it will be quick and the rest of the day can be spent on fun stuff.  Glad that DD can have more unbroken sleep now that Robbie's sleeping longer.  That was always a milestone for me.


Judy, those are beautiful spring pictures.  I have some of my mom's knitting needles and inherited my grandma's crochet hooks.  That makes them extra special.


Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hi all - I survived Friday but this next week is going to be crazy.  The day care director resigned so that throws a kink in getting the name changed for the day care.  Not happy about that.  Hopefully they will hire someone soon.  Had a talk with the other financial secretary/chairman from the other church and it's going to be a challenge.  They don't do anything the way we do--very controlling and only writes checks once a week--I write checks almost daily.  Not sure it's gonna work.  But we'll see.


We only have one GS today.  Oldest one has strep :(  So he couldn't come over.  Hopefully he won't be contagious tomorrow and we can spend the day together.


Joanne - hope enjoy your R&R time this weekend.


Judy - beautiful pics!!  I think spring is finally here!!


Well I'd better get busy and start unpacking.  DH is over at the old house still loading stuff up and my van is full.  But i hope to have the kitchen done today!!


Have a great weekend!  And Happy Mother's Day to all!!  For those that their moms aren't here anymore, remember the good times--I know I will remember the good times I had with my mom.  Hugs to all!

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We did as much on the garage as we could today- not done, but getting there. Going to do it in bits and spurts.


We are having our deck power-washed and stained on Monday, so we went to buy the stain- buying our own was cheaper than having the guy we hired to do it get it- he gave us a much better price that way. We then went to the Apple Store so they could look at my 1st generation Ipad- what they did was restore it to original settings and it's not having the issues it was having. I think I may give it to middle DD now that all my things have been wiped out. I'm really enjoying my Ipad mini and really don't need to have the larger ipad too.


We then went to B&N and DH treated himself to the Nook HD which is on sale- he'll be playing with it this afternoon :lol I bought a knitting book on clearance for 4.99 with some really cute beginner patterns!


Now we're back home and I'll probably go to DD's later on for some R&R time. Middle DD is meeting me tomorrow at Rutgers Gardens for their annual plant sale- I'll pick up a few more perennials then.


Judy- Love the pictures you posted. Today has been a funny day weatherwise- rain/clouds/sun/ repeat! :lol


Sherry- I hope that it will all work out and that you can find a new day care director soon. Sounds like lots of upheaval with the merger. Hugs to your GS that he feels better and can visit you tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to you too!


Linda- Glad that you had a good day- are you working today?

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Hi again!

Joanne, our garage is not a one day project, either!  Nice of you to give DD your iPad! I wish my hubby was more of a gadget guy - he doesn;t see the reason for having all the stuff - yet I use everything I have..which is why there's always something sitting on the counter charging up! :lol  And the knitting book sounds like fun!!


Linda, and all who no longer have their mother's physical presence with them....hugs...I DO believe they are still around us, though. The mother-child bond is so very strong....I still have a hard time on this day. ANd it's been over 30 years since my mom passed but only 6 since MIL....and I loved her a lot.


OK....'nuff for now! Love you all...... :manyheart  :hug

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Work today was BUSY!  There was rarely a time when there weren't customers in the store.  I only got about 2 rows crocheted and maybe 10 pages of my book.  Lots of happy customers though.


Sherry ~ Good luck with all the changes, both at home and at work.  Remember to take for you to rest so you don't burn out.  :hug 


Hugs to everyone.  :ghug 

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!!!!


Looking forward to seeing the two little guys for breakfast and if the rain stops, will be meeting middle DD at Rutgers Gardens for the plant sale. Fingers crossed on the rain front. It was supposed to be cloudy today, not rainy!


Hope everyone who is a Mom is appropriately spoiled today!

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Joanne, enjoy your day with the boys and DD!


To all the moms, godmothers, and Aunts (mine was like a mom to me!)....enjoy your Mother's Day!!



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                          :rose :rose Happy Mother's Day Everyone :rose :rose


Judy, I had an Aunt who was like an Mom to me and several of her nieces and nephew. She never married or had kids.


Joanne, I hope it quits raining so you can get your flowers. Enjoy the day with R&R. How nice of you to give your Ipad to DD.


Sherry, Sounds like theres going to be lots of adjustments with the new merger.


Linda, Good for being busy at work yesterday. It sure makes the day go by quicker.


I hope everyone (those not on here today and those who are) have a great sunday.

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:rose  :rose    :flower  Happy Mother's Day!!!  :flower  :rose  :rose


I hope all the mom's here have a wonderful day today.  It's mostly sunny here today.  More relaxing and crafting on the books for me today.

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Hi everyone. Just dropping in to say hi. We are in New York State and it is very cold here. We were planning to go hiking in Letchworth state park today, but it is just too cold and windy to be outside. Instead we had a leisurely breakfast, read a bit, played a few games and are getting ready to head for the pool and hot tub. Tomorrow we will be heading to my youngest brothers place for a day or two, and then we'll head for home.

Right before we left, I visited the local yarn shop and purchased a skein of Araucanian Huasco which is a fingering weight hand painted yarn. I have never in my life spent that much on yarn. It's really pretty though. I'm knitting a scarf from it. I think I might be able to get two scarves from a hank, and I think they would make good Christmas gifts for my daughters. Guess I'd better start knitting faster!

The pattern I'm using is called "One Row Lace Scarf"


It's really easy, but just to be sure I continue to think that, I am putting in a "life-line" every once in a while.

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Had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day- and the weather cooperated!!! We had a wonderful breakfast and then DD and SIL decided they wanted to come to Rutgers Gardens too- so middle DD came to her house and they we went to the Gardens. Walked around before getting our plants- they have trails and gorgeous bamboo and plants and flowers and it was just so pretty! It was really an awesome time!


Middle DD came back to my house after the Gardens. I planted my flowers and plants  while she prepared her lesson plan for the week. Then we chilled for a bit- she is doing exceptionally well- and she has been keeping very busy and has lots of artsy things going on in addition to her teaching. She is going to be just fine- although I know it will be a while before she'll open her heart up again. DH made dinner- pasta, meatballs, fresh bread and salad.


Cindy- Glad you are having a nice vacation- and that yarn is gorgeous!!! Love that pattern- right up my alley- easy!




All in all, it was a great day-

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